Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to go to part of the family reunion. It was really nice to see everyone, I think I managed to talk to almost all my aunts and uncles at least once and quite a few of my cousins. Having moved away I've really learned to value my family. I never really thought much about it, but I really, really love my big, loud family.
To make things even better, I was able to spend the 4th with most of the other side of my family. We went up into the mountains for an hour or so, and I realized how much I loved being outside. I haven't been out in the wilderness much in this summer, being in school and all. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was up in the mountains, driving through the forest.
I also was given a great idea by one of my cousins. I don't know how I never thought of it before, but I didn't. She told me she makes a specific playlist of songs for each of her main characters. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I have a playlist of just general writing music, but I've never made one for one character in specific. I started working on it as soon as I got home. So, now my three main characters in my main story have the beginnings of a playlist. I don't have enough songs on each list to really call it a playlist, but I've begun. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Because (for obvious reasons) all the music I have I like I wanted all three characters to like it too. It was difficult to make it so that the songs matched the characters' personalities, not mine. That's why there's only a few songs on each list. But I took those songs and made a Pandora playlist with them for each character, so I'm hoping it will help me get a fill for the characters 'tastes' more. I hope it works, cause I really like the idea! I might even ask a couple of my friends that know the story almost as well as I do what they think the characters would listen to.
I was surprised (in a good way) to see that I have two more followers. I love getting new followers! It makes me feel like I'm not just rambling on to myself. Though, it does surprise me every time I see a new follower. I'm not really sure what you guys see in my blog. My guess: I talk about books/movies every once in a while. Books are really cool, aren't they? I think so.
Even though it was yesterday, Happy 4th of July! It's one of my favorite holidays. It's humbling to realize how much some people have sacrificed for the country we live in today. And it makes me sad to see people treat our country like its not worth much. I think its one of the most amazing things in the whole wide world. I'm very lucky to live in the USA and have the freedoms I have. Even being able to have this blog is a huge blessing. I'm allowed to say whatever I want, whenever I want. It's a beautiful thing.

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