Sunday, July 10, 2011


I had an amazing week. My two closest friends from home came and spent the day with me. One of them was actually there as a surprise, I didn't know she was coming. The very first thing we did was go to Jamba Juice. They'd never been. If you have never been, then shame on you. Go look one up and go. It's the best place in the whole entire world. (Except for home, of course). After messing around on campus for a little while we went to a nearby mall.
You see, we have this tradition of going ugly dress shopping. We would always go to Ross and find the ugliest dresses we could for each other, try them on, laugh, take pictures, laugh some more.... yeah. It's pretty much amazing.
So we went from store to store, trying to find ugly dresses. It was almost sad, because we couldn't really find anything that wasn't cute. If I had money to spare I would have bought lots of cute dresses. But sadly as a college student I don't have any lose change lying around. It's very sad.
Hanging out with them pretty much made my week.
And, I've discovered that Utah onions leave a weird aftertaste. It never happened at home. Just here. It's strange.
I also had a very hilarious story that I was going to share on here. And since the world always works this way, I forgot it. Hopefully I'll remember sometime soon so I can post it. Because it really was superdy-dupery amazing. (And so is making up words. It's fun.)

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