Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas was amazing this year. I got Jenna some fish and she's really enjoying them. I got the cutest clothes and shoes too!!! I think everyone had a really great time. Sadly we've got lots of snow up here so we are unable to see family for New Years. At least I get to go to the dance!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Break!

School is finally over and Christmas break is here. We have about 6 inches of snow, so we are gladly going to have a white christmas. Strangly enough I'm kinda sad to have break.I've been enjoying joking around in class with my friends so much I don't want this semester to end. Next semester I won't be able to take band to fit in all my credits which is the class that all my friends are in. Today me and my friends are going sleding and it will be sooo much fun!
I had a chance to e-mail all my friends from Colorado the other day. Its so nice to talk to them again.
On friday (the last day of school) the teachers put on an assembly where they did a little skit. It was based on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. We got out of school even earlier than a normal friday. I love the way our schedule works. We get out of school about an hour earlier on friday so that we dont' have one class more than the others. We have each class 4 times a week for little over an hour. Its a confusing schedule but I deffinatly like it. It means I don't have to have math every day. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Tree hunting

Yesterday we went out and cut down our christmas tree. We drove for about an hour there and it took us only 5 minutes to find the tree. I have to say I'm slightly dissapointed that it happened so fast after driving so far. Its raining today so we are lucky to have gone yesterday.
Now that basketball season has started I have to go to both girls and boys varsity games and play for band. I get sooo bored. Its a large part of my grade so I have to go, but if it weren't for that I wouldn't. There are much better things I could spend my weekend doing.
It hasn't snowed yet here, but every day gets a little colder. We've had it frost over a few times and plenty of rain though. As long as we have snow on Christmas I'm ok with no snow.
Nathan and Tyler are getting along so well. They are really cute together. Tyler copies every thing Nathan does. It bugs Nate, but he handles it very maturly. Jenna goes around the house singing and whistling. It gets old fast, but I'm glad she has something she really likes to do. Annica is 12 this January and I think excited to leave primary.
Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving break

I love Turkey day. I love all the food and being able to spend time with family. We had Lora and Ian and their cute little girl and Grandpa and Grandma Weber. For dinner we had a lady in our ward who was by herself and dads teaching aid too. It was very crowded. I ended up sitting at the little kid table because of all the adults.
Today we went shopping and I got the most amazing brown hat. I almost got a blue one instead, but mom convinced me to get the brown one. We also went ice skating. That was lots of fun. The skates that I rented were really poor quality so my feet were killing me, but thats almost part of the fun. I can't wait for Christmas!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Late blog post

Here are the overdue pictures of Hawaii. There are lots more, but it takes like ten minutes to load just these, so I'll wait till next time. Sorry its been so long. Life can be pretty crazy sometimes. Halloween was lots of fun. Jenna was a pirate, Annica was a rockstar, Nate was a spider and Tyler a dog. I went out with a group of friends and went trick-or-treating. I have to say it was really boring. I didn't really want to go, but everyone was going and I didn't want to sit at home by myself. I did convince them to go watch a movie after about 45 min. though, which was deffinatly a plus.
All four of us girls are taking voice lessons right now and it's lots of fun. We rotate every two weeks, so Jenna and I go one week, Annica and Mom the next. I'm learning a lot.
School is keeping me very busy. For the first time in a while I'm feeling challanged in most of my clases. Its raining almost every day here and starting to get very annoying. I've decided I could never stand living in WA.
With Christmas and the boy's birthday's comming up I've been not spending any cash. I know its a little premature, but I know exactly what I'm getting everyone for Christmas. I would post what I'm getting, but I don't want them to read it and spoil the suprise. But I do plan on posting it eventually. Its very excting for me. I've grown to where I like giving gifts more than getting them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't have time for a full post, but I thought I should answer Melissa's question. (look at comment from last entry) I had open 5th which is when I don't have 5th period. Its at the end of the day instead of 6th period because of our rotating schedule. It was very nice.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All about Hawai'i

