Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nooooo!!! School

This summer has just flashed past. I have only two more days off and then its back to the books. I will actually be going to the high school this year as a sophomore instead of last year as a freshman. I was really lucky and got a class with the one other girl in my ward who's in my grade. The high school seems confusing because of all the additions. but I'm not really worried. My school in Highlands Ranch was kinda confusing too and I learned how to get around.
We had a girl thats my age move into the ward today. She wasn't here in time for church though. I'm really lucky because she's my age. She just turned 15 like me. I hope we become good friends because there aren't any other girls like that in our ward. There all about 6 months older or younger than me. I know thats not a big difference but it was weird after in CO having my friends all right about my age with only a few weeks difference. Hopefully there is a good movie in theaters we can go see together or something. I don't even know whats in right now. Wow. Thats sad.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures and Girls Camp stories

Last night I realized I hadn't put the EFY pictures on here yet, so I will today. I had an amazing b-day. My mom planned a surprise party and we had it the day before my b-day. I was totally surprised and had a great time. I got lots of purses some books and lots of money to buy books. I even got a $25 gift certificate to a book store in the area. I can't wait to use it!!!!
I had lots of fun at girls camp and really enjoyed having my mom there. Sadly, I took the camera but not the memory card so I have no pictures. I am hoping to get some from my friends though. This year was my 4th year of girls camp so I went on the High Adventure. That was defiantly an adventure, if not a completely good one. On the first day, a girl got heat stroke (or heat exhaustion, I don't remember which) so we stopped for 4 hours. The leaders were debating whether to take her out or to keep going. We also had dinner during this time. Then when we were hiking we were in three groups. The faster girls, the middle group, and the girl that had been sick and the leaders. We ended up hiking through the forest in the dark in small groups until about 11 that night. Then we all met up and finished the hike. We didn't set up camp untill about 12:30 that night. To keep the story somewhat short that same girl got stung by a bee and she's deathly alergic we had to stop to give her an epi-pen. The hike was really steep so we took along time hiking and didn't get home untill midnight when we planned on being home by lunch. So yeah, it was a hike to be remembered. Here is a pict. of all the girls in my company at EFY. The next one is the guys. There are 12 girls 8 guys. The picture of the girl with the water bottle is of a girl drinking a live goldfish. I'm not quite sure why, but it was really funny and cool to watch!!! The guy with the cups was a counsler and after the banquet he took a bunch of cups and made a tower. It was really cool looking. I'm planning on adding more pictures on a regular basis. There's just too many to do all at once.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Really quickly I just want to say that if anyone has other family member's (cousins, aunts ect.) blog addresses I really like them so I can check them out. thanx!

Back from EFY!!!

Hi, I'm so excited to be home again!!! I had a lot of fun and lots of spiritual experiences at EFY, but its always nice to come home. I don't have the pictures I took on the computer yet, so I'll just put them on when I do girls camp pictures. I get to pack tomorrow and then leave again on Tuesday. I wish it had been earlier in the year, but I'm still excited. This year is my fourth year and we are going on an overnight backpacking trip. That means I have to send most of my stuff home with a friend thats not a fourth year.
At EFY we spent almost all day in the institute building/chuch building at the U of U. The spirit was always so strong it was amazing. I learned a lot about the holy ghost just by feeling the spirit so much. I met lots of fun people and got almost everyone in my company's e-mail and phone number. I deffinatly feel like I am a stronger person spiritually.
The dances were soooo much fun!! There were lots of cute guys and some preety good songs. They had some dumb ones too, but thats only to be expected. It got really hot too. It was about 90 degrees all week so even with the a/c on in the gym everyone was sweating. I had to go to the bathroom and wash my arms and hands a few times.
At lunch every day we had some form of chicken. It was slightly funny, but mostly annoying. We had 3 kinds of chicken wraps, and chicken tacos. The last day was the only day we didn't have chicken. We had a turkey sandwich. But then at the banquet that night we had.... chicken!!! Acutally the chicken at the banquet was yummy. It had soy sauce or something on it with pineapple. There was also rice with cocconut wich was really good. I got to spend a lot of time with my friends from CO and Las Vegas. I really hope I can do something with them again next year!!!!