Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm not really sure what this is

I go home tomorrow. I do not believe there are words to express a college student's excitement at the idea of going home and not having to completely take care of yourself for at least a week. Not that my parents do everything for me, but dinner and dishes and laundry won't be completely up to me. My roommate is even more excited about this since she didn't get to go home for Thanksgiving. We are both at our amazing aunts house until we leave. She is fantastic for letting us eat her food and sleep in her house and pretty much just crash after finals.
My last day on campus was very stressful. I woke up at 6:30 to get to work on time. No one should wake up that early during finals week. After work I rushed over to the testing center and studied for ten minutes while I ate two peanut-butter and apricot jam sandwiches. I had four pieces of bread left and needed to get rid of them, thus the two sandwiches. I went to take my test only to find out I was in the wrong building. I'd misread the signs all over the testing center. So I rushed over to the other building doing my best to not stress out any more. After waiting in a ridiculously long line I walked into the auditorium where they were temporarily having finals. I'm pretty sure that room was never meant to hold that many people. There were students taking finals sitting against all the walls and pretty much every seat was taken. I wandered quite a bit until I found a free seat and then spent two hours taking my lat final. I walked out and didn't even care what my grade was as long as I passed. Afterwards my roommate and I had an insane cleaning and packing session to get ready in time, and in my case ended up forgetting all sorts of things. That's always how I travel. I forget everything it seems like.
So yeah. That was a blob of information, but it should convey some of my stress of that day. Since then I've done nothing but watch TV and work on my story and talk with cool people. I'm okay with this. In fact, I love this. Except for my wet hair, I'm ready for it to dry quickly.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finals lead to Christmas.

Even though my background doesn't match the whole clouds theme, I really like it. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of my blog title anymore. But I'm awful at coming up with titles. All you have to do is look at my URL to see what I mean. I came up with it when I was 12.
There had been pretty much no snow here, and I'm honestly ready for some at this point. I'm surprised too. Partially this is because I can tell this is going to be a very cold and dry winter. And I want to see my Hawaiian and Californian friends experience real snow, not this junky frost stuff.
I should be studying for finals right now. But I was really good last night and I've made quite a few flash cards today. Even though I am not ready, I wish I could take my finals right now and get them over with. The preparation is killing me. I finally have lots of fantastic friends and I can't go hang out, we're all slaving away, forcing our brains to retain as much information as it can for at least one week. Then we will forget most of it, especially the things we just know we'll NEVER use again. I have lots of information like this. But next semester my two drawing classes will be extremely important and actually fun. Wish me luck!
And wish for snow, but only the good, fun, snowman kind. We have to make a snowman this year, its on our apartment bucket list. I'm a little worried we'll never get enough snow, we definitely won't before we leave for Christmas.
Isn't Christmas such a wonderful holiday? We get to celebrate the birth of the greatest person to ever walk on this earth. Jesus Christ did more for us than we can ever even imagine. And isn't it wonderful to know that He knows and cares for us individually? I have felt His love for me as I've prayed lately for help with finals and other things. I am very confident that He is watching out for me and concerned about the little details in my life, even finals.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dragon, a turkey, a chicken, and fruit.

When I went home for Thanksgiving I skimmed the last book of the Inheritance cycle, Inheritance. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. I liked how they beat Galbotrix but the ending was way too Lord of the Rings for me. Yes, the whole series had a bit of that vibe, along with Star Wars. But I thought that he did a good job of making the story his own, not straight Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars. But unfortunately, the ending was just that.
My Thanksgiving was fantastic. I went ice skating for my brothers birthday, got to see some of my closest friends, snuck out once (just for fu
n, not because I had to) and ate lots and lots of yummy food.
Unfortunately, now I am sick. Hence the chicken. Chicken noodle soup is pretty much all I've had today. Not because my stomach is upset, but because there was no way I was making anything that took more than three minutes to make. Aka, stick in the microwave. Normally I am very good about cooking. But today I put my fist down. If I am going to be sick I am not doing anything that takes work. I didn't do any homework today either, even though finals are right around the corner. But I'm okay with it. I wrote some, talked about my story with my roommate and vegged. I have discovered that being sick away fro
m home is more painful than being sick at home. I miss my old red couch. I would veg on it wrapped up in a cuddly blanket and watch tv or sleep all day.
I also feel a strong urge for a homemade smoothie. This is an impossible task because 1. I do not have the right kind or enough fruit for a smoothie. 2. We have no blender. I asked for one for Christmas, because I love smoothies. I see this craving as my body telling me I need more fruit, but when I went to open my can of peaches no one in my apartment can open it. It's not the type of can you buy at the store and use a handy-dandy can opener to open. No, this is a home-canned can of peaches. They would be excellent... if I could open the can. Besides that all I have is pineapple and mandarin oranges in cans. Cans from the store. But they sound disgusting right now. That's not the kind of fruit I'm craving. I want berries or apples or bananas or grapes. Okay, not grapes. Those sound gross too.
See what my sick body does to me? I feel pregnant with all these food cravings. (I'm not pregnant.)

My roommate made oatmeal cookies with dried craisins in them. They look and smell fantastic. But sugar+sick me= really, really stupid idea. Last night I had popcorn to help with this craving. It helped, a little. But what I really need is fruit. But I just do not feel good enough to go shopping. Sorry body, you're holding your own self back. I spent most of the day in one spot on the couch even. I left it to eat and take a shower and other such necessary things, but now I am back. This couch is not as co
mfortable as my one at home. Just saying. NOTHING beats that couch when I'm sick. Nothing.
So yes, this is me in my sorry, sick state. Be glad you are not also sick. If you are, I sympathize. Eat an orange and think of me.