Ok, the pictures aren't loaded on to the computer yet so I can't post any quite yet. But I do hope to soon. Oahu was the most amazing place ever!!! It was really nice weather most of the time. But it did have random rain bursts through out the week. It was strange to see all the different birds. How we have sparrows and robins around here they have sea birds that I don't know the name of and geckos. They also had wild chickens running about. It was kinda weird at first, but then I didn't even notice it. The chickens were every where like you see squirels or chipmunks in some places.
We went to the beach almost every day. The beaches were very nice. Annica started getting sick of the beaches by the end of the week though. I was still having a blast! We went snorkling about 3 times. I panicked a little the first time I went under because it felt like I was trying to suficate my self. After that first little moment it was amazing. We saw lots of beautiful fish, and some of them were almost as long as my arm! I was suprized at how big these colorful fish got. We also went bodyboarding. Its like surfing but on a smaller and wider board that you would lay on. There wasn't a whole lot of skill involed besides catching the wave. I didn't get as tan as I wanted, but then I didn't get badly sunburned either.
My cousin and I spent lots of time talking and getting to know eatch other better. We even came up with a remix of Rapunzel. It was a very good story I do have to say. Hawai'i was one of the best vacations I have ever been on!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

School Update

Wow, ok its been a while since my last post. School is going great so far. I have relatively easy classes. I love my accel. english class. We have debates on what we are reading almost every class. And the classes are 70 min. so we don't have to cut them short. I started out math kinda rusty but now I'm getting back into the hang of things. I have Spanish 1 and Band as my electives. At the high school we have what is called open 5th every once in a while. This is where we don't have a class and you can go home early, talk to teachers, go up to the libary and catch up on homework or whatever. We've had two of these so far and its soooo nice.
Tomorow morning at 4 a.m. Annica, me and my parents are going to Hawaii!!!!! Dad has a conference and so we are all going with him. I'm missing a week of school, but I'm planning on doing homework on the plaine. I'm super excited to go. It'll be my first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nooooo!!! School

This summer has just flashed past. I have only two more days off and then its back to the books. I will actually be going to the high school this year as a sophomore instead of last year as a freshman. I was really lucky and got a class with the one other girl in my ward who's in my grade. The high school seems confusing because of all the additions. but I'm not really worried. My school in Highlands Ranch was kinda confusing too and I learned how to get around.
We had a girl thats my age move into the ward today. She wasn't here in time for church though. I'm really lucky because she's my age. She just turned 15 like me. I hope we become good friends because there aren't any other girls like that in our ward. There all about 6 months older or younger than me. I know thats not a big difference but it was weird after in CO having my friends all right about my age with only a few weeks difference. Hopefully there is a good movie in theaters we can go see together or something. I don't even know whats in right now. Wow. Thats sad.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures and Girls Camp stories

Last night I realized I hadn't put the EFY pictures on here yet, so I will today. I had an amazing b-day. My mom planned a surprise party and we had it the day before my b-day. I was totally surprised and had a great time. I got lots of purses some books and lots of money to buy books. I even got a $25 gift certificate to a book store in the area. I can't wait to use it!!!!
I had lots of fun at girls camp and really enjoyed having my mom there. Sadly, I took the camera but not the memory card so I have no pictures. I am hoping to get some from my friends though. This year was my 4th year of girls camp so I went on the High Adventure. That was defiantly an adventure, if not a completely good one. On the first day, a girl got heat stroke (or heat exhaustion, I don't remember which) so we stopped for 4 hours. The leaders were debating whether to take her out or to keep going. We also had dinner during this time. Then when we were hiking we were in three groups. The faster girls, the middle group, and the girl that had been sick and the leaders. We ended up hiking through the forest in the dark in small groups until about 11 that night. Then we all met up and finished the hike. We didn't set up camp untill about 12:30 that night. To keep the story somewhat short that same girl got stung by a bee and she's deathly alergic we had to stop to give her an epi-pen. The hike was really steep so we took along time hiking and didn't get home untill midnight when we planned on being home by lunch. So yeah, it was a hike to be remembered. Here is a pict. of all the girls in my company at EFY. The next one is the guys. There are 12 girls 8 guys. The picture of the girl with the water bottle is of a girl drinking a live goldfish. I'm not quite sure why, but it was really funny and cool to watch!!! The guy with the cups was a counsler and after the banquet he took a bunch of cups and made a tower. It was really cool looking. I'm planning on adding more pictures on a regular basis. There's just too many to do all at once.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Really quickly I just want to say that if anyone has other family member's (cousins, aunts ect.) blog addresses I really like them so I can check them out. thanx!

Back from EFY!!!

