Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So it begins. Second week of college and I am beginning to find ways to not do homework. Granted, I have been at it all day (it's about six) since I didn't have any classes, so I'm burning out a little for the day. But I still have lots to do, so I need to keep cracking.
I decided that a little break wouldn't hurt though. Which means I've decided to ramble.
I now have 29 followers. Crazy! You know what would be really amazing? If I had one more follower. I like even numbers. It's a little Monk-ish. (Have you ever watched the tv series? It's pretty good, but its not on tv anymore, they ended it a while ago. Still, its worth Google-ing.)
Today I went in to have my internet fixed. It wasn't working this weekend, when it worked last week. I was very frustrated. It took us almost an hour to fix, but I didn't mind. I am shamed to admit I felt crippled without having internet, even though the library on campus has internet. It's very pathetic of me, proving that I am a member of my generation.
Go us.
Though right now I kind of hate my computer. I've been staring at it for hours. My eyes are getting tired, you know that dry kind of aching feeling? And I can't quit. Not yet. I have part of an article to read, a whole other article, about 100 pages in a book and 30 pages in my textbook. For two classes. Luckily only part of that is due tomorrow, but I'm trying to get as much done as possible so that I'm free later this week and don't spend all weekend doing homework. I WILL have a homework free weekend. I DEMAND IT.
It was in the 90's today. It was a little strange because I'm so used to low 70's, but it was nice. In a too hot sort of way. I think I still like 75-80 best. Sorry to all you Arizonians and New Mexicans. It's not the life style for little 'ol me.
Right now I'm switching back and forth between this blog post and the article I'm trying to read about obesity for my bio class. Reading it had made an old pet-peeve of mine resurface. I hate it when the names of something (like a chemical) seems like a random group of letters. Sometimes I wonder if there is some scientist somewhere sitting around laughing at us trying to pronounce chemical names. Even the abbreviations are annoying, because they go in one ear and out the other. I have resorted to calling certain abbreviations names like Bob and Larry so I can concentrate on what the rest of the article is trying to say. Yes, I understand why they have the crazy names and strange abbreviations. But I don't have to like it.
I have also decided that bathroom tile should never be yellow. Our bathroom walls are tiled with a light yellow color that I hate. Not because its an atrocious shade or anything, but because it makes the bathroom feel small and dirty. Bathrooms shouldn't be yellow, unless they're a very pretty yellow. I think they should repaint our bathroom white, or light blue, or light gray-blue, or even beige. Sadly, you can't repaint tile. Darn. At least the bedrooms aren't that color. From where the paint is chipped I can see that they used to be an ugly green (now they're white). I'm very glad they aren't that shade of green.
Thanks for reading, hope I don't sound too crazy, have an amazing day and go have some adventures!
Peace out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grocery store adventures

Today as I was preparing to do laundry I realized something. Something I was missing. Something important. Can you guess what it was?
Laundry soap.
Thankfully, one of my roommates was kind enough to share hers with me. I used it, but I was determined to get laundry soap so it would never happen again. I was told one of my roomies was going to the grocery store just off campus and at the other end. I asked her if I could go with and then off we went to start our adventure for the day!
We rode the bus (I hate busses, by the way) to the grocery store. After going through the whole store I managed to avoid buying any sweets and didn't buy too much. Now done with our shopping we proceeded back to the bus stop and waited, enjoying a delightful conversation.
Well, once on the bus I noticed by bag was dripping. Wincing, I opened the bag and revealed that my windex lid had loosened. And leaked all over everything. I took my wallet out and left the rest because I didn't have the hands to hold it. And, yes, I tightened the lid.
And THEN I looked around and noticed that my sunglasses looked kind of funny.
They were broken.
One of the ear side pieces had broken off. Don't ask me how.
I find it a little ironic, because that's how my last pair broke. I wonder if it was even the same side? I have no idea.
So, I walked back to our apartment, trying to not be too angry. (I wasn't doing a very good job.)
This story does have a good ending, I promise.
Nothing was ruined, not even the usb stick on my keys. And I still have plenty of windex left, I didn't lose as much as I imagined.
The moral of this story: annoying things make good blog posts.
And I saved money going to this further grocery store, even with paying for the bus.
(And I got syrup for my french toast. YUM!)
Ah the joys of college.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

