Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm not really sure what this is

I go home tomorrow. I do not believe there are words to express a college student's excitement at the idea of going home and not having to completely take care of yourself for at least a week. Not that my parents do everything for me, but dinner and dishes and laundry won't be completely up to me. My roommate is even more excited about this since she didn't get to go home for Thanksgiving. We are both at our amazing aunts house until we leave. She is fantastic for letting us eat her food and sleep in her house and pretty much just crash after finals.
My last day on campus was very stressful. I woke up at 6:30 to get to work on time. No one should wake up that early during finals week. After work I rushed over to the testing center and studied for ten minutes while I ate two peanut-butter and apricot jam sandwiches. I had four pieces of bread left and needed to get rid of them, thus the two sandwiches. I went to take my test only to find out I was in the wrong building. I'd misread the signs all over the testing center. So I rushed over to the other building doing my best to not stress out any more. After waiting in a ridiculously long line I walked into the auditorium where they were temporarily having finals. I'm pretty sure that room was never meant to hold that many people. There were students taking finals sitting against all the walls and pretty much every seat was taken. I wandered quite a bit until I found a free seat and then spent two hours taking my lat final. I walked out and didn't even care what my grade was as long as I passed. Afterwards my roommate and I had an insane cleaning and packing session to get ready in time, and in my case ended up forgetting all sorts of things. That's always how I travel. I forget everything it seems like.
So yeah. That was a blob of information, but it should convey some of my stress of that day. Since then I've done nothing but watch TV and work on my story and talk with cool people. I'm okay with this. In fact, I love this. Except for my wet hair, I'm ready for it to dry quickly.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finals lead to Christmas.

Even though my background doesn't match the whole clouds theme, I really like it. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of my blog title anymore. But I'm awful at coming up with titles. All you have to do is look at my URL to see what I mean. I came up with it when I was 12.
There had been pretty much no snow here, and I'm honestly ready for some at this point. I'm surprised too. Partially this is because I can tell this is going to be a very cold and dry winter. And I want to see my Hawaiian and Californian friends experience real snow, not this junky frost stuff.
I should be studying for finals right now. But I was really good last night and I've made quite a few flash cards today. Even though I am not ready, I wish I could take my finals right now and get them over with. The preparation is killing me. I finally have lots of fantastic friends and I can't go hang out, we're all slaving away, forcing our brains to retain as much information as it can for at least one week. Then we will forget most of it, especially the things we just know we'll NEVER use again. I have lots of information like this. But next semester my two drawing classes will be extremely important and actually fun. Wish me luck!
And wish for snow, but only the good, fun, snowman kind. We have to make a snowman this year, its on our apartment bucket list. I'm a little worried we'll never get enough snow, we definitely won't before we leave for Christmas.
Isn't Christmas such a wonderful holiday? We get to celebrate the birth of the greatest person to ever walk on this earth. Jesus Christ did more for us than we can ever even imagine. And isn't it wonderful to know that He knows and cares for us individually? I have felt His love for me as I've prayed lately for help with finals and other things. I am very confident that He is watching out for me and concerned about the little details in my life, even finals.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dragon, a turkey, a chicken, and fruit.

When I went home for Thanksgiving I skimmed the last book of the Inheritance cycle, Inheritance. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. I liked how they beat Galbotrix but the ending was way too Lord of the Rings for me. Yes, the whole series had a bit of that vibe, along with Star Wars. But I thought that he did a good job of making the story his own, not straight Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars. But unfortunately, the ending was just that.
My Thanksgiving was fantastic. I went ice skating for my brothers birthday, got to see some of my closest friends, snuck out once (just for fu
n, not because I had to) and ate lots and lots of yummy food.
Unfortunately, now I am sick. Hence the chicken. Chicken noodle soup is pretty much all I've had today. Not because my stomach is upset, but because there was no way I was making anything that took more than three minutes to make. Aka, stick in the microwave. Normally I am very good about cooking. But today I put my fist down. If I am going to be sick I am not doing anything that takes work. I didn't do any homework today either, even though finals are right around the corner. But I'm okay with it. I wrote some, talked about my story with my roommate and vegged. I have discovered that being sick away fro
m home is more painful than being sick at home. I miss my old red couch. I would veg on it wrapped up in a cuddly blanket and watch tv or sleep all day.
I also feel a strong urge for a homemade smoothie. This is an impossible task because 1. I do not have the right kind or enough fruit for a smoothie. 2. We have no blender. I asked for one for Christmas, because I love smoothies. I see this craving as my body telling me I need more fruit, but when I went to open my can of peaches no one in my apartment can open it. It's not the type of can you buy at the store and use a handy-dandy can opener to open. No, this is a home-canned can of peaches. They would be excellent... if I could open the can. Besides that all I have is pineapple and mandarin oranges in cans. Cans from the store. But they sound disgusting right now. That's not the kind of fruit I'm craving. I want berries or apples or bananas or grapes. Okay, not grapes. Those sound gross too.
See what my sick body does to me? I feel pregnant with all these food cravings. (I'm not pregnant.)

My roommate made oatmeal cookies with dried craisins in them. They look and smell fantastic. But sugar+sick me= really, really stupid idea. Last night I had popcorn to help with this craving. It helped, a little. But what I really need is fruit. But I just do not feel good enough to go shopping. Sorry body, you're holding your own self back. I spent most of the day in one spot on the couch even. I left it to eat and take a shower and other such necessary things, but now I am back. This couch is not as co
mfortable as my one at home. Just saying. NOTHING beats that couch when I'm sick. Nothing.
So yes, this is me in my sorry, sick state. Be glad you are not also sick. If you are, I sympathize. Eat an orange and think of me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

All the Stars in Heaven

I went to the library the other day and found the book after Counting Stars (look a few posts down), All the Stars in Heaven. I enjoyed it, though not as much as the first one. And it was about a different set of characters, just as a warning. It was a good book. I didn't love it, but it was a fun read.
What I did love this weekend was the end to the TV series City Hunter. No, it's not an American TV show, yes it is on Hulu (except for the last episode, we had to hunt that down somewhere else). My roommate and I watched the last four episodes last night. This is my favorite TV show right now, right up there with Dr. Who and Merlin. And the main character is higher than pretty much any other TV character I've seen. The show takes all my favorite elements of TV and combines them very, very well. Though in a few scenes it does have more blood than I would like. If you decide to try out this show, my only warning is that the first episode or so is kind of strange as they try to set the background for everything else. If you want to skip it you have to read a recap of the episode or you will be very lost for a long time. This is a show you have to watch in order unlike most American TV shows. I kind of like it.
I am going home for Thanksgiving this next week and I cannot express how excited I am. I have grown to appreciate my family even more now that I'm further away. I always loved them, but I miss all sorts of little things now, like my littlest brothers smile or talking with my mom or my dad's fantastic hugs. I'm very glad I moved away because I don't think I would have learned to value these things as much at home as I do now. Every time I see my family from now on I plan on taking advantage of every minute.
Have a great week!

Monday, November 14, 2011


This is one of those weeks where I wish I had a genius clone. She could take all of my tests for me and help me revise my papers. Actually, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on every thing right now (aka I am not pulling my hair out) but I want to get better grades than I think I will. Not that I'm failing any of my classes, but I would love straight A's like I got over the summer. It was fantastic.
I've discovered something about studying that drives me up the wall. You never know when you're done. When I set aside my studying materials for one class and launch into the next I always wonder if I'm forgetting to study something or if I've done enough. I never feel like I do enough. Right now I'm taking a break because I've been in the library for who knows how long. I try to not keep track, it makes it even harder.
Also, it's very distracting when there are cute boys in the library right in my line of sight. I know this sounds extremely shallow, but it's true. If there is any kind of distraction when I'm studying I welcome it with open arms.

