Sunday, May 1, 2011

Parentsick and cold sick

So my parents went to California this week. Dad had a conference and Mom went along to visit family. I was left in charge, it was very exciting.
I got sick.
Yep, I was fighting a cold all week and by the end my body gave up and gave in. I spent Friday night in bed instead of being a good sister and taking the sibs to the park like I'd planned. So, they watched tv instead. Yuck. I even stayed home from church today because I just needed to sleep. I desperately needed to sleep, I'd been up late two nights in a row because of siblings. Thankfully I think I'm getting better now and I'll be going to school tomorrow. Except I have this weird ache in my leg muscles. I think its where my cold (or is it the flu? I have no idea) has decided to hang out. It's driving me crazy, because now I'm walking like I'm 90 years old. Or, like Ms. Congeniality after she gets a bikini wax. Which ever picture you find more entertaining, that's me right now.
Let's just hope the paper I planned on writing this weekend but didn't is due on Tuesday, not Monday. I could barely sit up straight in front of the computer, much less think well enough to write about my position on the National Debt.
I'm so ready to graduate. Please, please hurry.
Prom is this week and I'm super excited. I have a gorgeous purple dress and it's my first full length, even though I went to prom last year. AND its a masquerade. I've been waiting for this for pretty much my whole life. I can't wait! The mystery of masquerades has always fascinated me. Even though I know in reality I'll recognize pretty much everyone, it's still going to be a fun way to end my high school life.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this month, and I have to say I'm quite nervous, thank you very much. When I get sick/hurt I tend to get very sick/hurt. Look at me now. I have a cold and here I am staying home from church and hobbling around like I don't know how to walk. I just hope I recover quickly so that I don't have to miss too much school. It's hard enough to even just show up every day, not to mention do homework.
Senior-itis much?

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  1. Sorry you were sick. I hope your parents had a great time. Love ya