Alright, so I'm trying to give a small blurb about every book on my list. I decided to start at the bottom, cause I'm cool like that. Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood is a book that I read when I was younger, as in like 13-14. I haven't read it since then, but I really loved the story. It's about a girl who lives on the edge of the forest. She lives by herself except for the animals and a magician guy who visits every once in a while.
I'm not going to say any more than that (partially because my memory is fuzzy on the book), but it's pretty good. I would probably not read it now, but I liked it then. It's a good recommendation to give like a younger sister or something.
So I did something very silly, but very typical of me. I decided I wanted French Toast for dinner (YUMMY!) so I went to buy bread and eggs. Guess what I forgot? Syrup. Luckily one of my roommates let me borrow from her. It was very delicious syrup. But I should probably go get my own before I have french toast again.
Okay, make a huge turn here, I'm changing the topic. I'm trying out Pandora radio for the first time tonight. I can't decide if I like it or not. One thing I do know is that I like Grooveshark better. Pandora seems like its good for helping me find new songs, but it doesn't actually play songs I like. Grooveshark is a playlist of songs. So I think I'm going to stick with my groovy aquatic friend and only use Pandora to find new songs.
I feel strange not being at mutual (youth group). I have gone almost every single Wednesday night at 7 for... years. Since I was twelve. That's a long time. To not go tonight (seeing as how there is no youth group in college) feels weird. I don't like it. In fact, I'm very bored right now. I have no classes tomorrow so I'm not doing my homework, and all my roomies are out or busy doing something. So.... yeah. I have no idea what to do. At home I would read or go talk with my parents or hunt down a friend. Or be at mutual. But I don't very many people here, and they're all busy or live about an hour away. Darn.
This is a very strange feeling.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's official. I'm a college student. It's totally, absolutely, ridiculously insane. And makes no sense. I don't understand it.
The last few days of New Student Orientation have felt like EFY (church camp). I bet that will fade when classes start. On Monday. Crazy. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I'm excited to get going... yet I would like more time to adjust. And no homework. That was one of my favorite parts of my senior year.
Tomorrow is my first day in my student ward. I'm sure it will be amazing, but I can't help but be a little weirded out by the whole idea of a ward full only of people my age. It will defiantly take some getting use to.
Once again, my whole life has turned upside down. It'll be interesting to see how everything works out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Sunday

As the title of this post implies, today was my last Sunday before heading off to college. It was a little strange going to church when all of my senior friends were already in the student ward. My sunday school teacher, who's son is also going to college this year, gave me a white board that has a picture as a background. Its very cool and the field will remind me of home.
Earlier this week we had the all night senior graduation party. It was fun, but extremely exhausting. And I decided I don't like hypnotists. I think its humiliating. But everything else was really fun. There was a blow up obstacle course that my friends and I raced through. And there was a place where you hooked up to a bungee cord and then ran as far forward as you can to place a marker. You and another person were racing to see who could go the furthest. This was probably my favorite thing at the party. It was a ton of fun. And... the belt that went around my waist actually left a couple marks. Its funny, because since my lip I've gotten very beat up. My legs are covered in bruises from the senior sneak, my torso is bruised from the game I just told you and I have rug burns, probably from the obstacle course thing. All in like what, two months?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book List

I did it! Yay me! I added the list. Granted, it doesn't include all the books I've ever read and enjoyed. That would be a very, very long list. But it's the books I own or could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll add to the list as the weeks go on. I might even do two lists, one for more mature books, one for my fantasy fluff. I love reading both, but I've definitely been reading fluff a lot longer that serious adult books. And I'll probably try to talk about all the books on my list, you know, on those days when I run out of things to say. Oh, and I should say some of these books I haven't read in a long time. I loved them last time I read them, but for some that was when I was about 12. Just so you know.

Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men: First Class

This weekend was my graduation party with a bunch of my friends. It was lots of fun with lots of delicious food. The weather even decided to cooperate so we could have it at the park and enjoy the sun. Everyone got hot which hasn't really happened yet this year. Afterward we went and watch the newest X-men movie. It was a good movie, the effects were well done. It helped me understand why Dr. X and Magneto are the way they are. Yes, I know, I do know a little bit about them. Not much because I've only seen one other X-men movie, but a little.
It's strange, because I am going to have moved out of the house before the month is over. I am still struggling with this idea. What am I going to do with myself?
And I realized today that I haven't posted about books in a long time. But I have decided that I am going to make a list on this blog of books. I can't do it right now because its on my computer and I'm on the family one. But I will. Eventually. Hopefully soon. It'll just be a list of books I've liked, any books I can think of. Teen or adult. I'm hoping to constantly keep the list growing and changing, taking off books I don't like as much when it gets too long. I'm excited for it. I'm hoping it will help me keep reading, even though I'll be super busy. I believe reading helps to keep my imagination growing and since it's constantly being stomped down by a stressful life I can use the help. And it should help me with my writing. The more in my mind the more I have to draw from in my own writing.
Have a great June! Hopefully it will be dry and sunny.