Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Chalice

Yesterday I borrowed a friends book, The Chalice by Robin McKinley. I really enjoyed it. The book had a unique voice that is different from pretty much everything else I've ever read. It make the book even more interesting, and the plot was good enough by itself! Like I say about almost every book I read, you should read it too.
My bedroom is still scattered all over our house. It's been almost a week. Yuck. I have tried to stop complaining about it to my friends, but this is a difficult task. Until it happens to you its impossible to really understand what its like. It's not even that my things are hard to find and I can't wear all my clothes because I can't reach them. It's that I have not one ounce of personal space. I took way too long of a shower yesterday just so I could have some space. It was the day after Earth day, isn't that a little bit ironic? I killed some poor fish with my water wasting. At least according to some commercial I saw a few years ago.
But, the silver lining is that the floor is all dry and nothing was damaged, at least as far as I can tell so far. And I get my carpet put back in tomorrow. This might be my last night on the couch! Thank you!
For Easter we had a delicious dinner today after Stake conference. Both were amazing. President Uckdorf (how do you spell a German last name? I have no idea) was presiding over the broadcast. He spoke for about an hour. That is a long time to speak, I was impressed. He spoke about everything from chastity to electronics to saying daily prayers and having a current temple recommend. It was a very good talk, along with the other talks given today.
Yesterday we colored eggs, and I showed the kids a few cool tricks to make stripes and poka-dots. Mine ended up looking like different kinds of leaves because of its green color. And that none of my poka-dots were actually circular. Lets just say I didn't learn how to cut a circle in kindergarten. I have a hard enough time with long straight lines. You think that since I'm so artistic I could draw, or cut, a straight line. It's a lie, I can't do it.
Happy Easter! Don't forget the true reason we celebrate it.

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  1. I love Robin McKinley, she's one of my favorite authors because each story is different and unique. Glad you're almost into your bedroom again.