This weekend one of my roommates and I made lots of yummy food together. Pizza (even the dough!), snicker doodles (my favorite kind of cookie), homemade mac n' cheese and we are planning on making pumpkin bread so the pureed pumpkin in our fridge doesn't go bad. That or muffins. I made pancakes and made extra so I could eat them this week for breakfast too. We've just been cooking maniacs this weekend, I love it! It's amazing how relaxing cooking can be and how a home cooked meal can be so tasty, especially when you're the one who made it. I thought I was eating pretty well for a college student but when we combined our ingredients we were able to come up with much better stuff. Like did you know adding lime juice to your pizza sauce made it oh so yummy? And onions on top of the pizza always make it taste better. I learned that from my mom. And it is possible to make snicker doodles without cream of tartar. They just are very white and taste a little different.
It's crazy what I learn in college. And honestly, I feel like my pizza and cookie knowledge will be more useful than how to calculate a confidence interval. Just saying. Actually, I'm pretty sure that once I leave my statistics class I will never use any of that knowledge ever again seeing as how I'm not a math or business major. Nope, little ol' arts major over here is not going to use stats. The only time I use stats is to see who's been checking out my blog, and I'm not the one doing any of the math, I just look at a handy-dandy screen. Isn't technology amazing? I love it.
Guilt is starting to creep in and whisper at me. I should study some more. I really should. And I will. Just not in this exact moment. I really want to say something deep or insightful first. Unfortunately I have nothing important to say. Though I do have another strange college moment.
After visiting teaching (in pairs the women of the LDS faith visit other women in their area once a month to make sure they are alright and give them a short spiritual message. It's a great way to make friends and make sure everyone is getting the support they need.) my roommate and i came home to find a big white sign with the words "Tug of War" in red letters. We tilted our heads and looked at each other with raised eyebrows. We had no idea what it meant. We've asked around and no one seems to know what the mystery behind the sign is, so we eventually decided that someone randomly found the sign on the ground (there was a faint footprint on it) and taped it to our door as they passed. I was disappointed, I was hoping it was some college game. Apparently we aren't that lucky this time around.
Okay, I am going to listen to my goody-goody side and go study some more stats and religion and maybe even read some articles for American heritage. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am avoiding studying for my statistics class right now. Honestly, its a little bit like pulling teeth without any medication. Especially seeing that I took stats my senior year of high school. And I don't really know how to study for my upcoming test. So my current method is to avoid it. I know, its naughty, but I've worked really hard so far today so I'm a little more okay with it. Though I was struggling with my paper on the electoral college. But I have all my sources and 1.5 paragraphs. And its not due for a while, I'm ahead of where I would usually be.
See how I make myself feel better?
But I really am tired. Lately I've started to have dreams again. I haven't remembered any of my dreams for years. The last thing I remember from a dream up until this week was a roll of cheese with a wedge cut out of it. I'm pretty sure it was rolling down the sidewalk. Yes, I have bizarre dreams. My dreams this week are just as strange, but also not terribly pleasant. They aren't nightmares, but I don't wake up glad I've had them. The one dream I remember right now had man eating plants in it. Like I said, not pleasant. And I'm the kind of person who likes happy, funny, witty dreams filled with Dr. Who or Merlin or some cute romance. Not plants with teeth. I'm not entirely sure how to deal with this seeing as how its such a new experience for me. The first dream I thought it was because I had cereal right before going to bed, but I've been very good about not eating before bed since then. I am here to report it is not the cereal.
I think my procrastination problem is happening because I need it to be Thanksgiving break. I'm going home and can't wait to see my family. I've already decided that I am not taking any homework home with me. I might not even take my computer. Honestly the only thing making me hesitate is how it will fare with the heater turned off. Probably not a good idea to leave it in a frozen apartment, even if I do kind of despise this computer. It has given me more grief than it should.
Alright, I think I'm going to be good now and memorize some equations. It's crazy that we need to know both z-score and t-score stuff, especially seeing as how z-score is pretty much used only in the classroom. I'd be a lot more okay with it if I didn't have to memorize any equations.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Left Neglected

No, I am not talking about myself fortunately. I am very much so not neglected. Its actually the title of a book by Lisa Genova. I enjoyed this book but there were a few scenes I skipped. It's about a working mom who gets into a car crash and ends up with brain damage. The left half of the world no longer exists for her. No, really. She doesn't see the left side of her plate, or a cat, or even herself. She can't use her left hand because to her brain there is no left hand. Besides the two scenes I skipped I enjoyed the book. The main character really grew and came to recognize what is really important in life. I think it can be a great wake up call to the to do list side of us.
After I finish this blog post I am heading over to one of BYU's weekly devotionals with my roommate. I love being able to go to devotionals, it's so nice to have a chance to listen to great minds and receive their insight.
On a slight side note, I have the hiccups. Its very obnoxious.
This last week my mom was in town and I loved every minute of her being here. It's amazing how much closer I've gotten to my parents now that I don't live at home anymore. I think its because I really appreciate how awesome they are now. And I'm exposed to more people who don't have as great of parents as I do, which makes it even more obvious how blessed I am.
So I'm a pre visual arts major, and last night I think I was on the verge of a mini panic attack about this. I felt very overwhelmed, because I honestly do not think I'm a good enough artist to get into the program. It's very selective and extremely competitive, and most of the people going into the program have been preparing for it all through high school. I decided to try to be a visual arts major about a month ago. It felt right in a way nothing else did, so I decided to jump for it. But I'm terrified, because I don't really have a backup plan. My theory behind this is 1.) I have no idea what it would be and 2.) I think it will help me work harder to get into the program. I know I could learn everything I need to know if given the time and resources, but I'm not so sure that will happen. Instead I'm constantly doodling and trying new things (at least as much as I can when I don't have any quality supplies yet). Wish me luck, I start my first pre-VA classes next semester!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windy day

Today was very windy. I thought it was very nice, until I was riding my bike home uphill against the wind. Then I didn't like it as much. Fall is drawing to an end unfortunately. Although this means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are closer, it also means riding the bus and no longer riding my bike. But after today's experience I'm a little more okay with this.
Next week my Mom is coming to visit me and that will be absolutely lovely. She is bringing me food that is too expensive for me to buy here (She buys it in bulk and I don't have the space to do that) and we will have a girls weekend. I'm very excited about this, it's been a long time since I've seen her. It would be even more amazing if I saw my whole family but I'll be seeing them for Thanksgiving so I believe I will survive.
So I have a new goal. But I must explain the background story before I tell you what it is. This last weekend I went with one of my roommates to a family pumpkin carving thingie. It was lots of fun, we helped the younger kids make corn husk dolls and carved the pumpkin you can see on your right. But honestly, the best part was the free dinner. I love it when I don't have to cook. And part of this dinner was butternut squash soup. I fell in love with this orange, creamy deliciousness. So my new goal is to hunt down some butternut squash (if you saw the grocery store I have access to you would understand why I said "hunt" instead of "buy") and try a recipe. I meant to ask for the recipe last weekend but I forgot, and I figure there are so many recipes online I can find one for myself. Ah the glories of the internet. And besides that, I think the squash is a cool color. Orange is just.... fun. Unless its an ugly shade, then its gross.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Counting Stars

