Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold and a taste of the Sea

Two things happened to me today. Well, a lot more than two things, but two worth mentioning. Three. Four.
1. My basement is really cold. Seeing as how I spend most of my time down here, it means that I am almost always seen with a felt blanket around my shoulders. I would say I look like batman or some other amazing superhero, but it's hard to imagine a superhero wearing a cape with puppies or flowers on it. Even though our basement is finished, it is too cold. I don't understand.
2. I ate squid and cuttlefish for the first time tonight. I was disappointed, it didn't have as much flavor as I'd hoped. They almost tasted like chewy tuna. Weird. I'm thinking it has something do with the rest of the dish.
3. I got the spikes taken out of my mouth!!! FINALLY! I've had spikes to help with my tongue thrust for about 6 months. They were glued to the back of my four front teeth, and very annoying. As of today, they are gone for good! It's a wonderful feeling to finally have no more metal in my mouth. Well, except for my permanent retainer. And that doesn't count, I never notice it.
4. The next Green Rider book came out today!!!!!! A friend of mine is getting it for her b-day later this month, and I am next in line for it. I can't wait, it's been like three years since the last one. That's another book series worth reading. You should look it up, it has an interesting plot and a fun main character.
Space out.
(nice ending catch phrase? hu? hu? yeah.... not really. I still need to find one...)

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