Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Breaks

Well I'm glad to be out of school, but I am really missing my friends and cousins. I haven't seen any of them in months! (My friends from my old town i mean) There was a chance of going to my grandparents house for New Years and seeing some of my cousins, but my mom couldn't convince them to go. Sigh. I really wanted to talk with them. I'm glad I can keep in contact through e-mail but it is defantly not as good. My family is really bad about seeing people during vacations. We haven't seen anyone for Christmas in ages, and no one wants to visit us out in the middle of nowhere. A trip that should take 3 hours (starting at my grandparents house) takes 6 because the roads are so windy. Ugggggg. It was a pain when we first moved here and had been in the car for 2 days. Its too bad we don't live closer to family. I don't care about the weather of an area as much as who we are by. Everyone lives too far away for a casual visit. And the people who are closer don't have any kids my age. All my cousins that are my age live around 15 hours drive time away. The nearest airport is around 2 hours away, and thats not a fun drive. *sigh* We definatly live in the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


ok, so I'm working on writing this song. The only problem is I have writers block. I've got the melody line and the left hand (written for piano by the way) that goes with it. But I can't come up with any cords or side melodies to go with it. Its very frustrating. I've listened to music and looked in my music for ideas. The only problem is I find sounds I like (chords, etc.) but they aren't in the right key. I think I need to change the key because it has a ton of sharps and flats in it. I'll just make most of the sharps accidentials (sharps/flats in the music by the note instead of in the key signature.) I think I'll try to make an accompaniment to go with it too. Probably in flute since thats the only other instrument I know how to play. But I've always wanted to play the Saxophone and Gutair. I guess I'll have to learn those another day. Maybe I should take private lessons in college. Hmmm...

Its Almost Christmas!!!!

I love breaks! I can't wait until Christmas break! Two whole weeks! I've been waiting for this for ever!!!!!! Too bad I still have half a week. Ugggggg. And I have to give a presentation tomorow. Wish me luck!
For some reason, and probably an accurate one, I have a hunch that no one is gonna read this. Oh well, I don't really care. Though if no one reads it that means I'm typing to myself. Ok.... strange thought. I know this picture is kinda random, but thats ok. Its a pict. of my brother and my x-cat. When we moved we couldn't bring our cat with us. I miss u Pepper!!!!!!!! ( I know, such an original name!) :P see ya!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I think my computer had a mind of its own. Sometimes it lets me log on to my blog, sometimes it doesn't. Like yesterday it wouldn't let me on, but today it would. weird/ annoying. These pictures are of my family on our trip to the coast for Thanksgiving. I took the scenery picture. I'm planning on (eventually) putting it in my room. I really like to take pictures, and this was too amazing of a place to not take a picture.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its Almost Christmas!!!

Wow, its been a long time since I've written. Sadly, not much has happened. I've adusted to my new town, and I am now learning street names! I know, sad. Its been like 6 months. Wow. It dosn't feel like its been that long.Tomorow night I'm going caroling with a bunch of friends then coming back to my house for mexican hot choloate! I'm way excited.

I can't wait till Christmas. Its my favorite holiday, right along side my birthday. I don't just love getting presents, but I love giving them. I'm making my brothers and sisters cool gifts. Actually, I'm buying one because we drew names from a hat and thats the person we buy for. I got my youngest brother. It was really easy to buy for him. He's three a few days after Christmas, I just got him some cars. I would tell you what I am making for my other sibs, but I don't want to risk them reading this and finding out.

I wonder what I'm getting for Christmas? My wish list isn't very long this year, so I might get everything on it! I wished for a new blow dryer (my old one broke), clothes and books. I know, I know. Books? But the libary here stinks and I need something to read. I think that if I didn't have books to read my life would feel empty. That or I'd be really bored all the time.

It has snowed alot since the last time I wrote! I thought we were going to get a snow day this week, but nope. Sigh. Oh well. Mabye next time!!

P.S. sorry if the different fonts bug you. I had way too much fun with it. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rainy Days

I know that most people don't like rainy days, but i do. I like how clean the air is afterwards. I also really like hot chocolate. :) I think rain is really pretty. And hey, this late in the year it might turn into snow. School getting canceled would be nice.
As u know, i love to read. But I'm having a hard time finding good books to read here. The libary is a lot smaller than the one I'm used to, and the books aren't as good of books. My school's libary is about the same size as the public library. Scary!!!! I would start buying books instead of renting, but I don't know what to buy. I want to read new books that I like, but I don't know anything about a book I haven't read already. And I have to buy them online, so I can't look through the book to see if I'll like it. *sigh*. Its frustrating living in a small town some times. When I am an adult, I'm going to make sure that wherever I live has a really nice libary.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i just have to say, i hate braces, and can't wait to get mine off. i got them tightened today, and they are driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! ugggg! for thoes of you who don't have braces....
... LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I like to read. I mean i really, really, really like to read.You could call me obsessed. I know a few people who would call me crazy, and some that do.But the thing is, that's where I can be anything, anyone. I control how I see things. No, I didn't write the book, but I do choose how I see it. And if I don't like how something happens, I can always change it. I can't do that in real life.
I can get all the drama, excitement, adventure and much more that I would never be able to experience in my life. Some of the adventures I wouldn't want to experience, but who cares. I like to experience new adventures, and I can do that through my books. In fact, I probably started liking that sort of thing because of how much i read. I read a lot and really fast. Faster than anyone else I know. The only people I know who read almost as fast as me are my dad, sis. and a few friends here and there. If you're thinking,"yeah right, she's exaggerating" here's an idea of how fast i read. I can read about 5-8 200+ page books in 1 week. Closer to five if I'm in school, closer to 10 when I'm not. I know I'm bragging, but every girl needs to be able to do that every once in a while. :)

A tired teen

I'm tired. Really tired. Since school has started i have been. i mean, who wouldn't be? my day starts at 5:45 because of seminary (a church class i take before school). I go to school at about 8, and stay there for 7 hours. then do homework.
Does it drive anyone else crazy that our whole childhood/ teen life revolves around school? No matter how we fight it, everything but our summer is about school. we go to school for most of the day, come home and do more school at home. the teachers call it homework, but i call it torture. ugg. then, during the weekends we probably have more homework. Even if we don't, we are unconsciously counting down the hours (or days) until we have to go to school again. don't you hate it? All the adults talk about how they miss there childhood, and miss the freedom. What freedom? The summer, yes that is freedom, but that's only 2 months. oh well. I'll stop my rambling now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm bored

ok, i know its still the same day, but i'm really bored, so i'm just on here for no reason. hey, thats the type of person i am. my little sis is watching me type. now she is glaring at me for metioning her. She wants to delete this, but i won't let her. wa ha ha!!!! (evil laugh) ;P now she wants to embaress me like she thinks i'm embaressing her. but how is this embaressing, i wonder? hmmmm...
one of my favorite quotes is
Reach for the moon, because even if you miss... you'll land among the stars.
-Les Brown ( i think) :)

i think its really cool. don't u?