... is the book I finished earlier today. It's by Michele Paige Holmes, and was a very enjoyable read. She did a wonderful job creating realistic characters and in a very real setting. I really related to the main character in her romanticness. If you don't want to cry, don't read this book. It has a few very sad moments, but its all forgiven in the very sweet moments.
The only thing I didn't like was the last page. I would have been okay if she'd left out the whole last chapter, but I can see why she did. But the last page, specifically the last two paragraphs. I feel like the story just.... ends. I'm not sure if this is her version of a cliff hanger or if there was something implied that I just wasn't getting. Which, this does happen to me occasionally. I like to have things spelled out and sometimes miss implied things. I'm very straight forward like that. And actually, the whole side plot that the chapter ends with I don't find terribly necessary. There are whole sections that, while interesting and a good read, should just be part of a separate book. The character this side story focuses on is important to the story, but not so much that we really needed so much side stuff. He could have just told the main character what he had been up to for the past year instead of having us live it with him. Sometimes this is a very good thing. In this story I thought it was unnecessary.
But I really do like this book. I am recommending it to all those romancy, chick-flick lovers out there. This story has all the elements of a good chick flick but is so much better. It's not just happily ever after, but about working towards that, showing all the rough patches along the way. I love how realistic the story is in that aspect. So please, if you have time for a 300 (ish) page book, enjoy a good read.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October begins with a bang

I bet your wondering what that bang is. General Conference, of course! It was fantastic. So fantastic that I don't exactly know what I can say about it. The Spirit was strong and time flew as I listened to the righteous leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For the Sunday sessions I went to my aunts house. Her son/my cousin picked me up on his motorcycle. I fully enjoyed this.

We ate lots of yummy food and I helped make a delicious Oreo dessert. You know, one of those treats that's horribly fattening but tastes so good you don't really care? Yep, it was that good. Not that I'm generally very concerned about how bad something is for me.
This week we've had the first turn for cold weather. It's been raining for the last two days. Yesterday I had to ride my bike home in the rain, which wasn't very fun. But I felt fortunate compared to the people who had to walk home without a jacket or umbrella. When they passed my apartment I felt awful, and if I'd had hot chocolate I would have made up a quick batch and ran some out to the poor souls.
So to avoid the bikey-rainyness (yes, I just made up a cool word) I got a ride from my roommate this morning and I'll walk home tonight. And I brought an umbrella. The only thing wrong with this picture is that my best friend isn't walking home with me too. And that I don't have rain boots. I've decided these would be a good thing to have. I am hoping to one day soon fulfill this dream of mine.

And tonight, I am buying hot chocolate. Its pretty much my all time favorite part of cold weather. It makes all the yuckiness less yucky.
Which, speaking of new words, I just made up another one. I decided I needed something besides roommate-cousin to call my roommate-cousin. So from now on (if I can remember) I will be calling her roomizn. I enjoy this, very much.
Oh, and I promise to post about the next book I read. It might be a while, I haven't done much beyond school work and Hulu lovin' (aka watch useless tv shows) for a while. Generally when I have free time I'm too exhausted to do much else.
Have a good day! Hope you don't get stuck in some nasty weather.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

General Relief Socity Broadcast and the virtues of Skype

Last night I watched the Relief society broadcast. It was my first one, seeing as how a year ago I was still in Young Women's. The Spirit was really strong through the whole meeting. I loved how much they talked about visiting teaching. I can't wait until we get our assignments here. I have been excited about it for months. Sadly in the summer there was only time for one visit so we didn't really develop friendships through it. I'm also hoping that the girls who visit me will be eager and wanting to be friends just as much as I am.
The broadcast got me all excited for General Conference next week. Already my apartment has been invited to go to another apartment and watch it there. Apparently they have a nice TV. I have no problems with this. I bet there will be lots of yummy food. There always is at gatherings such as this, especially ones involving lots of teenagers. Well, young adults now I guess. That's a weird idea.
Skype is my new best friend. You know, besides my best friend. I have talked to my parents multiple times and a couple of friends from back home and every time has been so much fun. It's amazing how much of a difference seeing someones face can be. It makes it feel more natural than texting or even talking on the phone. I love technology. I can't imagine having to just write letters to my family. What happens when something big and exciting happens in my life? It would be awful knowing that my family wouldn't know for weeks because the news had to travel through snail mail.
I am very much so part of a generation expecting instant gratification.
The leaves in the trees are starting to change colors up in the mountains. I'm extremely excited about this, fall is my favorite season by far. It's starting to cool down but isn't actually cold yet, so no blistering hot days and no freezing cold days. And its generally less wet than spring. And all the trees are so gorgeous. I would love to get married in the fall, but if I don't then it's not going to break my heart. But it is a very pretty picture. Alon g with the picture in this post. Its my current wallpaper actually.
Enjoy your fall and wish me luck on my two midterms this week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

College funnies once again

Before I tell my funny moment for this week (they seem to be happening a lot. I love it), I want to introduce the new section to my blog. You probably noticed the picture of stairs to the right of this post. From now on I will occasionally put up pictures from my college life. Unfortunately, I won't be putting up pictures of people. Violation of privacy and all that stuff. But I will put up funny or cool things. This picture is actually neither of those. It is death. I climb these stairs every day. There are over 100 of them if I counted right. I hate those stairs.
But back to my funny moment. In my American Heritage class the professor was trying to do an object lesson about economies. He had a box of donuts and was going to sell them to the highest bidder. I thought it was a very clever idea, but that isn't what was funny. The crazy part was how much the box went for. I'm sure its a record. Are you ready for this?
For 12 stinkin' donuts. I think that's ridiculous. There are plenty of places on and around campus where this particular student could have gone to get the exact same donuts for like $5. I was floored. So was the professor. He was pretty excited (and a little guilty) about getting so much money for them. I don't understand how a college student felt they could spend that much on donuts.
She must have been very, very hungry.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny moment

I'm in the library and the funniest thing just happened. I have to post about it before I forget. This guy sat down at a table next to mine and turned on his computer. He must have been listening to music earlier because it began to blast out of his computer. He panicked and hit a bunch of buttons but it didn't turn off for whatever reason. So, he closed it. The music still played. And this wasn't classical, light, library music. It was rock. He stuffs the computer in his backpack, but of course everyone can still hear it. At this point I'm pretty sure everyone was watching him, and he knew it. The poor guy pulls his laptop back out, reaches across the table to his friends computer, yanks out his headphones and sticks them in his computer.
I was having a very hard time not laughing. Both boys were incredibly embarrassed.It pretty much made my day. I love the little quirks of college life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heir Apparent and an update on me

So I'll start with a book review. I randomly chose one off of the list on the side of my blog, so Heir Apparent it is. I haven't read this for years, but I do have fond memories of it. It's a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. The main character , a girl who's name I can't remember, goes to a video game place. It' s in the future, and when you play games you get completely immersed, as if you were in the world. She decides to play a Middle Ages game, and things are going swimmingly until something goes wrong outside the game. She has to finish the game aka win within a certain time limit or her brain will be fried. That's all I'll say without giving away juicy details. It's a good book for preteen/teenagers, definitely a light read. It's got action and a hint of romance. No, really. A HINT of romance. If I'm remembering right. It could have been me reading more into the story than is really there.

