Monday, October 22, 2007


I like to read. I mean i really, really, really like to read.You could call me obsessed. I know a few people who would call me crazy, and some that do.But the thing is, that's where I can be anything, anyone. I control how I see things. No, I didn't write the book, but I do choose how I see it. And if I don't like how something happens, I can always change it. I can't do that in real life.
I can get all the drama, excitement, adventure and much more that I would never be able to experience in my life. Some of the adventures I wouldn't want to experience, but who cares. I like to experience new adventures, and I can do that through my books. In fact, I probably started liking that sort of thing because of how much i read. I read a lot and really fast. Faster than anyone else I know. The only people I know who read almost as fast as me are my dad, sis. and a few friends here and there. If you're thinking,"yeah right, she's exaggerating" here's an idea of how fast i read. I can read about 5-8 200+ page books in 1 week. Closer to five if I'm in school, closer to 10 when I'm not. I know I'm bragging, but every girl needs to be able to do that every once in a while. :)

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