Sunday, April 25, 2010


The busy end of the year-ness has begun. The dance my friends and I put together was this weekend. It was a total success, there were lots of people there and we received lots of compliments on the decorations. I am glad it's over, it was a lot of work. Almost every slow dance I asked a guy from Lewiston to dance and I met some really cool guys. It's too bad that I was doing all the asking though, I would have preferred to have them ask. The last weekend was as priest and laurel activity in Spokane.That was so much fun, there were lots of cute guys ;). None of them really asked to dance through. I did get asked to prom at the dance though.
Katelyn and I went up to get some of our guy friends from the stake to ask girls. We were kinda teasing them and harassing them to get them to dance. Well one of the guys holds up his phone to me. Its the kind that flips open and he had it open sitting in his palm. I didn't even look at it I just took it and said that he wouldn't get it back until he asked a girl to dance. Then I walked away. I came back a little bit later when I saw that he hadn't moved and was still talking to Katelyn. I started bugging him again and he told me, sounding slightly exasperated, to open his phone. I was confused but I did and what do you know, his wallpaper was a rose with "Will you go to prom with me?". I was embarrassed and we all started laughing. Of course I said yes.
All the Laurels in our ward got asked. I have to say I was surprised to get asked, I had never really thought I would get asked. I just never thought about it much really. But yeah I have a gorgeous dress and really cute shoes. The Prom is May 1st, this upcoming weekend. The weekend after is my AP test to see if I get college credit, then the weekend after I have a meeting to start training for my summer job doing concessions at the pool. The busyness never seems to end!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catch up

Well we experienced the infamous spring snow storm this week. It has been cold all week and ended up snowing, I think it was the 2nd. Joy. I guess its good for the farmers, but its not fun for me. Although we have been lucky to have a very mild winter this year, something I am very grateful for.
We signed up for classes this last week and I realized that my senior year will (hopefully) be fun, but it still wont be very relaxed. I am taking an ELI which is an Extended Learning Internship. Its basically a chance to have a class on something not offered in the regular curriculum. You have two mentors; one from the school and one out of the school district. For my ELI I am doing my book, I'm very excited to have the opportunity for so much outside help. I'm actually starting it over the summer because there is no way I will wait until the school year starts to write again and I have to have at least 90 hours of work on the ELI. I am very excited about this and can't wait to finish my book! Who knows, maybe I'll start another one. I've found that writing is a very relaxing but mind stretching thing for me. I enjoy it but it makes my brain work at the same time.