Alright, now onto my life. I'm adjusting to my new schedule finally. This upcoming week will be almost as busy as finals week, so we'll see how that goes. I'll have three exams and two papers. I was a little freaked out when I realized that. In response I have become super organized. I have color-coded sticky notes on my computer screen (did you know computers had that program? I was stoked when I found out), a color-coded calendar on my white board, a to do sticky note on my whiteboard, and color coding in my agenda.
I like colors.
I've also joined the building council for my building, which means I'll help plan activities. So far I haven't been able to help a whole lot with work and such, but I'm determined to do something extracurricular. Let me rephrase that. Something FUN and extracurricular. Work doesn't count. Although I do enjoy making money, it makes me feel much more secure about next year.

But college has proposed quite a dilemma for me. I am having a very difficult time finding time and energy to write. When I do have time I spend it socializing. I don't want to give up any of my social time, but I do want to write. I'm having to learn to squeeze it in here and there, but this makes it hard to stay inspired. I'll have to find a constant time to write, even if it is just one hour a week. That's better than my five minutes here and ten there. That's hardly enough to get anything done! The moment I get into my groove I have to set it back down. I'm hoping as things get even more settled I'll be able to write again. I refuse to give up on my main story. I have started over and brainstormed and labored for too many hours on that story to set it aside. I think this is my third (fourth maybe?) time starting over. I wouldn't have, except that I needed to switch which character was talking. This last time I started over I thought about it for MONTHS first. I was pretty far into the story and didn't really want to write the beginning all over again. I'd spend probably about 5 months on that version. But I eventually realized that it would never work if I didn't change the point of view. Of course, it was the simplest route that I should have started with in the first place. Figures.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Note worthy Moment

Something absolutely hilarious happened last night. Before I begin, remember, I'm in college.

Once upon a time there were two girls sitting around in their dorm room. It was growing late, and both knew they should be doing homework but unfortunately exhaustion had caught up with them and both were watch tv on their computers.
Suddenly, out of the blue, there was a thud on the window. One of the girls looked up, but didn't think much of it. Because, being a college student she had grown accustomed to strange things happening every night at midnight.
When the thud sounded again the two girls looked at each other before racing to the window. They pulled the blinds up with a quick, sure movement to reveal six boys standing on the grass below. At the sight of the two girls the six began to mutter amongst themselves.
"You have the wrong window, don't you?" Inquired one of the girls.
"Yeah...." One of the boys yelled up in an abashed voice. "Do you want some black licorice?"
The maidens declined the offer and closed the blinds, barely restraining their laughter. When the boys were gone they broke into a fit of laughter that lasted nearly ten minutes.
In the distance they could hear the boys trying the next window over, to no avail. The girls realized they would remember this moment forever and both decided to blog about it.
The End

There, wasn't that a great story? I thought it was wonderful. It made my week. Hope you all have a great week too! Don't let your head fall too far out of the clouds, no matter how busy you get.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can already tell I am going to love my ward this year. Everyone I have talked to is amazing. I am quickly making friends and it's a wonderful feeling to feel like people know you and want to know you better. Church today was very spiritual. Fast Sunday's do seem to have a separate spirit from other Sunday's. I teared up a few times.
Last night was the opening social and I really enjoyed myself. Walking back to our apartment complex a group of us starting singing snippets of Disney songs. None of us knew any of the songs all they way through, but it was fun anyways. We'll just all have to learn a few songs all the way through so we can sing them together. I doubt we sounded very good, but who cares.
I can already tell that this semester will feel more home-like than my last semester. I'm very excited about my budding social life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm baaack!

BYU, here I am! You get to deal with me once again. *Cue evil laugh*
I'm actually a little bit sad to be back. I had a ton of fun at home. I spent almost every night out with friends and got closer to my family. I got lots of writing done and basically just enjoyed myself. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun here, but it is starting all over again. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I also had a strange dream. I don't remember any of it, but I was very disturbed when I woke up. I had no idea where it had come from either, which almost makes it worse.
I finished The Hourglass Door Trilogy. Those books are now my favorite, easy. I've never been able to say that before. Her descriptions and use of emotions is breathtaking. As a writer, I'm jealous. If you never read any of the other books I suggest on here, please read this series. I would say just read the first one, but it's impossible to not read all three. The first two books end with cliff hangers (normally annoying, but this time it's a good thing) that won't let you go until you find out the ending. All three books are so well tied together. When I finished the last book I couldn't stop thinking about them for a week. When I am no loner tight for money I will buy all three of them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pie and books

I have a lot I could post about. Let's see how much actually gets transferred from my head to paper. Well, computer.
First off, I'm home!!! It's for two very short weeks, but that will be enough to re-energize my energizer bunny and get me pumped for fall semester. As much as I enjoyed school, its so nice to be home and be surrounded by familiar faces.
I spent most of my birthday with my family. We hiked to a waterfall with a pool and messed around in the water for a couple hours. It was nice to be out in the wilderness and not in an urban area. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the woods until I was stuck in a city.
Later that night I went to a friends house to watch a movie. I was very excited seeing as how most of these people I hadn't seen for about two months and who knows when I'll see them again after these two weeks. Well, I could tell the guys were up to something. They kept whispering in tight little circles like a bunch of 6th grade girls. When two of them disappeared outside I was sure it was to decorate my car. I'd done it to them before after all, so it wasn't like I didn't deserve it. When one of my friends said I should go look out the front window I took that to mean they were done.
I was very surprised when I walked around the corner and ended up finding a pie in my face. So surprised it took me a second to even realize what had happened. And I was blind. It's quite difficult to see through whip creme, just so you know. Luckily they didn't waste a good pie on my face, it was just whip creme.
What makes it even funnier was not only did they get pie all over me, but themselves, the stairs, the floor, and into the next room. I think I was laughing the hardest out of everyone. While the boys cleaned up the mess I went into a bathroom and rinsed my hair out the best I could. They offered to take me home so I could clean up better, but I didn't want to miss any of the fun so I just pushed my soggy hair out of my face and enjoyed the movie. It wasn't until I got home that I saw how greasy my hair was. It shone. It was a very memorable and amazing birthday.
Since I've been home I read a book that was highly recommended by another friend. The Hourglass Door is now one of my favorite books of all time. To make it even better, its part of a series. This book made me laugh, cry, angry, exasperated, happy, confused, conflicted, concerned, fall in love, the whole range of emotions. It's been a long time since I cried in a book, so if it can make me cry that's saying something. I had actually seen this book before and read the back cover, but that doesn't do the book justice. It doesn't show you how emotionally attached I became to this book. This is right up there with The Queen of Attolia in my book. For those of you that don't know me very well, that is saying a LOT. So I'm begging you. Please read it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Coolest project. Ever.

