Sunday, May 30, 2010


We got pranked back. Well, Katelyn did anyways. While we were on our way to a goodbye party for another friend the boys came and silly stringed her bedroom. I can't wait to get back at them. We have two weeks of school left, and neither of them is a full week. There are SEVEN days of school left. I'm soooo excited. I start work on the 11th. I'm not really excited, but I'm ready to have money again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So a few of my friends have been planning this prank war with me to start with some of our other friends. They accidentally started it by stuffing Katelyn's locker with paper balls. So, today during seminary we decorated two of their cars like they had just gotten married. Oreo's, paint, cans, the whole deal. They even had their cars unlocked so we toilet-papered the inside of their cars. It was amazing. Picts of facebook!!!! The guys we pranked have been trying to get into our lockers, but can't figure out the combination. It figures, seeing as how they are designed to stop people from breaking in. It's so much fun. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can end now......

Ok, school should end. Like tomorrow. I feel like I'm not doing anything in school anymore. Last night for mutual we went and planted trees at the U of I. Lucky for us a storm rolled in and we got pelted. The wind was very strong and we were very soaked. We went back to the church for popsicles. Figures. In my licensed state I have driven to school 2 times this week. It is soooo nice, it makes me wish I had a car of my own. But nope, I'm being good and saving up for college only. No car for me. Unless a decent car shows up that's extremely cheep. Yeah, right. I finished my book tonight, but I need to type up the last two chapters or so. I should be doing that right now but I just wrote for an hour or so, so for the moment I'm done. I can't wait for summer!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow, only 17 (i think) days of school left! It's crazy. And I officially have my license now :D This weekend I drove the kids around to two parks and the library while mom and dad were in Spokane for their 20th. I got a little tan and we stayed out of the house most of the day. Double victory! I think summer is officially here for the most part. I had my first job meeting on Friday and start cleaning the pool this upcoming week. Not really looking forward to cleaning it, but I hope working this summer will be fun.
Its so weird to think that in less than a month I will be a senior. Its really scary actually. I so don't feel ready. I think everyone shares this feeling with me. My senior friends don't seem ready to graduate either! Ready to be done with high school yea, but not to leave. Looking back I realize that moving twice will make it easier to go off to college. I feel bad for the kids who have never moved, they have no idea what its like. This way I have at least had the experience of having to completely start over. I'm still not very good at making friends completely on my own, but I've done it twice so I can do it again.
My book is coming very close to an end. I am working on the last chapter, and I'm so ready to be done. I'm excited to be done so I can go back and revise, so it's hard to not rush. I keep having to tie up all sorts of things. If anyone loves to write the book The Art of Fiction is a great tool. I'm reading it to help me learn how to revise better and it's been very helpful. Not every single thing in it, but there are defiantly parts I've used. I suggest reading at least part one of the book. It's very interesting.