Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break is over!!!! :(

Nooooooooo!!!!!! Today is the last day of spring break. And that means no more breaks until summer. We had so many snow days this year that we have to make them up. And that means we had to get rid of our long weekends. I need those weekends!! I'm not sure I won't go crazy. Especially since it's the last quarter before summer. GRRRRRR!! This is definatley going to be the hardest quarter yet. And this year has been slow as it is. At least I have softball to keep life interesting. I have a youth fireside tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. They are always lots of fun and very spiritual. We always get great speakers.
Ok, today I was checking my e-mail
and my friend sent me some pictures. It was one of those random forwards that just circles around. Here's some of the pictures, I think there really cool. I couldn't get all of them to show up though. sorry.

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