For my Bio 100 class I had to do a final project. The assignment was to spend 15-20 hours making something that was about Earth stewardship. Yeah. When I first heard that I had no idea what she was talking about. It turns out its basically taking care of Earth and being responsible. I decided to design a community garden. It turned out really nice I must say. And I'm not usually the bragging type. Quite the opposite in fact. It took me a long time to even just research what plants I was going to use. But, thanks to a book my Grandma gave me it was a lot easier than it could have been. It was an amazing resource.
This week my friend from home came to visit on her way home from a family reunion. We wanted to go out and do something so the two of us along with my roommate went to see *drumroll*....
Cowboys and Aliens.
It was interesting. A one time see, something you watch on instant play on Netflix when you're really bored. We would have seen Captain America (one of the best movies EVER!) but I had just seen it with my cousin.
To top off the weekend I went to dinner at my Aunt's house for dinner. It was delish. And they knew it was my bday later this week so they decided I needed to blow out a candle before we could eat brownies. They had moved here recently so they were still missing some stuff, which means they couldn't find any bday candles. But they did find a big candle. As in candle-lit romantic dinner kind of candle. So my cousin stuck it in the middle of the brownies. I took a picture on my phone, it was just too funny. Imagine a giant red candle sticking out of the center of a pan of brownies. Great stuff. So I blew it out. And when we took the candle out there was a big hole. Probably one of the best birthday treats I've ever had. It was that cool.
I have finals this week. I was really nervous, but right now... not so much. I've studied so much this term that I think I'm prepared. I've worked hard and kept my grades up, so I should do alright. I'd better do well. I've worked too hard not to.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My week and books

I learned something new this week. It is possible to procrastinate and work at the same time. About the same assignment. It's called working really, really, really, really (did I say really?) slow. It took me a very long time to do an assignment that should have taken me a couple hours. It was annoying, because I had planned to work on a big project due a week from tomorrow (I'm still a little flustered by the idea). I took all my stuff for both of these assignments to the library, my roommate and I both determined to get a lot done.
The funniest part is that we weren't even talking or distracting each other that much. It just took me forever to do the assignment. Painfully long. And I never did get to my project.
But on the upside I had a wonderful and fun Saturday. And I've probably spent far too much time on my homework this term. I really want to get A's in both of my classes. I never really cared in high school, as long as it wasn't a C. Now I want to try to get scholarships.
Why didn't I think of this earlier? I keep asking myself that. My guess: High school was too easy (with a few exceptions) for me to ever really care. I could get by with out really trying, so I didn't. I focused on other things, like reading, or friends. Good things, but I could have spent a little more time on school. And my music. I slid by with the piano too. But I'm going to change that. I have sheet music I plan on buying, and I am going to work really hard and get that song down as fast as I can.
I read two books this week. Shadow Hunter and Firethorn. Not a huge fan of either of them. I couldn't even finish Firethorn. Please don't read it. It's only perk is what made it so awful; the characters didn't have modern ideals about how to treat women or people of lower class. It grated on every cell of my body. I put up for it for a while, thinking that as the two main characters fell in love he would treat her better. Nope. He was a jerk the whole time.
Shadow Hunter was good, but it wasn't amazing. It was a good quick read, an action book with a little mystery in a very realistic setting. It's not going on my list, though. It just didn't have enough... spark for me. Maybe if I was a guy I would have liked it, who knows.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being a Mormon

I was thinking about it last night, and I realized something that I just absolutely love about being LDS. I love how members give the talks and teach sunday school. It's so amazing. It really helps the people teaching learn a lot more about their topic, and then for all of those listening it gives new insights. There are some things that one person can teach me much better than another. I'm so glad we have church callings. And now that I'm in college and I'm being taught by (0r like two weeks ago, teaching) my peers. It gives a whole new twist on things. These are other college kids who are going through some of the same things as me. They can bring their different backgrounds in to the discussion and really make things a lot more interesting.
I also really love how the Prophet and his counselors almost never make a statement about something not purely religious. The other day for my Bio100 class we were supposed to write a short paper on our opinion on stem cell research. Part of that was we were required to look at various websites that gave both sides of the argument. And we were asked to look up the church's official statement. The official statement: we won't be making an official statement. I just love that. The gospel is all about making your own opinion. Praying for yourself, studying the scriptures for yourself, learning for yourself if you really do believe all the teachings. To me this is an amazing example of having agency (the freedom to choose). God loves us enough to let us make our own political and social choices. Isn't that amazing? It really shows me that when the church does make a statement about something, like "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", they are dead serious. Which means its important for me to listen closely and take to heart what they say.
On a less serious note, I had an amazing weekend. Most of the time. Two of my cousins and I made delicious no-bake cookies and watched Dr. Who. I've decided that the actor for season... 5? or is it 6? Is adorkable. Even more adorkable than Merlin. (gasp! I know. It's a crime.) It was a lot of fun... until I started to get a headache. Probably from too much tv and sugar all at once, something I haven't had much of lately. So I asked my cousin for some ipbrophen/tylenol/advil-ish medicine. All she had was childs Advil so I took two of those and hoped it would work.
It did the opposite. I started to feel worse. In fact, when I got home I threw up. I'm pretty sure it was the pill. Only then did I remember that I'm on a prescription acne medication. Which probably means I shouldn't take anything else. Which is probably why I threw up.
Lesson learned.
To keep myself from upsetting my stomach again I went straight to bed and then the next day took it easy, reading a book and doing a little homework. I watched She's the Man with one of my roommates (Funny movie! I love it!) and in general just stayed really laid back. It was wonderful and reminded me of how my summer would be if I weren't here at school.
As much as I love college, I am ready for the term to be over. I'm dreaming of green hills and a constant breeze like at home. I'd actually gotten to the point where I didn't really notice how it was always a little windy at home, but now that it's not that way here I notice the lack of breeze.
And my sister got her braces off this week, and I'm dying to see. She sent me a picture, but it's just not the same. And my friends at home must be terribly bored without all my amazing Kelsey-ness. How could they not be? ;)
Wish me luck on my midterm next week! I'm a little freaked out.
And happy Pioneer day tomorrow. Only in Utah would I EVER say such a thing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I borrowed this book from a roommate and read it in one day. It was very good. It reminded me a little of The Hunger Games but wasn't as dark and with a different twist on the idea. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, both were well thought out. I finished the book eager for the next one in the series (it comes out in November. I looked it up.)
I love that its by an LDS author too. That means it has good morals and is nice and clean. This isn't true 100% of the time, but it's more true than with non-LDS authors.
I think you should all read Matched by Ally Condie if you like a good, clean romance.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend family reunion

