Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All about Hawai'i

Ok, the pictures aren't loaded on to the computer yet so I can't post any quite yet. But I do hope to soon. Oahu was the most amazing place ever!!! It was really nice weather most of the time. But it did have random rain bursts through out the week. It was strange to see all the different birds. How we have sparrows and robins around here they have sea birds that I don't know the name of and geckos. They also had wild chickens running about. It was kinda weird at first, but then I didn't even notice it. The chickens were every where like you see squirels or chipmunks in some places.
We went to the beach almost every day. The beaches were very nice. Annica started getting sick of the beaches by the end of the week though. I was still having a blast! We went snorkling about 3 times. I panicked a little the first time I went under because it felt like I was trying to suficate my self. After that first little moment it was amazing. We saw lots of beautiful fish, and some of them were almost as long as my arm! I was suprized at how big these colorful fish got. We also went bodyboarding. Its like surfing but on a smaller and wider board that you would lay on. There wasn't a whole lot of skill involed besides catching the wave. I didn't get as tan as I wanted, but then I didn't get badly sunburned either.
My cousin and I spent lots of time talking and getting to know eatch other better. We even came up with a remix of Rapunzel. It was a very good story I do have to say. Hawai'i was one of the best vacations I have ever been on!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

School Update

Wow, ok its been a while since my last post. School is going great so far. I have relatively easy classes. I love my accel. english class. We have debates on what we are reading almost every class. And the classes are 70 min. so we don't have to cut them short. I started out math kinda rusty but now I'm getting back into the hang of things. I have Spanish 1 and Band as my electives. At the high school we have what is called open 5th every once in a while. This is where we don't have a class and you can go home early, talk to teachers, go up to the libary and catch up on homework or whatever. We've had two of these so far and its soooo nice.
Tomorow morning at 4 a.m. Annica, me and my parents are going to Hawaii!!!!! Dad has a conference and so we are all going with him. I'm missing a week of school, but I'm planning on doing homework on the plaine. I'm super excited to go. It'll be my first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!