Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm keeping the New Years Resolutions pretty simple this year. Or, at least simple on paper.
1. Graduate. It's not going to be difficult, but it is still a major goal of mine. The hard part will be doing homework and caring about school as the spring months approach.
2. Get a job this summer so I can eat while at college. I think eating is a good thing, you know, staying alive, not turning into a bundle of skin and bones and tight nerves would be a plus. I would prefer to eat real food too, not boxed mac n' cheese and Otter Pops (even though the O. pops are amazing. Especially the green and pink ones.)
3. To not have a heart attack before I get my acceptance letters. I'm pretty freaked out as I see the many status on Facebook proclaiming new acceptance letters. They are trickling in, and I am waiting semi-patiently for mine. Please let me get into the two BYU's so I have a choice. Choices are good. If difficult.
4. Spend lots of time with my family while I'm still living at home. This includes my extended fam. I haven't spent lots of time with y'all before, and I think its about time I start trying harder.
5. This isn't really a resolution for only this year, more for the rest of my life. Stay good friends with my good friends now. A lot of my friends are junior's this year, so I'll be leaving them behind. I want to keep in contact with them when I move out so that I feel just as close when I come back next Christmas.
Happy New Years everyone. Make resolutions now while you still feel motivated. And eat less candy, the holidays are over, its time to slim back down. That's another thing I should work

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