Hi, I'm so excited to be home again!!! I had a lot of fun and lots of spiritual experiences at EFY, but its always nice to come home. I don't have the pictures I took on the computer yet, so I'll just put them on when I do girls camp pictures. I get to pack tomorrow and then leave again on Tuesday. I wish it had been earlier in the year, but I'm still excited. This year is my fourth year and we are going on an overnight backpacking trip. That means I have to send most of my stuff home with a friend thats not a fourth year.
At EFY we spent almost all day in the institute building/chuch building at the U of U. The spirit was always so strong it was amazing. I learned a lot about the holy ghost just by feeling the spirit so much. I met lots of fun people and got almost everyone in my company's e-mail and phone number. I deffinatly feel like I am a stronger person spiritually.
The dances were soooo much fun!! There were lots of cute guys and some preety good songs. They had some dumb ones too, but thats only to be expected. It got really hot too. It was about 90 degrees all week so even with the a/c on in the gym everyone was sweating. I had to go to the bathroom and wash my arms and hands a few times.
At lunch every day we had some form of chicken. It was slightly funny, but mostly annoying. We had 3 kinds of chicken wraps, and chicken tacos. The last day was the only day we didn't have chicken. We had a turkey sandwich. But then at the banquet that night we had.... chicken!!! Acutally the chicken at the banquet was yummy. It had soy sauce or something on it with pineapple. There was also rice with cocconut wich was really good. I got to spend a lot of time with my friends from CO and Las Vegas. I really hope I can do something with them again next year!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Las Vegas

Hey, right now I'm in Las Vegas with a few friends from Las Vegas. We went swimming yesterday and plan on going again today. Its kinda weird because I normally don't like swimming, but its nice when its this hot and my friend has a pool in her backyard. My friend Brittani is sooo tan from just two days in the pool. It makes me kinda jealous. :)
I got a cell phone, which is soo cool!!! It has limited minutes and no texting by my parents orders, but I still have a phone! It a really nice silver flip phone. The only thing I don't like is that we have at&t when all my friends have verison. If I had verison I could call them for free which would be so awesome!!!!!! But something is better than nothing. I am planning on getting a ton of pictures and putting some on here. Later!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

EFY here I come!!

Its crazy how time passes when your having fun. EFY is less than a month away! I still have a lot to do so it feels weird that its so close. I'm wanting to get my hair cut before I go. My hair is kinda damaged so I would like to get the dead and split ends cut off before it gets any worse. And I need some jean capris so I actually have something to wear at EFY. I have lots of shorts (all equall or lower than my knees of course) but I don't think I can wear them to EFY. i have to check that, but I would still like to have a pair of capris I can wear with everything. And I am thinking about getting an iPod for the plane ride. And other things too. :) We had Grandma and Grandpa Weber stop by and say hi on there way to Canada. It was really nice to see them. Here are some pictures from when we went boating with Craig's family. The one of Ty in a blanket was last week. We were playing chase with a different name (ghost) and he was the "ghost". It was so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture and putting it on here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

I love the 4th. Its so fun to stay up late and watch fireworks. This year my mom and our neighbor got together a neighborhood flag raising ceremony. Afterwards all the kids got together and made a movie. So far we've made four since our family moved here. I'm hoping to put some of them on here. Eventually. Then we went and saw WALL-E. I found it really cute. Some of the things in the ending credits didn't really add up though. Like where did all the fish and other plants come from?? They had just one seedling. I won't say any more I don't want to ruin it for anyone who's planning on seeing it. We had a barbecue with some of our family friends and did fireworks. Me and my friends and Annica watched 1/2 of Spiderman 2 while we waited for it to get dark enough. I love that movie. It was a really nice day all arround. I'm having a really nice summer. It is kinda stuffy in our house without ac, but I manage by living in the basement. Its like 10 degrees cooler down there.
I'm also unpaitiently waiting for the fourth book in a really good book series. Its called Breaking Dawn and comes out Aug. 2. I was going to preorder it but I'm going to be at EFY when it comes out. So I decieded to just borrow my friends copy and buy my own when the price goes down. In like two years.
I realized my birthday is about a month away on the fourth and I was shocked. It feels weird to realize I'll be 15. And even more weird that I haven't been thinking about it for months. Normally I obsess over it and have it all planned by the begining of July. Its definatly a change. My wishlist hasn't changed much though. Books and clothes and stuff for my room.
Except this year I am also asking for something else, just not for my birthday. Jenna and I are both wanting to get a Leopard Gecko. I've always liked animals. Not just dogs and cats but more exotic animals like falcons and geckos. Jenna and I are currently raising up money to buy all the supplies and Gecko while mom and dad decide if we can get one. I'm really not sure if they'll let us get one. Mom doesn't like them and doesn't want a smell (even though with the right cage bedding and proper care they don't smell). And I think they don't think we can take care of it on a regular basis. In the past I wasn't very good about taking care of the cat. I think the main reason for that was that my dad would always try to be nice and feed him for me. But then I couldn't get into the habit of it . This time it will be just me taking care of it (Jenna wants to help a little bit) and Jenna and I both earning money. I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Fun

