Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've never much liked this holiday. I apologize to those that *gasp* at that statement. It's just an excuse for people to scare each other. I've decided I would much rather just go by myself a bag of peanut m&m's then go around dressed up as a pirate, or princess, or jedi. Even though pirates are really cool. Thus, my hatred of this holiday has landed me with the job of helping with my ward's trunk or treat's spook alley. I hope there are lots of teens who love Halloween there to help me. They can make it much more fun for the little children than I will be able to. I'd much rather help out with Christmas. I could dress up as Santa, I'd do that MUCH better than pretend to be a mad scientist. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Amount of time spent on side writing project with friend last week: 15 hours
Amount of time spent on actually ELI last week: like 10 minutes.
Amazing how distracted I can get.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So a group of friends and I started this group blog together. And they all have blogs of their own now. It funny to me, but very cute at the same time. We're all following each other now and other such bloggy things. Blogs are just amazing things.
One of my friends just kept saying amazingly witty things today. She was on a roll. That, mixed with my tired brain, made it so I laughed all through lunch and gave my non-existent abs a good workout. Thank you for the work out. I could use a few more of those. I just love wit. Especially when people say things that sound like they belong in a book, but it was spur of the moment. It's just absolutely amazing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday was a very family oriented day. We went to some town (I have no idea what its called) and made apple cider. It is very delicious juice. What is the difference between cider and juice???? I have no idea. After that we went and raked leaves for the fun of it at the church. We didn't clean them up, just have a leaf fight. That was actually very fun. I'm glad we got to spend the day together.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School year blues

I have the school blues. I don't feel like doing any of my homework (not that anyone ever does) and it is soooooo hard to get up in the morning. I think its the cold. I haven't adjusted to it being cold yet.
But I've started writing again! I go on and off with being able to work on my story. Sometimes nothing feels right, I just can't write. But I'm back on track. Kind of. I'm not exactly working in the places I should be..... but at least I'm writing. And I am still working on my ELI goals, just not in the best order. Oh well. At least it will get done.
So I was going to include a homecoming picture..... but they aren't downloaded on the computer yet. And neither are my senior pictures. So, once again, like all my other posts, no pictures. Lame.

Monday, October 4, 2010


SO I went to homecoming with Tyler. It was quite fun actually. Of course the music wasn't the best quality, but we still had fun. We went to dinner before the dance then went our separate ways to get ready. I had a very cute black and white dress. I like it because I can wear it to formal occasions like a concert. And its just cute. I'll try and post some pictures later.
This week has only two days of school. Don't ask me why we only have two days. I don't question the logic, I just enjoy it. And I have no homework tonight. I haven't had that much this year actually. Except for my book which I am feeling a writers block about. My guess on the block is because I'm doing more technical revising and editing right now, and that's the part I don't really like. If I could write just one copy and have it turn out amazing I would totally be ok with that. I haven't done any real writing in a while, just revising here and there so maybe I'll just write a quick short story, or scene from a story. Just to get the juice flowing again.