Sunday, September 25, 2011

General Relief Socity Broadcast and the virtues of Skype

Last night I watched the Relief society broadcast. It was my first one, seeing as how a year ago I was still in Young Women's. The Spirit was really strong through the whole meeting. I loved how much they talked about visiting teaching. I can't wait until we get our assignments here. I have been excited about it for months. Sadly in the summer there was only time for one visit so we didn't really develop friendships through it. I'm also hoping that the girls who visit me will be eager and wanting to be friends just as much as I am.
The broadcast got me all excited for General Conference next week. Already my apartment has been invited to go to another apartment and watch it there. Apparently they have a nice TV. I have no problems with this. I bet there will be lots of yummy food. There always is at gatherings such as this, especially ones involving lots of teenagers. Well, young adults now I guess. That's a weird idea.
Skype is my new best friend. You know, besides my best friend. I have talked to my parents multiple times and a couple of friends from back home and every time has been so much fun. It's amazing how much of a difference seeing someones face can be. It makes it feel more natural than texting or even talking on the phone. I love technology. I can't imagine having to just write letters to my family. What happens when something big and exciting happens in my life? It would be awful knowing that my family wouldn't know for weeks because the news had to travel through snail mail.
I am very much so part of a generation expecting instant gratification.
The leaves in the trees are starting to change colors up in the mountains. I'm extremely excited about this, fall is my favorite season by far. It's starting to cool down but isn't actually cold yet, so no blistering hot days and no freezing cold days. And its generally less wet than spring. And all the trees are so gorgeous. I would love to get married in the fall, but if I don't then it's not going to break my heart. But it is a very pretty picture. Alon g with the picture in this post. Its my current wallpaper actually.
Enjoy your fall and wish me luck on my two midterms this week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

College funnies once again

Before I tell my funny moment for this week (they seem to be happening a lot. I love it), I want to introduce the new section to my blog. You probably noticed the picture of stairs to the right of this post. From now on I will occasionally put up pictures from my college life. Unfortunately, I won't be putting up pictures of people. Violation of privacy and all that stuff. But I will put up funny or cool things. This picture is actually neither of those. It is death. I climb these stairs every day. There are over 100 of them if I counted right. I hate those stairs.
But back to my funny moment. In my American Heritage class the professor was trying to do an object lesson about economies. He had a box of donuts and was going to sell them to the highest bidder. I thought it was a very clever idea, but that isn't what was funny. The crazy part was how much the box went for. I'm sure its a record. Are you ready for this?
For 12 stinkin' donuts. I think that's ridiculous. There are plenty of places on and around campus where this particular student could have gone to get the exact same donuts for like $5. I was floored. So was the professor. He was pretty excited (and a little guilty) about getting so much money for them. I don't understand how a college student felt they could spend that much on donuts.
She must have been very, very hungry.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny moment

I'm in the library and the funniest thing just happened. I have to post about it before I forget. This guy sat down at a table next to mine and turned on his computer. He must have been listening to music earlier because it began to blast out of his computer. He panicked and hit a bunch of buttons but it didn't turn off for whatever reason. So, he closed it. The music still played. And this wasn't classical, light, library music. It was rock. He stuffs the computer in his backpack, but of course everyone can still hear it. At this point I'm pretty sure everyone was watching him, and he knew it. The poor guy pulls his laptop back out, reaches across the table to his friends computer, yanks out his headphones and sticks them in his computer.
I was having a very hard time not laughing. Both boys were incredibly embarrassed.It pretty much made my day. I love the little quirks of college life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heir Apparent and an update on me

So I'll start with a book review. I randomly chose one off of the list on the side of my blog, so Heir Apparent it is. I haven't read this for years, but I do have fond memories of it. It's a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. The main character , a girl who's name I can't remember, goes to a video game place. It' s in the future, and when you play games you get completely immersed, as if you were in the world. She decides to play a Middle Ages game, and things are going swimmingly until something goes wrong outside the game. She has to finish the game aka win within a certain time limit or her brain will be fried. That's all I'll say without giving away juicy details. It's a good book for preteen/teenagers, definitely a light read. It's got action and a hint of romance. No, really. A HINT of romance. If I'm remembering right. It could have been me reading more into the story than is really there.

