Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School year blues

I have the school blues. I don't feel like doing any of my homework (not that anyone ever does) and it is soooooo hard to get up in the morning. I think its the cold. I haven't adjusted to it being cold yet.
But I've started writing again! I go on and off with being able to work on my story. Sometimes nothing feels right, I just can't write. But I'm back on track. Kind of. I'm not exactly working in the places I should be..... but at least I'm writing. And I am still working on my ELI goals, just not in the best order. Oh well. At least it will get done.
So I was going to include a homecoming picture..... but they aren't downloaded on the computer yet. And neither are my senior pictures. So, once again, like all my other posts, no pictures. Lame.

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