Yes, I had another reunion. And I loved every minute of it. Its so much fun to see my family and spend some quality time with them. It was nice to know my roommates missed me while I was gone too. They all seemed excited to see me.
I went and saw Harry Potter this weekend, midnight showing. I must say, I rather enjoyed it. (Imagine me saying that in a bad imitation of a British accent.) Even though they changed things and rushed the first half, I still enjoyed it. The effects were cool, as always. I think I might just have to save up and buy myself the two HP 7 movies. Because I really do enjoy them. A lot. though, I'll wait till they are both out and the price has gone down. I'm very.... tight with my money, especially now that I'm in college.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I had an amazing week. My two closest friends from home came and spent the day with me. One of them was actually there as a surprise, I didn't know she was coming. The very first thing we did was go to Jamba Juice. They'd never been. If you have never been, then shame on you. Go look one up and go. It's the best place in the whole entire world. (Except for home, of course). After messing around on campus for a little while we went to a nearby mall.
You see, we have this tradition of going ugly dress shopping. We would always go to Ross and find the ugliest dresses we could for each other, try them on, laugh, take pictures, laugh some more.... yeah. It's pretty much amazing.
So we went from store to store, trying to find ugly dresses. It was almost sad, because we couldn't really find anything that wasn't cute. If I had money to spare I would have bought lots of cute dresses. But sadly as a college student I don't have any lose change lying around. It's very sad.
Hanging out with them pretty much made my week.
And, I've discovered that Utah onions leave a weird aftertaste. It never happened at home. Just here. It's strange.
I also had a very hilarious story that I was going to share on here. And since the world always works this way, I forgot it. Hopefully I'll remember sometime soon so I can post it. Because it really was superdy-dupery amazing. (And so is making up words. It's fun.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to go to part of the family reunion. It was really nice to see everyone, I think I managed to talk to almost all my aunts and uncles at least once and quite a few of my cousins. Having moved away I've really learned to value my family. I never really thought much about it, but I really, really love my big, loud family.
To make things even better, I was able to spend the 4th with most of the other side of my family. We went up into the mountains for an hour or so, and I realized how much I loved being outside. I haven't been out in the wilderness much in this summer, being in school and all. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was up in the mountains, driving through the forest.
I also was given a great idea by one of my cousins. I don't know how I never thought of it before, but I didn't. She told me she makes a specific playlist of songs for each of her main characters. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I have a playlist of just general writing music, but I've never made one for one character in specific. I started working on it as soon as I got home. So, now my three main characters in my main story have the beginnings of a playlist. I don't have enough songs on each list to really call it a playlist, but I've begun. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Because (for obvious reasons) all the music I have I like I wanted all three characters to like it too. It was difficult to make it so that the songs matched the characters' personalities, not mine. That's why there's only a few songs on each list. But I took those songs and made a Pandora playlist with them for each character, so I'm hoping it will help me get a fill for the characters 'tastes' more. I hope it works, cause I really like the idea! I might even ask a couple of my friends that know the story almost as well as I do what they think the characters would listen to.
I was surprised (in a good way) to see that I have two more followers. I love getting new followers! It makes me feel like I'm not just rambling on to myself. Though, it does surprise me every time I see a new follower. I'm not really sure what you guys see in my blog. My guess: I talk about books/movies every once in a while. Books are really cool, aren't they? I think so.
Even though it was yesterday, Happy 4th of July! It's one of my favorite holidays. It's humbling to realize how much some people have sacrificed for the country we live in today. And it makes me sad to see people treat our country like its not worth much. I think its one of the most amazing things in the whole wide world. I'm very lucky to live in the USA and have the freedoms I have. Even being able to have this blog is a huge blessing. I'm allowed to say whatever I want, whenever I want. It's a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So it begins. Second week of college and I am beginning to find ways to not do homework. Granted, I have been at it all day (it's about six) since I didn't have any classes, so I'm burning out a little for the day. But I still have lots to do, so I need to keep cracking.
I decided that a little break wouldn't hurt though. Which means I've decided to ramble.
I now have 29 followers. Crazy! You know what would be really amazing? If I had one more follower. I like even numbers. It's a little Monk-ish. (Have you ever watched the tv series? It's pretty good, but its not on tv anymore, they ended it a while ago. Still, its worth Google-ing.)
Today I went in to have my internet fixed. It wasn't working this weekend, when it worked last week. I was very frustrated. It took us almost an hour to fix, but I didn't mind. I am shamed to admit I felt crippled without having internet, even though the library on campus has internet. It's very pathetic of me, proving that I am a member of my generation.
Go us.
Though right now I kind of hate my computer. I've been staring at it for hours. My eyes are getting tired, you know that dry kind of aching feeling? And I can't quit. Not yet. I have part of an article to read, a whole other article, about 100 pages in a book and 30 pages in my textbook. For two classes. Luckily only part of that is due tomorrow, but I'm trying to get as much done as possible so that I'm free later this week and don't spend all weekend doing homework. I WILL have a homework free weekend. I DEMAND IT.
It was in the 90's today. It was a little strange because I'm so used to low 70's, but it was nice. In a too hot sort of way. I think I still like 75-80 best. Sorry to all you Arizonians and New Mexicans. It's not the life style for little 'ol me.
Right now I'm switching back and forth between this blog post and the article I'm trying to read about obesity for my bio class. Reading it had made an old pet-peeve of mine resurface. I hate it when the names of something (like a chemical) seems like a random group of letters. Sometimes I wonder if there is some scientist somewhere sitting around laughing at us trying to pronounce chemical names. Even the abbreviations are annoying, because they go in one ear and out the other. I have resorted to calling certain abbreviations names like Bob and Larry so I can concentrate on what the rest of the article is trying to say. Yes, I understand why they have the crazy names and strange abbreviations. But I don't have to like it.
I have also decided that bathroom tile should never be yellow. Our bathroom walls are tiled with a light yellow color that I hate. Not because its an atrocious shade or anything, but because it makes the bathroom feel small and dirty. Bathrooms shouldn't be yellow, unless they're a very pretty yellow. I think they should repaint our bathroom white, or light blue, or light gray-blue, or even beige. Sadly, you can't repaint tile. Darn. At least the bedrooms aren't that color. From where the paint is chipped I can see that they used to be an ugly green (now they're white). I'm very glad they aren't that shade of green.
Thanks for reading, hope I don't sound too crazy, have an amazing day and go have some adventures!
Peace out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grocery store adventures

Today as I was preparing to do laundry I realized something. Something I was missing. Something important. Can you guess what it was?
Laundry soap.
Thankfully, one of my roommates was kind enough to share hers with me. I used it, but I was determined to get laundry soap so it would never happen again. I was told one of my roomies was going to the grocery store just off campus and at the other end. I asked her if I could go with and then off we went to start our adventure for the day!
We rode the bus (I hate busses, by the way) to the grocery store. After going through the whole store I managed to avoid buying any sweets and didn't buy too much. Now done with our shopping we proceeded back to the bus stop and waited, enjoying a delightful conversation.
Well, once on the bus I noticed by bag was dripping. Wincing, I opened the bag and revealed that my windex lid had loosened. And leaked all over everything. I took my wallet out and left the rest because I didn't have the hands to hold it. And, yes, I tightened the lid.
And THEN I looked around and noticed that my sunglasses looked kind of funny.
They were broken.
One of the ear side pieces had broken off. Don't ask me how.
I find it a little ironic, because that's how my last pair broke. I wonder if it was even the same side? I have no idea.
So, I walked back to our apartment, trying to not be too angry. (I wasn't doing a very good job.)
This story does have a good ending, I promise.
Nothing was ruined, not even the usb stick on my keys. And I still have plenty of windex left, I didn't lose as much as I imagined.
The moral of this story: annoying things make good blog posts.
And I saved money going to this further grocery store, even with paying for the bus.
(And I got syrup for my french toast. YUM!)
Ah the joys of college.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