Alright, now onto my life. I'm adjusting to my new schedule finally. This upcoming week will be almost as busy as finals week, so we'll see how that goes. I'll have three exams and two papers. I was a little freaked out when I realized that. In response I have become super organized. I have color-coded sticky notes on my computer screen (did you know computers had that program? I was stoked when I found out), a color-coded calendar on my white board, a to do sticky note on my whiteboard, and color coding in my agenda.
I like colors.
I've also joined the building council for my building, which means I'll help plan activities. So far I haven't been able to help a whole lot with work and such, but I'm determined to do something extracurricular. Let me rephrase that. Something FUN and extracurricular. Work doesn't count. Although I do enjoy making money, it makes me feel much more secure about next year.

But college has proposed quite a dilemma for me. I am having a very difficult time finding time and energy to write. When I do have time I spend it socializing. I don't want to give up any of my social time, but I do want to write. I'm having to learn to squeeze it in here and there, but this makes it hard to stay inspired. I'll have to find a constant time to write, even if it is just one hour a week. That's better than my five minutes here and ten there. That's hardly enough to get anything done! The moment I get into my groove I have to set it back down. I'm hoping as things get even more settled I'll be able to write again. I refuse to give up on my main story. I have started over and brainstormed and labored for too many hours on that story to set it aside. I think this is my third (fourth maybe?) time starting over. I wouldn't have, except that I needed to switch which character was talking. This last time I started over I thought about it for MONTHS first. I was pretty far into the story and didn't really want to write the beginning all over again. I'd spend probably about 5 months on that version. But I eventually realized that it would never work if I didn't change the point of view. Of course, it was the simplest route that I should have started with in the first place. Figures.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Note worthy Moment

Something absolutely hilarious happened last night. Before I begin, remember, I'm in college.

Once upon a time there were two girls sitting around in their dorm room. It was growing late, and both knew they should be doing homework but unfortunately exhaustion had caught up with them and both were watch tv on their computers.
Suddenly, out of the blue, there was a thud on the window. One of the girls looked up, but didn't think much of it. Because, being a college student she had grown accustomed to strange things happening every night at midnight.
When the thud sounded again the two girls looked at each other before racing to the window. They pulled the blinds up with a quick, sure movement to reveal six boys standing on the grass below. At the sight of the two girls the six began to mutter amongst themselves.
"You have the wrong window, don't you?" Inquired one of the girls.
"Yeah...." One of the boys yelled up in an abashed voice. "Do you want some black licorice?"
The maidens declined the offer and closed the blinds, barely restraining their laughter. When the boys were gone they broke into a fit of laughter that lasted nearly ten minutes.
In the distance they could hear the boys trying the next window over, to no avail. The girls realized they would remember this moment forever and both decided to blog about it.
The End

There, wasn't that a great story? I thought it was wonderful. It made my week. Hope you all have a great week too! Don't let your head fall too far out of the clouds, no matter how busy you get.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can already tell I am going to love my ward this year. Everyone I have talked to is amazing. I am quickly making friends and it's a wonderful feeling to feel like people know you and want to know you better. Church today was very spiritual. Fast Sunday's do seem to have a separate spirit from other Sunday's. I teared up a few times.
Last night was the opening social and I really enjoyed myself. Walking back to our apartment complex a group of us starting singing snippets of Disney songs. None of us knew any of the songs all they way through, but it was fun anyways. We'll just all have to learn a few songs all the way through so we can sing them together. I doubt we sounded very good, but who cares.
I can already tell that this semester will feel more home-like than my last semester. I'm very excited about my budding social life.