Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicago Again

Sorry about that post above, IDK what is going on there but yea.....
Dad is flying to Chicago today for meetings. Poor guy. He gets to go somewhere cool and has to spend the whole time in meetings. He gets back on wednsday, the day I leave for the trek. I'm almost completly ready for the trek. I'm just hoping we are blessed with good weather. Right now its raining, but I heard the area we are going to is supposed to be very hot. So who knows?
It's so crazy. Its been a week and a half of summer so far, but school already seems so far away. Time moves really strange as a teenager I do have to say. During the school year the day goes by really fast but the weeks seem to fly by. Its wierd.
We got a cd of all the pictures our friend took. Some of them turned out really nice and there are some pretty funny ones too. I want to put some on here, but Mom wanted to double check with her friend to make sure its ok. There is this series of photos after we had finished a pose and were goofing around. There's a photo every few seconds it's pretty funny. She also took one of mom putting back on a green band-aid. If I get the ok it is so being put on here.

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  1. Good luck on the Trek; it's a memorable experience!