Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My cousin got married today. I was at home ( or rather my aunt and uncle's house) watching the kids. My parents came and picked us up for the luncheon. That was very fancy. Very cool, very yummy. Afterwards we walked around temple square and went to the church history museum. Annica and Jenna actually went back home and watched Inkheart with most of our cousins. But I had fun walking around. Except my feet were killing me. I had on heels. They are my one and only pair, but very very cute. Every time I wear them someone comments on them. Thank you Annica!! She gave them to me for Christmas this year. At least they were worn in and not brand-new heels. ugg. Just thinking about that makes me shiver. The reception tonight was pretty cool too.
Yesterday Mom went to Kohl's and got me a couple things. It feels so good to have new clothes. I love my clothes, but there's just something about wearing something new for the first time. I'm excited to do it. :) And they are really cute. A lot of my friends complain about how their mom's can't pick out cute clothes. But I am lucky and have a mom that has a similar style to me. We don't always agree on what would look good on me, but for the most part we do. Its nice to know I can trust her to go get something for me.
I felt so pretty today. I was all dressed up in my dress and heels and had my hair curled. It helped that everyone kept complementing me too. :) It was nice. :) And it helped me be not so tired. I always get so worn out on vactations. Staying up late and getting up early (or early for the summer) doesn't really do me much good. But I'm just having way too much fun! I took a little snooze on the couch today before the reception and that helped. But there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.
Tyler and Nate have been having lots of fun being teased by all the older guy cousins. All week Nate has been taunting my cousins Matthew and Randy saying he would beat them at some racing game. He ended up loosing last night, during a competition at the guy cousin's sleepover, but I guess he is second best. I think that's pretty good for a sever year old.
This week had been packed with fun. We roasted starburst last night, watched the Perfect Man (a good chick flick when your in the mood for a chick flick) and talked untill about one in the morning. We went to a water park earlier this week, saw fireworks, and went to an archery... park? range? I'm not sure what you would call it. I've heard lots of stories from my Grandparents and learned lots about them. I love hearing about people's past's. Some stories can be sooo funny.
Tomorow we are going through a temple open house ( I can't remember its name for the life of me) and then going to St. George. My grandparents house is going to be very full with two families there, but It'll be fun. I have a feeling we will play lots of uno. I have to say, uno is like my favorite card game ever. My Dad hates it because of its lack of strategey. But I really enjoy it. Its the card game I've grown up playing and adapted with people. Every time I play with a new group of people I have to make sure we establish the rules. There are a ton of little variations out there. And even like whole new games like Uno cheat and another game I can't remember the name of but find very difficult.
Ok, this post has been very random, so I think I'll stop blogging now. Have a good day!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Reunion Time!

Well I'm on my Woolley Family reunion. It took us two days because we stopped in Parma for the night. We were gone by 9 the next morning after visiting Dr. Glaghtly (sp!?!?!). He's a chiropractor and we all had him re-adjust things. It feels really good. :) My toes were really curled up and now they are really straight. They look very very long. Kinda wierd. Ok well I'm going to watch a movie with my amazing cousins Lindsay and Breanne!! No idea what yet though.....
Have a good week!! I will :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gah, annoying computer!!

Ok, so I tried to load up my trek pictures and it totally didn't work. I'll keep trying, but if you really want to see them check out Katelyn's blog, its one of the links on the sidebar. Grrr.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Two new favorite things

Today I discovered I have two new favs. Water and naps. Both things are my life savers (not breath savers!) (he he he lame inside jokeish thing) today. Wihout my yummy water I would have died on the trek. And it just tastes so good!! I took a really long nap today, now that was amazing!! It felt very good to slow down again and relax.
But now I'm bored. I can't wait for the family reunion so I won't be bored anymore. I need to find someways to entertain myself this week. I'm trying to avoid the t.v. and computer (or at least just surfing the net). Though I did make myself a facebook page. I've had friends bugging me to get one for a long time and finally gave in. I haven't done a whole lot with it and probably wont do much more than chat and put on pictures. But if you have one, lets be friends! I don't know who all has one, if anyone that looks on here. But I thought I'd throw it out there.
I love grooveshark. It's a site where you can make a free playlist. Since I lost my ipod a while ago I've been missing my music. I like to listen to music all the time. I've been using the radio but thats not the same cause I'm always having to switch stations when a bad song comes on. With grooveshark I get to finally choose my music again!!! Its soooo nice. :) Too bad its just on the computer though. I really really need to get an ipod again.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Wow, the Trek was amazing. There's so much to tell. I got into a really great family. One of my closest friends Katelyn was in it, along with two other kids from my ward. Bishop Porter and his wife were my ma and pa. The other kids in my family are totally amazing! I grew really close to them over just a few days. They are all so funny!!
We ended up going about 20 miles. To you boy scouts that might not sound like a lot, but thats the most I've ever walked in such a short amount of time. And the dirtiest I've ever been. Well, kinda. I was dirtier after a mud fight when I was little, but I was able to go in and wash off. With the trek I was constantly dirty. It was windy so all the sand and dirt was constantly blowing up in our faces. Every time I took my sunglasses off they had a film of dust on them. Ew!
Even after putting on lots of sunscreen I got burnt. I have windburn too. Luckily I think my burns are quickly turning into a tan though. The only downer is that now my arms and face are a lot tanner than my legs because I was wearing a skirt.
The spirit was really strong the whole time and I learned a lot about myself. After doing the girl pull I felt very acomplished. I didn't take a camera, but Katelyn did so I'm planning on getting her pictures. And the stake took lots of pictures and they said they are eventually going to send out a disk with all the pictures. So right now I have no pictures, but eventually. I keep promising all these pictures! Geeze, lets just hope I remember. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicago Again

