Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My cousin got married today. I was at home ( or rather my aunt and uncle's house) watching the kids. My parents came and picked us up for the luncheon. That was very fancy. Very cool, very yummy. Afterwards we walked around temple square and went to the church history museum. Annica and Jenna actually went back home and watched Inkheart with most of our cousins. But I had fun walking around. Except my feet were killing me. I had on heels. They are my one and only pair, but very very cute. Every time I wear them someone comments on them. Thank you Annica!! She gave them to me for Christmas this year. At least they were worn in and not brand-new heels. ugg. Just thinking about that makes me shiver. The reception tonight was pretty cool too.
Yesterday Mom went to Kohl's and got me a couple things. It feels so good to have new clothes. I love my clothes, but there's just something about wearing something new for the first time. I'm excited to do it. :) And they are really cute. A lot of my friends complain about how their mom's can't pick out cute clothes. But I am lucky and have a mom that has a similar style to me. We don't always agree on what would look good on me, but for the most part we do. Its nice to know I can trust her to go get something for me.
I felt so pretty today. I was all dressed up in my dress and heels and had my hair curled. It helped that everyone kept complementing me too. :) It was nice. :) And it helped me be not so tired. I always get so worn out on vactations. Staying up late and getting up early (or early for the summer) doesn't really do me much good. But I'm just having way too much fun! I took a little snooze on the couch today before the reception and that helped. But there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.
Tyler and Nate have been having lots of fun being teased by all the older guy cousins. All week Nate has been taunting my cousins Matthew and Randy saying he would beat them at some racing game. He ended up loosing last night, during a competition at the guy cousin's sleepover, but I guess he is second best. I think that's pretty good for a sever year old.
This week had been packed with fun. We roasted starburst last night, watched the Perfect Man (a good chick flick when your in the mood for a chick flick) and talked untill about one in the morning. We went to a water park earlier this week, saw fireworks, and went to an archery... park? range? I'm not sure what you would call it. I've heard lots of stories from my Grandparents and learned lots about them. I love hearing about people's past's. Some stories can be sooo funny.
Tomorow we are going through a temple open house ( I can't remember its name for the life of me) and then going to St. George. My grandparents house is going to be very full with two families there, but It'll be fun. I have a feeling we will play lots of uno. I have to say, uno is like my favorite card game ever. My Dad hates it because of its lack of strategey. But I really enjoy it. Its the card game I've grown up playing and adapted with people. Every time I play with a new group of people I have to make sure we establish the rules. There are a ton of little variations out there. And even like whole new games like Uno cheat and another game I can't remember the name of but find very difficult.
Ok, this post has been very random, so I think I'll stop blogging now. Have a good day!!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great vacation/reunion. I'd love to see a picture of beautiful Kelsey in her dress and heels and hair all curled. I'm sure your were stunning.

  2. Sounds so fun! I hope I get to see you all on the way back. Have a great time.

  3. Happy BD, Kelsey!!!!!! Hope it is a wonderful day and year!!!!!!