Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being a Mormon

I was thinking about it last night, and I realized something that I just absolutely love about being LDS. I love how members give the talks and teach sunday school. It's so amazing. It really helps the people teaching learn a lot more about their topic, and then for all of those listening it gives new insights. There are some things that one person can teach me much better than another. I'm so glad we have church callings. And now that I'm in college and I'm being taught by (0r like two weeks ago, teaching) my peers. It gives a whole new twist on things. These are other college kids who are going through some of the same things as me. They can bring their different backgrounds in to the discussion and really make things a lot more interesting.
I also really love how the Prophet and his counselors almost never make a statement about something not purely religious. The other day for my Bio100 class we were supposed to write a short paper on our opinion on stem cell research. Part of that was we were required to look at various websites that gave both sides of the argument. And we were asked to look up the church's official statement. The official statement: we won't be making an official statement. I just love that. The gospel is all about making your own opinion. Praying for yourself, studying the scriptures for yourself, learning for yourself if you really do believe all the teachings. To me this is an amazing example of having agency (the freedom to choose). God loves us enough to let us make our own political and social choices. Isn't that amazing? It really shows me that when the church does make a statement about something, like "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", they are dead serious. Which means its important for me to listen closely and take to heart what they say.
On a less serious note, I had an amazing weekend. Most of the time. Two of my cousins and I made delicious no-bake cookies and watched Dr. Who. I've decided that the actor for season... 5? or is it 6? Is adorkable. Even more adorkable than Merlin. (gasp! I know. It's a crime.) It was a lot of fun... until I started to get a headache. Probably from too much tv and sugar all at once, something I haven't had much of lately. So I asked my cousin for some ipbrophen/tylenol/advil-ish medicine. All she had was childs Advil so I took two of those and hoped it would work.
It did the opposite. I started to feel worse. In fact, when I got home I threw up. I'm pretty sure it was the pill. Only then did I remember that I'm on a prescription acne medication. Which probably means I shouldn't take anything else. Which is probably why I threw up.
Lesson learned.
To keep myself from upsetting my stomach again I went straight to bed and then the next day took it easy, reading a book and doing a little homework. I watched She's the Man with one of my roommates (Funny movie! I love it!) and in general just stayed really laid back. It was wonderful and reminded me of how my summer would be if I weren't here at school.
As much as I love college, I am ready for the term to be over. I'm dreaming of green hills and a constant breeze like at home. I'd actually gotten to the point where I didn't really notice how it was always a little windy at home, but now that it's not that way here I notice the lack of breeze.
And my sister got her braces off this week, and I'm dying to see. She sent me a picture, but it's just not the same. And my friends at home must be terribly bored without all my amazing Kelsey-ness. How could they not be? ;)
Wish me luck on my midterm next week! I'm a little freaked out.
And happy Pioneer day tomorrow. Only in Utah would I EVER say such a thing.

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