Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am a busy little person. Well, not little. I'm not that short. My weekend was filled with work. Lots of homework and working until 3 pm at my job. I generally like my job, especially now that i received a promotion. But no matter how fun a job is, working on Saturdays is just not fun. I've already promised myself this is the last semester I ever do so. Saturday night I did go watch The Lion King with some friends, but I'd been doing homework up until the moment I left the apartment, and even then I left 30 minutes late trying to get more done.
This is what my life will be like all semester. I would not mind being busy except for one thing. One exceptionally sad and frustrating thing. Something I've been dreading since I started working. I almost got asked on a date. The key word there is almost. I was working. I would go into details, but I don't want to put that much detail online to be forever kept in the world wide web. It's something I'd rather forget the details of. All that's important is that he didn't change his mind or anything, it just didn't work out. I don't think he even knows I realized he was trying to ask me out, when I said I was working he said oh never mind. I have been waiting for this particular boy to ask me on a date for months now, so I will be annoyed if we never go on a date. Just one date, just one. I would be satisfied beyond satisfaction. I am an easily pleased person. One just okay date would make me sing to the heavens. I'm crossing my fingers. I would be okay if you crossed your fingers for me too.
We finally got some snow here, our first real snow this winter. Not nearly as much as the Pacific- North West, but some. In my hometown the power went down and it snowed for over 30 hours straight. I was glad to miss that, even though they did get out of school for two days. Our snow is already melting. For some strange reason it's just too warm here for snow, something that has never happened in Utah before. It's bizarre, but very few are complaining. Before coming to co
llege I don't think I realized how much time you spend out side just going between classes. I ride a bus onto campus so I don't have to walk there anymore, but even just walking between buildings means you have to be very aware of the weather and dress appropriately. In high school if you didn't dress warm enough or didn't bring a rain jacket when it rained you could survive. You'd only go outside before and after school and just be a little chilled inside the school. Now if you forget a rain jacket it's dooming yourself to a miserable day and probably a cold. I've learned to over prepare instead of risking this misery.
This isn't quite what I look like, but its how I feel some days. Have a good week and good luck with all your snow! Or lack of, either way.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Electronic Horror Story and a request

Electronics are a wonderful thing. They help our society, make it easier to communicate and are a huge help with homework. They can also be a pain. For example, my phone battery died two weeks ago. The company sent me a replacement battery under my warranty, but that died. Now they are sending me a new phone since it's obviously not the battery. I am not super attached to my phone. I used to be when I first got it, but now it is just a tool. But in today's society, it is actually a very hard tool to live without. I kept having to borrow my roommate's phones and every time I did I felt guilty for using their minutes. It's been strange not talking to my parents very often. I normally text my mom throughout the day so it was weird not being able to do that.
I also had to use my computer as an alarm clock (it's got the strangest buzzer) and wear a watch that I'd even forgotten that I had. The little knob on the side of the watch that you pull out to change the time is giving my hand a bruise and it kind of looks like one of those little red ring-worm marks. So I call it my ring-worm bruise. It took me forever to figure out what it even was, but I guess I sit with my hand up against my neck a lot and just the way I bend my hand and the way the watch sits makes that little button press up against my hand. It's strange looking.
And not only was my cell phone useless but I've been without internet for about a week. Now I really wouldn't have minded except that email/Facebook had become my only source of communication and a lot of my classes were trying to be paperless so almost all my syllabus's and homework assignments were online. I was able to survive and as you can see I have my internet back, but it was stressful.
So, there it is. My electronic stories for the month. Hopefully I won't have any more issues for at least a little while.
Here is the request part of my post. I don't like the title of my blog. This is probably the third time I will be changing it, and actually I would have changed it already except for one small problem. I have no idea what to change it to. I don't want something cheesy or along the lines of "My Blog" and unfortunately I haven't been able to come up with anything good yet. If you have any ideas just make a comment on this post and if I find one I like I'll use it. Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The end of slacking

Alright, I'm back. Finals and Christmas and New Years have kept me away. I'm sorry if this is shocking to you, but I enjoy spending time with my family more than updating my blog.
My Christmas break was a blast, even though there was never any snow. I spent time with my friends, wrestled with my brothers and sisters and even went for a run. It was my first one in too long. And I got to go ice skating! I miss ice skating. Overall it was a very fun break.
I went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie with some of my friends. I love the way the director messed with the special effects and worked with slow motion. It's probably my favorite part about those movies. It was a fun ending too. I would say, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone.
I also did a lot of reading. So much that I actually can't really remember what I read except for Mark of Royalty by Jennifer K. Clark and Stephonie K. Williams. It was a cute, quick read. My sister got the book for Christmas and I ahem... borrowed it for a couple days. Don't worry, I put it back as soon as I was done.
This next semester should be really fun. I have some fun classes that I've been looking forward to for months! Wish me luck with the new semester and have a good 2012!