Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ending Summer With A Bang

My parents and I went rafting the other day with our neighbors. It was an all day trip and lots of fun. We saw horses and a river otter which according to the guide is a rare sighting. There were lots of slow lazy riva parts which I didn't like as much. When we actually had rapids it was lots of fun though.
Yesterday was Annica's first youth temple trip. I really enjoyed it. In the car some friends and I worked on planning our prom. So far our plans for a mormon prom have been going really well. We have the support of our leaders too which is always a good thing.
School starts on September 2. It's way later than usuall, but still feels too close. There are people and things I have not missed and don't want to deal with again. Not to mention I'm taking an AP class. Ugg. Its kinda scary to think about, I'm nervous. One of my friends took it last year and she said she liked it. I guess I'll form my own opinion in a few days. I just bet I'll get a paper on the first day though. Again, ugg.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my 16th bday! So far its been great. This morning I got a dress I've been wanting for a long time. I almost bought it for myself a few months ago, but didn't because it's a little more formal dress. I was so excited!! I went and got my makeup done at Macy's today and bought some of the stuff they used. It was really expensive stuff! Tonight I'm having a party with lots of friends. Its going to be lots of fun. I'm keeping it simple, but lovin' it!