Sorry about that post above, IDK what is going on there but yea.....
Dad is flying to Chicago today for meetings. Poor guy. He gets to go somewhere cool and has to spend the whole time in meetings. He gets back on wednsday, the day I leave for the trek. I'm almost completly ready for the trek. I'm just hoping we are blessed with good weather. Right now its raining, but I heard the area we are going to is supposed to be very hot. So who knows?
It's so crazy. Its been a week and a half of summer so far, but school already seems so far away. Time moves really strange as a teenager I do have to say. During the school year the day goes by really fast but the weeks seem to fly by. Its wierd.
We got a cd of all the pictures our friend took. Some of them turned out really nice and there are some pretty funny ones too. I want to put some on here, but Mom wanted to double check with her friend to make sure its ok. There is this series of photos after we had finished a pose and were goofing around. There's a photo every few seconds it's pretty funny. She also took one of mom putting back on a green band-aid. If I get the ok it is so being put on here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Annica's Room

Annica's room is finally all situated. The color is very nice and doesn't make her room look small like I was scared it might. We experimented with her bed in various places and finally decided on where it should go. I have to say it looks pretty sweet. Eventually (if I ever remember) I'll put pictures of it up here.
Right now I'm in the process of making a cork board thing. Its not cork board, but serves the same purpose. I'm taking a piece of foam, covering it with fabric and then covering it with ribbon in a diagnal pattern. The ribbon will hold pictures and some of my sketches. I have the foam and the ribbon... no fabric. We're going to get it tomorow and then I'll put the whole thing together. I'm way excited. I've been meaning to make this for a long time. Actually... since I painted my room. I'll post a picture... hopefully....eventually.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picture of Mom

Ok so I was looking through our pictures and found this old picture of Mom. She's probably sent it to a lot of people, but I couldn't resist putting it on her. Its just like her.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yum! I love tacos. Especially taco salad. In case you haven't guessed, thats what we had for dinner. Very yummy.
We've had lots of rain in the last few days. Good for the crops I guess. I like rain in small quantities. As long as it doesn't rain for the next month I'm all good.
Annica finally got her room painted today. Jenna and Annica helped but I think mom worked the hardest. She's pretty tired. I really like the way Annica's room looks. Its a very nice blue. Its darker then mine but not so dark that her room feels small.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Post

I looked and saw how many posts I have so far and was shocked to realize that its under 100. I have had this blog for about 2.5 years, so thats not very many. I decided to post more often. Mom and I went and got flowers for my little garden spot yesterday. I have a space under my window that has some tulips and daffodils. Not enough to make the space look nice though, so we went and got some more. The space will still look sorta bare, but the flowers we got will grow to get pretty big. When the plants get to full size the space will be full.
Annica and Nate are signing up for a baskeball camp. Jenna isn't sure what sport she wants to do. My parents never made me pick a sport so I have never really stuck to one. I've tried soccer, softball, basketball and swimming. I like softball but last years experience wasn't that great. So Mom and I were just talking and we decided I should do rock climbing again. We used to do it every once-in-a-while in Denver and I really enjoyed it. We have a really tall wall here on the U of I campus, but because I'm not a student I've never gone because it kinda cost a lot. But Mom's willing to spend the money and I'm ready to work out. I like exercising, but I have a hard time getting myself to just go out and run or something. I like playing sports with friends and working out that way. I'm really excited for rock climbing though! Its been a long time and I know I'll be sore, but it'll be a good sore. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


YEAH!!! I am no longer a sophmore. Its a very good feeling. My friend and I wandered around the U of I campus for about an hour after school. It was pretty fun. After that I went to Annica's 6th grade graduation. Annica won some sort of academic award. I didn't really understand what it was, but go Annica! I just got back from mutual. We had a bbq and weighed our buckets for trek. It was lots of fun except we were attacked by mosquitos!! I have my first few bites of the summer. I did't even itch them that much and they are already kinda big. And itchy. Not fun, but its part of summer. Tomorow is the sleepover and its going to be so much fun. Exept one of my friends isn't wanting to come, lamo. She's gonna miss out!!
So Up is a really cute movie. It might be a little scary for really young kids, but I loved it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day!!!!!!!!!!

I have one day of school left! YES!!! And its not even a full day. We have two finals, but in one class I don't have to take the final. So only one for me. :) he he he ;)Tomorow a friend and I are planning to go see Up. I've heard its really cute from a few friends. I can't wait.
Mom is in Chicago with her sisters this week so we are struggling along without her. No, Dad is doing a great job. Its hard to keep the house running and work too. He is letting everyone pick a meal that they want and then making it. This morning he made pancakes and blueberry syrup for me, tacos for Jenna. Tomorow is cinnamon rolls for Annica. We are all trying to help out too, don't worry, he's not doing all the work... kinda. Lol.
The other kids have been playing at school all week. I have to say I'm jealous. Except if we were just playing at school I would so not come. I can play at home just as well. That probably why we dont....
I have to say, Katelyn is an amazing friend. She totally saved my butt. This last month or so I've been having... isues with a boy. She was always there for me to talk to, even when I'm sure I was getting repetive and probably annoying. I learned Katelyn is amazing and that boys are really really dumb through this experience. (I'm sure my parents are happy to hear that last part) Love you Katelyn!!!
The weather has been amazing!! Summer has decided to show up finally. The only downer is walking home gets a little toasty. I've started getting tan. Its nice to not be pasty anymore.
This summer is going to be so much fun! I'm going to really have fun hanging out with my friends this summer. And I have the Woolley family reunion this month too. And trek. I also have a painting to finish. And somethings I want to finish in my room. Its looks good now, but there are some last little details I still haven't finished. Annica has finally decided on a paint color, thanks to Julies help. She'll probably paint it this summer.