Sunday, February 20, 2011

Questions on my future

Seeing as how I'm going to college next year, I've been thinking about my future quite a bit lately. Even more so with the new semester. Between the schools I've applied to, I have no idea which one I actually want to attend. I would be happy with either choice I think. The harder question is what I want to major in. I know it's not something that I need to know about right now, or even within the next two or so years. But I am a person who likes to know what the next step is, with no mysteries. My major is a big mystery. I've been looking into a bunch of different things, and I still have no idea. Hm.
But, on much lighter and more fun news, the newest Alex Pettyfer movie has finally come out! This weekend! And I am going to see it TOMORROW!!!! I'm very excited.
I watched Signs for the first time last night, and I enjoyed it. Both of my parents would have hated it, but I thought it was good. I don't mind being a little freaked out now and again. But no freakier than Signs or Disturbia. Those are my limits. Like I said, a LITTLE freaked out. Not a lot. That's too scary.
I'm out.
Urg, that doesn't work as a closer either. How about Up, up and away!!
Nope. Still workin' on it.

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