Hey, its been a while since I've written on my blog as my friend BreAnne (sorry if its spelt wrong!!) reminded me. We just got back last night from Parma for my cousins reception. I had a blast talking with people. I got to hear some really funny stories. It was really nice to get a way from home and not have any responsibilitys. I didn't have to do my friends paper route for a few days which was really nice. I did find out that I have to do the paper route in the morning on July 4th. It makes sence when I think about it, but that doesn't make me any happier. I guess I should be glad I don't have to do it all summer and find a sub for when I'm at EFY and girls camp. I would hate having a paper route as a reall job. uggg. Its not really hot or anything (most of the time) because the route is really shaded. It just gets kinda boring and its a long walk to and from my route. The main road I take to do the paper route was under construction when we left for Parma so I had to take a round about way to get to the beggining of my route. Hopefully it will be taken care of. Who knows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching up

I had a really weird last day of school. I got the stomach flu. It was probably a mix of stress from finals, too much sugar and possibly partially raw sausage. So yeah, I was throwing up all day. NOT fun. So the next day I went in and finished my math final. It was really weird to go to school during summer break. I did good on it though. I got an A in the class!
I will never get used to Moscow weather. It SNOWED today. And its summer vacation. How weird is that. It snowed this morning then turned into rain. And whats even weirder is that this isn't abnormal. That is snows in the summer all the time here. One of my friends said it snowed on the 4th of July. Creepy. All I know is that I am never living this far up north again. Yeah, its pretty, but I like my seasons too much. I am ready for 80 degree weather, not 40.
I did manage to get a job though. Its not an ordinary job though. A friend of mine and I go and clean a person in our ward's house every tues. Today was our first day, and I had fun. I don't mind cleaning other people's houses (as Lora and Ian know :) ) and I was with a friend. She pays us 8 bucks an hour, which I think is really good. And for the next month or so I am doing a friends paper route while she's on vacation. Its in the older part of town, so the houses are all really interesting and all very different. And all the trees are really big and shady, so if it decides to warm up I have shade. But I am hoping to get my dad to drive me around if I pay him 50%. He already told me he would, but he doesn't know how long I'll be doing the route. I didn't know till today. So who knows how long that will last. I'm just really glad to be making money again so I can buy some books and clothes I've been wanting. And possibly a lamp to light up my very dim room.

Monday, June 2, 2008


i only have two more days of school, and I am way excited! I have my Math and English finals left and thats it! I do have to present a slide show, but thats a piece of cake. In all my other classes I'm not really doing anything. Watching movies basically because there's nothing else left to do. I mean, what do you do in band when you have no concert to prepare for??
This summer I'm planning on trying really hard to stay busy and active. I want to go jogging about 3 times a week and I really want to work on getting rid of my acne. I don't have it bad, but it still drives me insane!!
I also have a lot of books I want to read, so I need to save up the money to buy them. I would normally just check them out at the libary or borrow them, but neither option has the books I'm looking for. I will try to borrow some books to see if I can find any new authors I like. Right now I'm saving up for the last two books of the Green Rider triology. I got the first one for Christmas and fell in love. So did Annica and one of my friends. I have the money to buy them, its just a matter of actually getting my parents to sit down and buy them online, then paying them, then getting my change. (I only have a 50 dollar bill)
And I want to check out the swimming pool here. I didn't get to go last summer, so I really want to see it. My parents bought a season pass, so I don't think that will be a problem. The problem will be not going if its really lame.
I hope that my dad takes me out driving this summer too. He might be really busy, but I've been looking forward to it since Feb. when I was old enough to legally learn. Ohhhh, I'm so excited! Only two more days till summer!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

