Friday, May 13, 2011

Wisdom teeth

So..... I had another medical adventure. I got my wisdom teeth out. But... the drill malfunctioned and burned my lip. Luckily I was out cold when it happened. The surgeon was very upset with the drill company. He even came by our house after he was done with work to check up on me. He took pictures and plans on talking to the company about it. I think my lip will heal fine, but its a huge swollen mess right now. My bottom lip is about the same size as both of my lips combined on a normal day. At least its still numb.
I just keep having all these mishaps with medical stuff. No wonder I've always avoided hospitals. Imagine the horrors that would happen to me there!
Oh, and apparently when I woke up I acted like stoned people do in the movies. Giggling and all that fun stuff. I don't remember laughing at all, only feeling very, very dizzy. Its a good reason to not do drugs in my mind. Glad I never have.
The surgeon was very good about the whole thing, I feel bad for him too. His office even sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. My first ever, from a oral surgeons office. hahaha! What a story


  1. Oh Kels I'm so sorry that happened. How are you healing? We're praying for you and thinking of you. We love you!