Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So it begins. Second week of college and I am beginning to find ways to not do homework. Granted, I have been at it all day (it's about six) since I didn't have any classes, so I'm burning out a little for the day. But I still have lots to do, so I need to keep cracking.
I decided that a little break wouldn't hurt though. Which means I've decided to ramble.
I now have 29 followers. Crazy! You know what would be really amazing? If I had one more follower. I like even numbers. It's a little Monk-ish. (Have you ever watched the tv series? It's pretty good, but its not on tv anymore, they ended it a while ago. Still, its worth Google-ing.)
Today I went in to have my internet fixed. It wasn't working this weekend, when it worked last week. I was very frustrated. It took us almost an hour to fix, but I didn't mind. I am shamed to admit I felt crippled without having internet, even though the library on campus has internet. It's very pathetic of me, proving that I am a member of my generation.
Go us.
Though right now I kind of hate my computer. I've been staring at it for hours. My eyes are getting tired, you know that dry kind of aching feeling? And I can't quit. Not yet. I have part of an article to read, a whole other article, about 100 pages in a book and 30 pages in my textbook. For two classes. Luckily only part of that is due tomorrow, but I'm trying to get as much done as possible so that I'm free later this week and don't spend all weekend doing homework. I WILL have a homework free weekend. I DEMAND IT.
It was in the 90's today. It was a little strange because I'm so used to low 70's, but it was nice. In a too hot sort of way. I think I still like 75-80 best. Sorry to all you Arizonians and New Mexicans. It's not the life style for little 'ol me.
Right now I'm switching back and forth between this blog post and the article I'm trying to read about obesity for my bio class. Reading it had made an old pet-peeve of mine resurface. I hate it when the names of something (like a chemical) seems like a random group of letters. Sometimes I wonder if there is some scientist somewhere sitting around laughing at us trying to pronounce chemical names. Even the abbreviations are annoying, because they go in one ear and out the other. I have resorted to calling certain abbreviations names like Bob and Larry so I can concentrate on what the rest of the article is trying to say. Yes, I understand why they have the crazy names and strange abbreviations. But I don't have to like it.
I have also decided that bathroom tile should never be yellow. Our bathroom walls are tiled with a light yellow color that I hate. Not because its an atrocious shade or anything, but because it makes the bathroom feel small and dirty. Bathrooms shouldn't be yellow, unless they're a very pretty yellow. I think they should repaint our bathroom white, or light blue, or light gray-blue, or even beige. Sadly, you can't repaint tile. Darn. At least the bedrooms aren't that color. From where the paint is chipped I can see that they used to be an ugly green (now they're white). I'm very glad they aren't that shade of green.
Thanks for reading, hope I don't sound too crazy, have an amazing day and go have some adventures!
Peace out.

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