Wednesday, June 3, 2009


YEAH!!! I am no longer a sophmore. Its a very good feeling. My friend and I wandered around the U of I campus for about an hour after school. It was pretty fun. After that I went to Annica's 6th grade graduation. Annica won some sort of academic award. I didn't really understand what it was, but go Annica! I just got back from mutual. We had a bbq and weighed our buckets for trek. It was lots of fun except we were attacked by mosquitos!! I have my first few bites of the summer. I did't even itch them that much and they are already kinda big. And itchy. Not fun, but its part of summer. Tomorow is the sleepover and its going to be so much fun. Exept one of my friends isn't wanting to come, lamo. She's gonna miss out!!
So Up is a really cute movie. It might be a little scary for really young kids, but I loved it.


  1. So you're a junior now! Holy moley. I remember being a junior, and it doesn't feel that long ago. I'm getting old.

    Miss you and Moscow! Especially the Moscow summers! It's too HOT down here this time of year!

  2. I've heard great things about "UP". Yay for school being over. I'm so jealous your mom got to go to Chicago with the girls. Tell her to call me when she gets home. :) Enjoy Trek; our youth is doing that in our ward this summer too. They leave next week! I still remember when I went. WOW; lots of work, but fun too!

  3. Yipee! Summer time fun here comes trouble! Hope Trek is a great experience.

  4. The girls and I went to UP also. We loved it. Did you have a favorite part? Congratulations on becoming a junior. So amazing. and you are getting so old. We are excited to see you at the family reunion.


  5. oops. I am not Jamie. I am Jamie's mom.