Monday, October 22, 2007

A tired teen

I'm tired. Really tired. Since school has started i have been. i mean, who wouldn't be? my day starts at 5:45 because of seminary (a church class i take before school). I go to school at about 8, and stay there for 7 hours. then do homework.
Does it drive anyone else crazy that our whole childhood/ teen life revolves around school? No matter how we fight it, everything but our summer is about school. we go to school for most of the day, come home and do more school at home. the teachers call it homework, but i call it torture. ugg. then, during the weekends we probably have more homework. Even if we don't, we are unconsciously counting down the hours (or days) until we have to go to school again. don't you hate it? All the adults talk about how they miss there childhood, and miss the freedom. What freedom? The summer, yes that is freedom, but that's only 2 months. oh well. I'll stop my rambling now.


  1. Ooh so they have seminary everywhere don't they? It starts at 6 for my buddies here. Be glad you get an hour more of rest, lol.
    Ugghh, I know what you mean completely. I hate waking up at 5 (I take forever to get ready) and spending all day at school when I only like half of my classes... at least i have friends in all of them. But you forgot to mention the damage fifty pound back packs do to your back! I think teachers should be sued for making us lug our books back and forth all the time!
    But then again, we're supposed to use our lockers...

  2. skye-
    we aren't allowed to carry our backpacks arround. they have to stay in our locker all day.