Monday, November 14, 2011


This is one of those weeks where I wish I had a genius clone. She could take all of my tests for me and help me revise my papers. Actually, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on every thing right now (aka I am not pulling my hair out) but I want to get better grades than I think I will. Not that I'm failing any of my classes, but I would love straight A's like I got over the summer. It was fantastic.
I've discovered something about studying that drives me up the wall. You never know when you're done. When I set aside my studying materials for one class and launch into the next I always wonder if I'm forgetting to study something or if I've done enough. I never feel like I do enough. Right now I'm taking a break because I've been in the library for who knows how long. I try to not keep track, it makes it even harder.
Also, it's very distracting when there are cute boys in the library right in my line of sight. I know this sounds extremely shallow, but it's true. If there is any kind of distraction when I'm studying I welcome it with open arms.

This weekend one of my roommates and I made lots of yummy food together. Pizza (even the dough!), snicker doodles (my favorite kind of cookie), homemade mac n' cheese and we are planning on making pumpkin bread so the pureed pumpkin in our fridge doesn't go bad. That or muffins. I made pancakes and made extra so I could eat them this week for breakfast too. We've just been cooking maniacs this weekend, I love it! It's amazing how relaxing cooking can be and how a home cooked meal can be so tasty, especially when you're the one who made it. I thought I was eating pretty well for a college student but when we combined our ingredients we were able to come up with much better stuff. Like did you know adding lime juice to your pizza sauce made it oh so yummy? And onions on top of the pizza always make it taste better. I learned that from my mom. And it is possible to make snicker doodles without cream of tartar. They just are very white and taste a little different.
It's crazy what I learn in college. And honestly, I feel like my pizza and cookie knowledge will be more useful than how to calculate a confidence interval. Just saying. Actually, I'm pretty sure that once I leave my statistics class I will never use any of that knowledge ever again seeing as how I'm not a math or business major. Nope, little ol' arts major over here is not going to use stats. The only time I use stats is to see who's been checking out my blog, and I'm not the one doing any of the math, I just look at a handy-dandy screen. Isn't technology amazing? I love it.
Guilt is starting to creep in and whisper at me. I should study some more. I really should. And I will. Just not in this exact moment. I really want to say something deep or insightful first. Unfortunately I have nothing important to say. Though I do have another strange college moment.
After visiting teaching (in pairs the women of the LDS faith visit other women in their area once a month to make sure they are alright and give them a short spiritual message. It's a great way to make friends and make sure everyone is getting the support they need.) my roommate and i came home to find a big white sign with the words "Tug of War" in red letters. We tilted our heads and looked at each other with raised eyebrows. We had no idea what it meant. We've asked around and no one seems to know what the mystery behind the sign is, so we eventually decided that someone randomly found the sign on the ground (there was a faint footprint on it) and taped it to our door as they passed. I was disappointed, I was hoping it was some college game. Apparently we aren't that lucky this time around.
Okay, I am going to listen to my goody-goody side and go study some more stats and religion and maybe even read some articles for American heritage. Wish me luck!

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