Friday, January 22, 2010

Finals are over!

YES! I'm so excited that the semester is over. Don't get me wrong, its been really fun. But I like starting over, a clean slate. I did pretty good on my finals, but not amazing. Except for my oral french exam, I got a 19/20!! I was so nervous about that. Especially since we had to do it in pairs. And, of course, my partner was a close friend and hes also probably the best in the class. It was very intimidating.

This weekend we are going to a bed&breakfast. It has an indoor pool that all the kids are very excited for. I don't really like swimming, but I'm determined to have fun if my parents are spending this much money.

Last night a group of friends and I watched the first two Borne movies. None of them had ever seen them before. I was flabbergasted!!!!! Those are some of my favorite movies. Most of the people I invited to come couldn't so it was a small group. But I still had fun. IDK about the rest of them, but I did. We were all pretty tired by the time 11 p.m came around. Finals can do that to ya. In a few weeks I'm taking the ACT. I'm nervous about it, and very ready to be done studing. And as soon as I'm done with that I have to start studing to get my licence. I've waited way too long. I could have gotten it back in November. I'm ready to be able to drive some places. I don't have a car to drive so I'll still be carpooling and getting rides from my parents. But I can drive to things like friends houses and mutual. It will probably make it so that my curfew is pushed back a little bit. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post 101

K, thats cool. Over 100 posts. :) Its been way too long since Ive had the time to blog. My life has become very busy. Finals are next week and I am very stressed about them. I have two finals I am freaking out over, math and french. I can't wait to be done. And I'm taking the ACT in Febuary. I'm so busy with finals I haven't been really studing for that and its driving my parents crazy.
We haven't had like any snow this year, its been very mild. I like it. Its nice and easy to drive in. I still need to get my licence..... I think I'll wait untill after the ACT. I'm a little busy right now.
Tomorow after school some friends and I are going to Spokane to go see Avatar. Everyone going but me has seen it and loves it. Now you may be asking why we are driving over an hour to see a movie? Why, for IMAX 3-D. I have some friends *cough Dr. Crime. cough* who insist on seeing it in IMAX. So yeah. By the time we get home it will be about 11:30. Wow. Its going to be majorly fun though! I'm excited. But school tomorow is going to be really, really slow......