School is almost out, and I'm sooo excited!! I can't wait for summer! I really want to be able to sleep in and not have to be ready by 7 for seminary. I want to read and read and read, and then eat some yummy treats!! I am really looking forward to Icee's and Popsicles. The only bad thing about summer is that we have no air conditioning. We had a guy come look and see how much it would cost to put in air conditioning. Yeah, it would cost a LOT because he would have had to punch a lot of holes to get the wires and pipes and all that junk to wherever it needed to go. So yeah, that was a no. It just means I have to be really good about when I open my window. I've figured, from the way my room is facing, that I'll keep it open all night (of course) and then until I wake up. Then I'll shut it till about dinner time, when the sun isn't beating in on my room anymore and it starts cooling down. I hope my plan works, because I have a really hard time falling asleep in a room thats too hot. Last summer I was way too hot and could never fall asleep until about 11. It was miserable. Cause I have to have some sort of blanket on, even if its just a really thin sheet. But with out it I get really uncomfortable. Well that sheet started feeling like a wool blanket, so I would take it off. Then I would get uncomfortable and so on.. Yeah. Not all that great. Hopefully this year won't be as bad. Hopefully. If it is I'll just have to sleep on the floor or out side.
But right now its really nice out side. The flowers are finally blooming and its green!!! I planted some flowers in a little area by my window and I can't wait till they bloom. I don't know what kind they are, but the should bloom soon. I hope my tulips bloom. I planted some last fall and they have a green stem and stuff, but they just haven't bloomed yet.
We have a plum tree and a peach tree in our backyard. I'm soo excited for the fruit that we will get. I'm just not excited for picking them off the tree and the fruit off the ground. Yuck. Last year it was really gross because sometimes someone would step on a plum and then it get a smuched and sticky. We had to pick them all up because we have a lot of wasps here, and the fruit attracts them. They come whether we pick the fruit up or not, but I guess there's less. And who wants their back yard to smell like rotting plums?
Hey, I just made a list of some people's blogs I could remember and put them on my blog. If I forgot yours, let me know so I can add it!!! just leave a comment on this post telling me what it is and i'll add it! thanks!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I can't help but dream about cool cars, so here are some cars i like.
Well, the softball season if over. And we won only two games all season. :( boo. oh well. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I'm actually pretty proud of my self. This was my first season and I ended it as a starter. I really learned a lot.
School is almost out, and I am sooo excited!! This summer I'm going to EFY so I can see a few of my friends from Colorado. And the day after I get back I have girls camp! I'm really glad I have something to do this summer. I just hope I can stay busy.
This summer my dad is (hopefully) going to take me out and start teaching me how to drive. I'm really excited and a little apprehensive. Its kinda weird because in Idaho we are allowed to learn how to drive sooner than in most states. So I'm learning how to drive sooner than my friends in CO, but later than most of my friends here because I'm a few months younger. I'm really curious as to what car I'll be learning how to drive in. There's a problem with both. The problem with our minivan is its a mess and if I end up totaling it we have no way tp go places as a family. And the problem with our other car is my dad drives it to work and it's pretty new, so the parentals don't want me driving that. Well my parents are going to have to decide which car soon!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, my coach gave me a candy bar for my bruise. I forgot when I was typing my last blog entry, but she said that if I got a bruise she would give me a candy bar. It was a very yummy Butterfingers. The green is finally starting to show. The grass is green and a few flowers have bloomed. But only a few trees are getting blooms. I think we don't really have a Spring here, but that it goes straight to summer. We had stake conference today, and that was really good. The Stake Presidents talk was really good. He's a doctor, and he really incorporated that into his talk.
We are doing our standarized testing this week in school. Because of this the school is trying a new schedule. I really like it and its a lot like my old schedule in Colorado. We have our first class of the day every day for 70 minutes, then our other classes every other day for 90. We have one lunch period instead of two, and don't have to be in the cafeteria. We can also be in certain classrooms to do home work or the gym. They have half of the bleachers set up where you can eat and talk. Me and a friend of mine often just sit there and eat our home lunches instead of going into the cafeteria. It gets very loud and crowded and hot in there.
I can't wait for this summer. I'm saving up for a lot of books. And I'm hoping to get a job. To help pass the time and to earn money for college, clothes and other important things. The most likley job I'll get is a newspaper route

