Saturday, January 29, 2011


The world is very, very gray right now. It's raining out side, and its so dreary. I despise winter. It's making it very difficult for me to work on my stories. Which.... I should post snippets of that sometime. Not today, but maybe sometime. Or a really cool quote from one of them. Though, now that I think about it, quoting myself would be a little strange. Hm.
It's amazing how much the weather effects my mood. I definitely have a case of the winter blues. At least it comes and goes, it's not a constant thing. One thing for sure, when I am actually choosing where I live, I'm living somewhere with sunny winters. They don't have to be warm, I just need to see the sun. There is NO SUN here. It drives me crazy. Even in the summer there is a thin film of clouds, so the sky is never that summery blue that everyone dreams of. Thank goodness for pictures.
I am planning on reading The Count of Monte Cristo as soon as the school library gets it back. I'm excited. Even though Alexandre Dumas was a jerk, his writing is good, and I can easily ignore his personality when reading his stuff.
If your looking for a cute book (But not chick flicky) read The Black Tulip by Dumas. It's one of my favorites. It actually has a happy ending! That's really rare in French Lit. Or at least as far as I have experienced it is. It's so different from his other stuff, and a LOT shorter.Now go read it. ;)

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