Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nooooo!!! School

This summer has just flashed past. I have only two more days off and then its back to the books. I will actually be going to the high school this year as a sophomore instead of last year as a freshman. I was really lucky and got a class with the one other girl in my ward who's in my grade. The high school seems confusing because of all the additions. but I'm not really worried. My school in Highlands Ranch was kinda confusing too and I learned how to get around.
We had a girl thats my age move into the ward today. She wasn't here in time for church though. I'm really lucky because she's my age. She just turned 15 like me. I hope we become good friends because there aren't any other girls like that in our ward. There all about 6 months older or younger than me. I know thats not a big difference but it was weird after in CO having my friends all right about my age with only a few weeks difference. Hopefully there is a good movie in theaters we can go see together or something. I don't even know whats in right now. Wow. Thats sad.

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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure what's at the movies right now either. I hope this girl is sweet enough to deserve you as a friend. You'll have to go to a movie; that would be fun. Good luck back to school; I'm sure you'll do great!