Alright, so I'm trying to give a small blurb about every book on my list. I decided to start at the bottom, cause I'm cool like that. Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood is a book that I read when I was younger, as in like 13-14. I haven't read it since then, but I really loved the story. It's about a girl who lives on the edge of the forest. She lives by herself except for the animals and a magician guy who visits every once in a while.
I'm not going to say any more than that (partially because my memory is fuzzy on the book), but it's pretty good. I would probably not read it now, but I liked it then. It's a good recommendation to give like a younger sister or something.
So I did something very silly, but very typical of me. I decided I wanted French Toast for dinner (YUMMY!) so I went to buy bread and eggs. Guess what I forgot? Syrup. Luckily one of my roommates let me borrow from her. It was very delicious syrup. But I should probably go get my own before I have french toast again.
Okay, make a huge turn here, I'm changing the topic. I'm trying out Pandora radio for the first time tonight. I can't decide if I like it or not. One thing I do know is that I like Grooveshark better. Pandora seems like its good for helping me find new songs, but it doesn't actually play songs I like. Grooveshark is a playlist of songs. So I think I'm going to stick with my groovy aquatic friend and only use Pandora to find new songs.
I feel strange not being at mutual (youth group). I have gone almost every single Wednesday night at 7 for... years. Since I was twelve. That's a long time. To not go tonight (seeing as how there is no youth group in college) feels weird. I don't like it. In fact, I'm very bored right now. I have no classes tomorrow so I'm not doing my homework, and all my roomies are out or busy doing something. So.... yeah. I have no idea what to do. At home I would read or go talk with my parents or hunt down a friend. Or be at mutual. But I don't very many people here, and they're all busy or live about an hour away. Darn.
This is a very strange feeling.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's official. I'm a college student. It's totally, absolutely, ridiculously insane. And makes no sense. I don't understand it.
The last few days of New Student Orientation have felt like EFY (church camp). I bet that will fade when classes start. On Monday. Crazy. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I'm excited to get going... yet I would like more time to adjust. And no homework. That was one of my favorite parts of my senior year.
Tomorrow is my first day in my student ward. I'm sure it will be amazing, but I can't help but be a little weirded out by the whole idea of a ward full only of people my age. It will defiantly take some getting use to.
Once again, my whole life has turned upside down. It'll be interesting to see how everything works out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Sunday

As the title of this post implies, today was my last Sunday before heading off to college. It was a little strange going to church when all of my senior friends were already in the student ward. My sunday school teacher, who's son is also going to college this year, gave me a white board that has a picture as a background. Its very cool and the field will remind me of home.
Earlier this week we had the all night senior graduation party. It was fun, but extremely exhausting. And I decided I don't like hypnotists. I think its humiliating. But everything else was really fun. There was a blow up obstacle course that my friends and I raced through. And there was a place where you hooked up to a bungee cord and then ran as far forward as you can to place a marker. You and another person were racing to see who could go the furthest. This was probably my favorite thing at the party. It was a ton of fun. And... the belt that went around my waist actually left a couple marks. Its funny, because since my lip I've gotten very beat up. My legs are covered in bruises from the senior sneak, my torso is bruised from the game I just told you and I have rug burns, probably from the obstacle course thing. All in like what, two months?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book List

I did it! Yay me! I added the list. Granted, it doesn't include all the books I've ever read and enjoyed. That would be a very, very long list. But it's the books I own or could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll add to the list as the weeks go on. I might even do two lists, one for more mature books, one for my fantasy fluff. I love reading both, but I've definitely been reading fluff a lot longer that serious adult books. And I'll probably try to talk about all the books on my list, you know, on those days when I run out of things to say. Oh, and I should say some of these books I haven't read in a long time. I loved them last time I read them, but for some that was when I was about 12. Just so you know.

Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men: First Class

This weekend was my graduation party with a bunch of my friends. It was lots of fun with lots of delicious food. The weather even decided to cooperate so we could have it at the park and enjoy the sun. Everyone got hot which hasn't really happened yet this year. Afterward we went and watch the newest X-men movie. It was a good movie, the effects were well done. It helped me understand why Dr. X and Magneto are the way they are. Yes, I know, I do know a little bit about them. Not much because I've only seen one other X-men movie, but a little.
It's strange, because I am going to have moved out of the house before the month is over. I am still struggling with this idea. What am I going to do with myself?
And I realized today that I haven't posted about books in a long time. But I have decided that I am going to make a list on this blog of books. I can't do it right now because its on my computer and I'm on the family one. But I will. Eventually. Hopefully soon. It'll just be a list of books I've liked, any books I can think of. Teen or adult. I'm hoping to constantly keep the list growing and changing, taking off books I don't like as much when it gets too long. I'm excited for it. I'm hoping it will help me keep reading, even though I'll be super busy. I believe reading helps to keep my imagination growing and since it's constantly being stomped down by a stressful life I can use the help. And it should help me with my writing. The more in my mind the more I have to draw from in my own writing.
Have a great June! Hopefully it will be dry and sunny.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in Joanns

So yesterday my mom and I went hunting for fabric for a skirt. My little sister has grown a lot in the last few months and almost none of her clothes fit, so mom was going to make her a few skirts. While she looked at patterns she would send me out to find fabric. Here's how the conversation went.
"How about this one?"
"This cute purple one?"
"Mm.... nope. It doesn't look like her."
"This one?"
New stack of fabric.
"This one?"
"This one?"
New stack of fabric.
"Hm..... they don't quite work."
It was an interesting few hours. At first I was frustrated, but by the end we were both laughing about it. Lets just say, my mom and I have very different tastes in fabric, at least when it comes to buying for my little sister.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seminary Graduation

So, I graduate from seminary today. The next step will be religion classes at BYU, starting in the fall. It's crazy to think about. I'm not nervous at all for the graduation part. But... I am nervous for playing the piano. Yep, they asked me to play the opening and closing song. I said of course, even though I was whimpering in fear down inside. I haven't played seriously for about a year, and I had only one week to prepare.
Wish me luck.
The good thing about accompaning is that if you mess up less people notice. Now lets just hope I don't screw up the introduction. And I'm curious about the prelude. I'm going to be busy getting the run down of how everything works, so who will play prelude? It's a mystery that I hope will one day (or in a few minutes) be solved.
It's crazy to think about graduating. High school graduation is in less than 20 days. Its scary! Exciting too, but scary.
The sun has officially decided to come out and stay out. I'm very glad, because I was getting tired of the rain. April showers really did bring May flowers. It just waited until the last few weeks of May to do so. But it was pretty amazing. Everything bloomed all at once, including the trees. They were all so ankious to start growing they gained full leaves almost over night. It made me very happy. Can't you tell? ;D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wisdom teeth

So..... I had another medical adventure. I got my wisdom teeth out. But... the drill malfunctioned and burned my lip. Luckily I was out cold when it happened. The surgeon was very upset with the drill company. He even came by our house after he was done with work to check up on me. He took pictures and plans on talking to the company about it. I think my lip will heal fine, but its a huge swollen mess right now. My bottom lip is about the same size as both of my lips combined on a normal day. At least its still numb.
I just keep having all these mishaps with medical stuff. No wonder I've always avoided hospitals. Imagine the horrors that would happen to me there!
Oh, and apparently when I woke up I acted like stoned people do in the movies. Giggling and all that fun stuff. I don't remember laughing at all, only feeling very, very dizzy. Its a good reason to not do drugs in my mind. Glad I never have.
The surgeon was very good about the whole thing, I feel bad for him too. His office even sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. My first ever, from a oral surgeons office. hahaha! What a story

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lillies, dancing, and ice cream pie

So, last night was prom. I wore a big poofy purple dress. It was a tie up in the back so it made me stand super straight. Now I kind of know what its like to wear a corset. I would hate having to do that every single day. *shiver* We went to an asian place for dinner, it was delish. I managed to eat a salad, rice and pork only with chopsticks. I was impressed with myself. Needless to say, it took all of us forever to eat though. It was lots of fun, but it reminded me that I'm glad I have church dances to go to. They are so much better and there is no dirty dancing. The decorations and music are always better too. How sad is it that a regular church dance has better decorations than prom? hm.
For mothers day Dad hid some lilies in my room yesterday. Now my room smells all fruity. Lilly's have a very unique smell, and I can't decide if I like it or not. We had a mint ice cream cake for Mom's cake, and it was soooo good. And I normally don't like mint ice cream, so that's saying a lot. We did a group gift of one week without laundry and one week without cooking. I think she'll appreciate those more than anything we could buy in the store.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Parentsick and cold sick

