Saturday, January 29, 2011


The world is very, very gray right now. It's raining out side, and its so dreary. I despise winter. It's making it very difficult for me to work on my stories. Which.... I should post snippets of that sometime. Not today, but maybe sometime. Or a really cool quote from one of them. Though, now that I think about it, quoting myself would be a little strange. Hm.
It's amazing how much the weather effects my mood. I definitely have a case of the winter blues. At least it comes and goes, it's not a constant thing. One thing for sure, when I am actually choosing where I live, I'm living somewhere with sunny winters. They don't have to be warm, I just need to see the sun. There is NO SUN here. It drives me crazy. Even in the summer there is a thin film of clouds, so the sky is never that summery blue that everyone dreams of. Thank goodness for pictures.
I am planning on reading The Count of Monte Cristo as soon as the school library gets it back. I'm excited. Even though Alexandre Dumas was a jerk, his writing is good, and I can easily ignore his personality when reading his stuff.
If your looking for a cute book (But not chick flicky) read The Black Tulip by Dumas. It's one of my favorites. It actually has a happy ending! That's really rare in French Lit. Or at least as far as I have experienced it is. It's so different from his other stuff, and a LOT shorter.Now go read it. ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Time No See

Wow, its amazing what a new semester can do for a body. I feel refreshed, invigorated, lively, optimistic, improved, refurbished (even though I'm not a phone), like a clean slate, a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of paper.
Getting accepted into college helped too. You know, just a tiny, itsy bitsy energy boost there.
Isn't sarcasm great?
So, along with half of the world, I go through phases. Especially music phases. Right now, it is OneRepublic. Thank you for good music! I've never been one for the super loud, heavy beat, rockin' music. I do like that kind of music for dances, but not when I'm at home doing homework.... or procrastinating my homework, whichever one. OneRepublic is exactly what I need right now. They have energy but not so much that I get tired just listening to them. Isn't it amazing how music can effect a person's mood so much? Crazy.
I should come up with a catchy phrase to end my posts with.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So, after reading a friends story that involved a very cute rose scene, and passing roses in Safeway today, I felt a longing for roses. Specifically, for a boy to give me roses. I don't want them right now, my life is complicated enough and I am too young, but .... in the future, it would be nice. Roses are so beautiful, its hard to not fall in love with them. So, one day.
Maybe I'll write a scene about roses myself.
And I wish I knew how to fix the side bar so the words weren't all messed up. It looks gross. But I like the tablet or whatever you call it.
One day, in the far, far, far (probably much farther than I imagine) future, I will become tech savvy. But not today. I don't feel like it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catch up

So, I must apologize. I promised that I would write book reviews. I have been lazy. So, I will do two books at once.
Graceling and Fire. I don't remember who they're by and I'm too lazy to google it. If your interested, I'm sure they will be easy to find, they are both by the same author.
Graceling is the first of the two, and creates a very interesting world where people with eyes of two different colors have special abilities, called graces. A girl, our main character, discovered at a young age hers is killing. The story is very good without becoming dark, surprising since killing is her graceling.
Fire is much the same way. It is set in the same world, but a different section with completely different characters. Only one character transfers between the books. This one was just as good, but sadder.
Both books are amazing, and I suggest them to all who like a good fantasy with a sprinkling of romance and action.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A note to the editor. Ok, not really

Dear Cutest blog on the block. com,
You have too many choices. I am not good with choices. It is difficult for me to sit down and choose a new background, something I feel the need to do every so often. It makes life far to difficult.
Keep up the good work.
A terribly decisive indecisive person, a.k.a. me.
p.s is it even possible to be decisive indecisive? Who knows?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm keeping the New Years Resolutions pretty simple this year. Or, at least simple on paper.
1. Graduate. It's not going to be difficult, but it is still a major goal of mine. The hard part will be doing homework and caring about school as the spring months approach.
2. Get a job this summer so I can eat while at college. I think eating is a good thing, you know, staying alive, not turning into a bundle of skin and bones and tight nerves would be a plus. I would prefer to eat real food too, not boxed mac n' cheese and Otter Pops (even though the O. pops are amazing. Especially the green and pink ones.)
3. To not have a heart attack before I get my acceptance letters. I'm pretty freaked out as I see the many status on Facebook proclaiming new acceptance letters. They are trickling in, and I am waiting semi-patiently for mine. Please let me get into the two BYU's so I have a choice. Choices are good. If difficult.
4. Spend lots of time with my family while I'm still living at home. This includes my extended fam. I haven't spent lots of time with y'all before, and I think its about time I start trying harder.
5. This isn't really a resolution for only this year, more for the rest of my life. Stay good friends with my good friends now. A lot of my friends are junior's this year, so I'll be leaving them behind. I want to keep in contact with them when I move out so that I feel just as close when I come back next Christmas.
Happy New Years everyone. Make resolutions now while you still feel motivated. And eat less candy, the holidays are over, its time to slim back down. That's another thing I should work