Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Chalice

Yesterday I borrowed a friends book, The Chalice by Robin McKinley. I really enjoyed it. The book had a unique voice that is different from pretty much everything else I've ever read. It make the book even more interesting, and the plot was good enough by itself! Like I say about almost every book I read, you should read it too.
My bedroom is still scattered all over our house. It's been almost a week. Yuck. I have tried to stop complaining about it to my friends, but this is a difficult task. Until it happens to you its impossible to really understand what its like. It's not even that my things are hard to find and I can't wear all my clothes because I can't reach them. It's that I have not one ounce of personal space. I took way too long of a shower yesterday just so I could have some space. It was the day after Earth day, isn't that a little bit ironic? I killed some poor fish with my water wasting. At least according to some commercial I saw a few years ago.
But, the silver lining is that the floor is all dry and nothing was damaged, at least as far as I can tell so far. And I get my carpet put back in tomorrow. This might be my last night on the couch! Thank you!
For Easter we had a delicious dinner today after Stake conference. Both were amazing. President Uckdorf (how do you spell a German last name? I have no idea) was presiding over the broadcast. He spoke for about an hour. That is a long time to speak, I was impressed. He spoke about everything from chastity to electronics to saying daily prayers and having a current temple recommend. It was a very good talk, along with the other talks given today.
Yesterday we colored eggs, and I showed the kids a few cool tricks to make stripes and poka-dots. Mine ended up looking like different kinds of leaves because of its green color. And that none of my poka-dots were actually circular. Lets just say I didn't learn how to cut a circle in kindergarten. I have a hard enough time with long straight lines. You think that since I'm so artistic I could draw, or cut, a straight line. It's a lie, I can't do it.
Happy Easter! Don't forget the true reason we celebrate it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My bedroom barfed

I know, I know, I posted yesterday. But this is too dramatic to not share. Last night after I got home from my friends house I went to put some of my clothes away. (Wow, nice story there *eye rolling.) Well, when I walked on the carpet by my dresser.... it squished. It took me a moment of disbelief to realize what it was. There was water leaking into my bedroom.
I frantically ran up to my parents who were just settling down for bed and shared the awful news. We moved my bed away from the water, got everything off the floor (I had no idea I had that much stuff on the floor) and I slept on the couch.
We tried calling lots of plumbers, but no one was avaliable. That makes sense as sad as it was, seeing as how it was past midnight at this point. So, I slept on the couch.
A very nice neighbor and his son are downstairs helping my parents rip up the carpet and who knows what else.
So yes, my bedroom is puked all over the family room.
Oh the joys of having a basement.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return to Me

That is an adorable movie. My sister and I watched it last night. I cried. Multiple times. The only thing I didn't like about it was how much one of the characters swore. The rest of it was sweet, and hilarious, and endearing and... ah. So cute. Please see it.
I admit, it's a little predictable, especially if you've seen as many chick flicks as I have. But the old men in it are so, so funny. It's worth your time to see.
I've been working very hard all day today, so I decided to take a break and write on this here blog. I've had lots of homework, and a quilt to make, and graduation invitations to put addresses on, and a very sad ivy to replant so it can grow again, and pots to wash, and a room to clean, and piano to practice.....
You get my point.
Knowing I couldn't get it all done today I did my best, forced my way past a VERY annoying hour and worked hard. All day. So I think I can slow down. I'm supposed to be a lazy senior aren't I?
My mom got me some pots from a second hand store for next year. I was very excited when I saw them. I'm sure you're wondering why I got excited over pots. Well, because I would like to be able to eat next year, and having things to cook in makes that a lot easier. Imagine me trying to fry an egg on the side walk.
The other reason it was amazingly exciting is that the pans were red. She didn't try to choose out red pans, but I'd secretly been hoping for red ones. The best part is that the frying pan says "Kiss the cook" on the bottom.
I think it's hilarious.
Now I just need to get myself a matching apron.
So something exciting happened the other day. I was thinking about my story and I came up with another story that could become a second book. Ok, I was actually thinking about how cool it would be to go to Ireland, and it led me to a scene where I imagined my first reaction, which led to a scene with another girl doing the same thing (hello new character), which led to me wanting to make a story about it. The more I thought about it, the more the idea developed until it became a whole new plot. There is enough in it for two books I think. Now I just need to finish the story I'm working on now....
Which I would really love to split into two books, but I realize all of this is very ambitious. What can I say, I'm a dreamer. Well, that explains the title of my blog.
Another exciting thing has been slowly happening this week. I bet you can guess what it is.
Spring is here. TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trees are budding a lot. I'm hoping that in a week or two we will be seeing leaves. The crocus's have bloomed and faded already, so I'm waiting for the tulips and daffodils. I actually don't really like tulips. It's one of the most loved flowers in the world (I'm totally making that up, but seeing as how the Dutch are completely obsessed...) but I guess I'm not included in that love. They look too.... perfect for me. I like wild or old english flowers. Like bleeding hearts and balloon flowers. And lungwort, even though that's an awful name. Who would name a flower that? I can't help but wonder why they did.
Like why did my parents consider naming me Mackenzie. I'm so glad they didn't. I'd rather be named Gertrude. That way I could at least go by Trudy. What would you go by with a name like Mackenzie? Mack? Kenzie? Z? Macaroon? Hm. All of those are awful choices.
Thank you for not naming me Mackenzie Mom and Dad. I owe you big time for that one.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The cuteness of little children

Little kids are so cute. A near by aunt and uncle came to visit with their two little girls for the weekend. We see a lot of them, and I LOVE it. The little girls are four and... two (?) and both are the most adorable little girls in the history of the universe. Having them come visit reminds me of how blessed this world is to have little kids. What in the world would us boring older people do without them?
So a few friends and I went to a dance last night. We got ready together, one girl doing my hair all cute. I love getting ready with friends, badly singing along with Taylor Swift. The dance was my last one before I move out, so it was a momentous occasion. I was determined to have fun, and I did. I love dances so, so much.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Something cool I said

So it's kinda windy today, and when a few friends and I walked out of the school for lunch our hair was blowing around. when we faced into the wind our hair blew back in a very dramatic matter and I couldn't resist the moment. Here is what I said, to a certain degree.
"oh, look. Now we all have sexy hair!"
We all found it terribly funny. My friends insisted that I posted this. Think about it, that's exactly what photographers do to celebs. They stick them in front of a big fan and have them make smolders. ("you broke my smolder!" What movie is that? only the best movie ever (aka Tangled)).
Being a teenager is so much fun. Just saying.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


General Conference

The last session of conference has ended. This was the best year I've ever listened to. And it wasn't because the speakers were dramatically different, but I was. This year I drank up what the leaders of the church had to say. Beyond being older, I think the difference was that this year I came with a question I wanted to have answered. It made all the difference. I've heard others say so before, but I'd never thought to ask a question of my own before. Now I know that from now on I am sitting down for General Conference with a question in my mind.
It's sad to think that the next conference in October I won't be with my family, but friends at college. Things are changing rapidly, its frightening and exhilarating.
This weekend the weather has been true spring weather, with the sun shining and a slight breeze blowing almost constantly. The birds have been singing and I've had my window open for the first time in a few very long months. It's wonderful. I'm ready to pull out my capris, even though its probably only like 60 degrees.