Sunday, June 21, 2009


Wow, the Trek was amazing. There's so much to tell. I got into a really great family. One of my closest friends Katelyn was in it, along with two other kids from my ward. Bishop Porter and his wife were my ma and pa. The other kids in my family are totally amazing! I grew really close to them over just a few days. They are all so funny!!
We ended up going about 20 miles. To you boy scouts that might not sound like a lot, but thats the most I've ever walked in such a short amount of time. And the dirtiest I've ever been. Well, kinda. I was dirtier after a mud fight when I was little, but I was able to go in and wash off. With the trek I was constantly dirty. It was windy so all the sand and dirt was constantly blowing up in our faces. Every time I took my sunglasses off they had a film of dust on them. Ew!
Even after putting on lots of sunscreen I got burnt. I have windburn too. Luckily I think my burns are quickly turning into a tan though. The only downer is that now my arms and face are a lot tanner than my legs because I was wearing a skirt.
The spirit was really strong the whole time and I learned a lot about myself. After doing the girl pull I felt very acomplished. I didn't take a camera, but Katelyn did so I'm planning on getting her pictures. And the stake took lots of pictures and they said they are eventually going to send out a disk with all the pictures. So right now I have no pictures, but eventually. I keep promising all these pictures! Geeze, lets just hope I remember. :)

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  1. Trek is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm glad you felt the Spirit as well as the Saints love and sacrifice for the Lord. It's a great experience, way to go!