So my parents went to California this week. Dad had a conference and Mom went along to visit family. I was left in charge, it was very exciting.
I got sick.
Yep, I was fighting a cold all week and by the end my body gave up and gave in. I spent Friday night in bed instead of being a good sister and taking the sibs to the park like I'd planned. So, they watched tv instead. Yuck. I even stayed home from church today because I just needed to sleep. I desperately needed to sleep, I'd been up late two nights in a row because of siblings. Thankfully I think I'm getting better now and I'll be going to school tomorrow. Except I have this weird ache in my leg muscles. I think its where my cold (or is it the flu? I have no idea) has decided to hang out. It's driving me crazy, because now I'm walking like I'm 90 years old. Or, like Ms. Congeniality after she gets a bikini wax. Which ever picture you find more entertaining, that's me right now.
Let's just hope the paper I planned on writing this weekend but didn't is due on Tuesday, not Monday. I could barely sit up straight in front of the computer, much less think well enough to write about my position on the National Debt.
I'm so ready to graduate. Please, please hurry.
Prom is this week and I'm super excited. I have a gorgeous purple dress and it's my first full length, even though I went to prom last year. AND its a masquerade. I've been waiting for this for pretty much my whole life. I can't wait! The mystery of masquerades has always fascinated me. Even though I know in reality I'll recognize pretty much everyone, it's still going to be a fun way to end my high school life.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this month, and I have to say I'm quite nervous, thank you very much. When I get sick/hurt I tend to get very sick/hurt. Look at me now. I have a cold and here I am staying home from church and hobbling around like I don't know how to walk. I just hope I recover quickly so that I don't have to miss too much school. It's hard enough to even just show up every day, not to mention do homework.
Senior-itis much?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Chalice

Yesterday I borrowed a friends book, The Chalice by Robin McKinley. I really enjoyed it. The book had a unique voice that is different from pretty much everything else I've ever read. It make the book even more interesting, and the plot was good enough by itself! Like I say about almost every book I read, you should read it too.
My bedroom is still scattered all over our house. It's been almost a week. Yuck. I have tried to stop complaining about it to my friends, but this is a difficult task. Until it happens to you its impossible to really understand what its like. It's not even that my things are hard to find and I can't wear all my clothes because I can't reach them. It's that I have not one ounce of personal space. I took way too long of a shower yesterday just so I could have some space. It was the day after Earth day, isn't that a little bit ironic? I killed some poor fish with my water wasting. At least according to some commercial I saw a few years ago.
But, the silver lining is that the floor is all dry and nothing was damaged, at least as far as I can tell so far. And I get my carpet put back in tomorrow. This might be my last night on the couch! Thank you!
For Easter we had a delicious dinner today after Stake conference. Both were amazing. President Uckdorf (how do you spell a German last name? I have no idea) was presiding over the broadcast. He spoke for about an hour. That is a long time to speak, I was impressed. He spoke about everything from chastity to electronics to saying daily prayers and having a current temple recommend. It was a very good talk, along with the other talks given today.
Yesterday we colored eggs, and I showed the kids a few cool tricks to make stripes and poka-dots. Mine ended up looking like different kinds of leaves because of its green color. And that none of my poka-dots were actually circular. Lets just say I didn't learn how to cut a circle in kindergarten. I have a hard enough time with long straight lines. You think that since I'm so artistic I could draw, or cut, a straight line. It's a lie, I can't do it.
Happy Easter! Don't forget the true reason we celebrate it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My bedroom barfed

I know, I know, I posted yesterday. But this is too dramatic to not share. Last night after I got home from my friends house I went to put some of my clothes away. (Wow, nice story there *eye rolling.) Well, when I walked on the carpet by my dresser.... it squished. It took me a moment of disbelief to realize what it was. There was water leaking into my bedroom.
I frantically ran up to my parents who were just settling down for bed and shared the awful news. We moved my bed away from the water, got everything off the floor (I had no idea I had that much stuff on the floor) and I slept on the couch.
We tried calling lots of plumbers, but no one was avaliable. That makes sense as sad as it was, seeing as how it was past midnight at this point. So, I slept on the couch.
A very nice neighbor and his son are downstairs helping my parents rip up the carpet and who knows what else.
So yes, my bedroom is puked all over the family room.
Oh the joys of having a basement.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return to Me

That is an adorable movie. My sister and I watched it last night. I cried. Multiple times. The only thing I didn't like about it was how much one of the characters swore. The rest of it was sweet, and hilarious, and endearing and... ah. So cute. Please see it.
I admit, it's a little predictable, especially if you've seen as many chick flicks as I have. But the old men in it are so, so funny. It's worth your time to see.
I've been working very hard all day today, so I decided to take a break and write on this here blog. I've had lots of homework, and a quilt to make, and graduation invitations to put addresses on, and a very sad ivy to replant so it can grow again, and pots to wash, and a room to clean, and piano to practice.....
You get my point.
Knowing I couldn't get it all done today I did my best, forced my way past a VERY annoying hour and worked hard. All day. So I think I can slow down. I'm supposed to be a lazy senior aren't I?
My mom got me some pots from a second hand store for next year. I was very excited when I saw them. I'm sure you're wondering why I got excited over pots. Well, because I would like to be able to eat next year, and having things to cook in makes that a lot easier. Imagine me trying to fry an egg on the side walk.
The other reason it was amazingly exciting is that the pans were red. She didn't try to choose out red pans, but I'd secretly been hoping for red ones. The best part is that the frying pan says "Kiss the cook" on the bottom.
I think it's hilarious.
Now I just need to get myself a matching apron.
So something exciting happened the other day. I was thinking about my story and I came up with another story that could become a second book. Ok, I was actually thinking about how cool it would be to go to Ireland, and it led me to a scene where I imagined my first reaction, which led to a scene with another girl doing the same thing (hello new character), which led to me wanting to make a story about it. The more I thought about it, the more the idea developed until it became a whole new plot. There is enough in it for two books I think. Now I just need to finish the story I'm working on now....
Which I would really love to split into two books, but I realize all of this is very ambitious. What can I say, I'm a dreamer. Well, that explains the title of my blog.
Another exciting thing has been slowly happening this week. I bet you can guess what it is.
Spring is here. TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trees are budding a lot. I'm hoping that in a week or two we will be seeing leaves. The crocus's have bloomed and faded already, so I'm waiting for the tulips and daffodils. I actually don't really like tulips. It's one of the most loved flowers in the world (I'm totally making that up, but seeing as how the Dutch are completely obsessed...) but I guess I'm not included in that love. They look too.... perfect for me. I like wild or old english flowers. Like bleeding hearts and balloon flowers. And lungwort, even though that's an awful name. Who would name a flower that? I can't help but wonder why they did.
Like why did my parents consider naming me Mackenzie. I'm so glad they didn't. I'd rather be named Gertrude. That way I could at least go by Trudy. What would you go by with a name like Mackenzie? Mack? Kenzie? Z? Macaroon? Hm. All of those are awful choices.
Thank you for not naming me Mackenzie Mom and Dad. I owe you big time for that one.