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its been a while since I've written. Softball has kept me really busy. We aren't the best team. We've won only one game and the seasons almost over. But hey, we are improving a lot. Friday at practice someone accidentally hit me in the leg with a softball. It hurt really bad, and now I have a big purple bruise on my leg. OUCH!!!
Jenna got babtised this Saturday. And I went on a youth temple trip that day too. So I had a spiritual high yesterday. It was really nice. I really needed that temple trip. My life is really stressfull right now. I'm home practically only to eat breakfast, do homework and sleep. LOTS of fun (sarcastic voice). I'm kinda ready for softball season to be over so I'm not so tired and I can actually see my family. I have even started dreaming softball. Not cool. I love the sport, but I do NOT want it taking over my life. At least the seasons close to the end.
I am very excited about my grades right now though. I have a 4.0 for the first time since 6th grade. I've always had at least one B instead of all A's. Usually its math. I hope to keep it that way. It shouldn't be too hard seeing its the last quarter before summer!
Ohhhh, I can't wait for summer! Its all I can think about. I'm going to EFY with my friends from Colorado. I'm meeting them in Las Vegas, spending a few days with them then going to SLC on the same plane w/ them. I can't wait!! I just need to get some summer clothes, including a swimsuit. I've probably outgrown all my capris and I didn't have that many shirts at the end of last summer that fit me. I should probably do that while there's still good stuff in the stores....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break is over!!!! :(

Nooooooooo!!!!!! Today is the last day of spring break. And that means no more breaks until summer. We had so many snow days this year that we have to make them up. And that means we had to get rid of our long weekends. I need those weekends!! I'm not sure I won't go crazy. Especially since it's the last quarter before summer. GRRRRRR!! This is definatley going to be the hardest quarter yet. And this year has been slow as it is. At least I have softball to keep life interesting. I have a youth fireside tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. They are always lots of fun and very spiritual. We always get great speakers.
Ok, today I was checking my e-mail
and my friend sent me some pictures. It was one of those random forwards that just circles around. Here's some of the pictures, I think there really cool. I couldn't get all of them to show up though. sorry.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have a lot of catching up to do

Wow, its been a while since I was on here. We had softball tryouts a while ago and I'm on Junior Varsity! I'm really jazzed and having a great time. We are definably working hard though. I don't think I've worked out this hard ever before in my life.
The snow was almost all melted then it snowed again last night! What a pain! But the good news is that most of it melted. It just means that our game had to be postponed again. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
I recently went an visited my Aunt Lora, Uncle Ian and baby cousin Niev (who is X-TREEMLY cute!) in their new house. I had a ton of fun!!! Thanks for letting us come! We helped clean their new house and went shopping at Target. I had no idea how much I would miss that store when I moved but I did. I missed a lot of stores.
For spring break my family is going to the coast and renting a... condo? ( i think) its gonna be a ton of fun. My favorite part will be...... (drum roll).... sleeping in!!!!! I know, I know but what can I say? I'm a teen born with an extra sleeping gene.
In my art class I am drawing a car. I've been working on it for about 3 weeks and my deadline is this friday. I'm really having fun with it and think its my best drawing ever! When I'm done with it and its graded I'm planning on framing it and putting it on my bedroom wall. It will look really cool, I'm sure of it. gotta go for FHE!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

I'm so sick of snow! It has snowed a lot lately, and I'm ready for Spring. The only thing good about snow right now is that we have had a lot of snow days. But even then, its a pain to walk home in slush or on ice. And I'm just ready for warm weather. Or anything above 30 would be nice. I don't think its gotten any warmer than that this winter. I think we might have a snow day tomorow because its snowed steadily all day. And my dads home teaching companion (a thing in our church) couldn't go home teaching because he was snowed in. And if he was snowed in 1 hour ago, it will be even worse tomorow morning. And he's not the only one who will be snowed in. I think the only one who still likes all this snow is my little sister. She's all cheery about all the snow when the rest of us are groaning. Its cute/annoying. I wonder how many inches its snowed. My guess is around 6.
p.s I still haven't found my ipod. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I love not having school. Its really nice. And I'm really thankful for what Marin Luther King Jr. did. He really helped our country. I wonder what it would be like in our country if he hadn't help stop slavery? I hope that we would have stopped slavery. It gives me shivers to think about how those people were treated.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I lost my ipod, and its driving me crazy! I listened to it all the time, and now I can't even find it. Grrrrr. And the worst part is that I know its somewhere in the house, I just don't know where. I guess thats good too, but it's infuriating to not know where it is. Ok, well I'm being kicked off the computer so I'm done with my bout of self pity.