Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Time No See

Wow, its amazing what a new semester can do for a body. I feel refreshed, invigorated, lively, optimistic, improved, refurbished (even though I'm not a phone), like a clean slate, a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of paper.
Getting accepted into college helped too. You know, just a tiny, itsy bitsy energy boost there.
Isn't sarcasm great?
So, along with half of the world, I go through phases. Especially music phases. Right now, it is OneRepublic. Thank you for good music! I've never been one for the super loud, heavy beat, rockin' music. I do like that kind of music for dances, but not when I'm at home doing homework.... or procrastinating my homework, whichever one. OneRepublic is exactly what I need right now. They have energy but not so much that I get tired just listening to them. Isn't it amazing how music can effect a person's mood so much? Crazy.
I should come up with a catchy phrase to end my posts with.

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