Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in Joanns

So yesterday my mom and I went hunting for fabric for a skirt. My little sister has grown a lot in the last few months and almost none of her clothes fit, so mom was going to make her a few skirts. While she looked at patterns she would send me out to find fabric. Here's how the conversation went.
"How about this one?"
"This cute purple one?"
"Mm.... nope. It doesn't look like her."
"This one?"
New stack of fabric.
"This one?"
"This one?"
New stack of fabric.
"Hm..... they don't quite work."
It was an interesting few hours. At first I was frustrated, but by the end we were both laughing about it. Lets just say, my mom and I have very different tastes in fabric, at least when it comes to buying for my little sister.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seminary Graduation

So, I graduate from seminary today. The next step will be religion classes at BYU, starting in the fall. It's crazy to think about. I'm not nervous at all for the graduation part. But... I am nervous for playing the piano. Yep, they asked me to play the opening and closing song. I said of course, even though I was whimpering in fear down inside. I haven't played seriously for about a year, and I had only one week to prepare.
Wish me luck.
The good thing about accompaning is that if you mess up less people notice. Now lets just hope I don't screw up the introduction. And I'm curious about the prelude. I'm going to be busy getting the run down of how everything works, so who will play prelude? It's a mystery that I hope will one day (or in a few minutes) be solved.
It's crazy to think about graduating. High school graduation is in less than 20 days. Its scary! Exciting too, but scary.
The sun has officially decided to come out and stay out. I'm very glad, because I was getting tired of the rain. April showers really did bring May flowers. It just waited until the last few weeks of May to do so. But it was pretty amazing. Everything bloomed all at once, including the trees. They were all so ankious to start growing they gained full leaves almost over night. It made me very happy. Can't you tell? ;D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wisdom teeth

So..... I had another medical adventure. I got my wisdom teeth out. But... the drill malfunctioned and burned my lip. Luckily I was out cold when it happened. The surgeon was very upset with the drill company. He even came by our house after he was done with work to check up on me. He took pictures and plans on talking to the company about it. I think my lip will heal fine, but its a huge swollen mess right now. My bottom lip is about the same size as both of my lips combined on a normal day. At least its still numb.
I just keep having all these mishaps with medical stuff. No wonder I've always avoided hospitals. Imagine the horrors that would happen to me there!
Oh, and apparently when I woke up I acted like stoned people do in the movies. Giggling and all that fun stuff. I don't remember laughing at all, only feeling very, very dizzy. Its a good reason to not do drugs in my mind. Glad I never have.
The surgeon was very good about the whole thing, I feel bad for him too. His office even sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. My first ever, from a oral surgeons office. hahaha! What a story

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lillies, dancing, and ice cream pie

So, last night was prom. I wore a big poofy purple dress. It was a tie up in the back so it made me stand super straight. Now I kind of know what its like to wear a corset. I would hate having to do that every single day. *shiver* We went to an asian place for dinner, it was delish. I managed to eat a salad, rice and pork only with chopsticks. I was impressed with myself. Needless to say, it took all of us forever to eat though. It was lots of fun, but it reminded me that I'm glad I have church dances to go to. They are so much better and there is no dirty dancing. The decorations and music are always better too. How sad is it that a regular church dance has better decorations than prom? hm.
For mothers day Dad hid some lilies in my room yesterday. Now my room smells all fruity. Lilly's have a very unique smell, and I can't decide if I like it or not. We had a mint ice cream cake for Mom's cake, and it was soooo good. And I normally don't like mint ice cream, so that's saying a lot. We did a group gift of one week without laundry and one week without cooking. I think she'll appreciate those more than anything we could buy in the store.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Parentsick and cold sick

So my parents went to California this week. Dad had a conference and Mom went along to visit family. I was left in charge, it was very exciting.
I got sick.
Yep, I was fighting a cold all week and by the end my body gave up and gave in. I spent Friday night in bed instead of being a good sister and taking the sibs to the park like I'd planned. So, they watched tv instead. Yuck. I even stayed home from church today because I just needed to sleep. I desperately needed to sleep, I'd been up late two nights in a row because of siblings. Thankfully I think I'm getting better now and I'll be going to school tomorrow. Except I have this weird ache in my leg muscles. I think its where my cold (or is it the flu? I have no idea) has decided to hang out. It's driving me crazy, because now I'm walking like I'm 90 years old. Or, like Ms. Congeniality after she gets a bikini wax. Which ever picture you find more entertaining, that's me right now.
Let's just hope the paper I planned on writing this weekend but didn't is due on Tuesday, not Monday. I could barely sit up straight in front of the computer, much less think well enough to write about my position on the National Debt.
I'm so ready to graduate. Please, please hurry.
Prom is this week and I'm super excited. I have a gorgeous purple dress and it's my first full length, even though I went to prom last year. AND its a masquerade. I've been waiting for this for pretty much my whole life. I can't wait! The mystery of masquerades has always fascinated me. Even though I know in reality I'll recognize pretty much everyone, it's still going to be a fun way to end my high school life.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this month, and I have to say I'm quite nervous, thank you very much. When I get sick/hurt I tend to get very sick/hurt. Look at me now. I have a cold and here I am staying home from church and hobbling around like I don't know how to walk. I just hope I recover quickly so that I don't have to miss too much school. It's hard enough to even just show up every day, not to mention do homework.
Senior-itis much?