Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Breaks

Well I'm glad to be out of school, but I am really missing my friends and cousins. I haven't seen any of them in months! (My friends from my old town i mean) There was a chance of going to my grandparents house for New Years and seeing some of my cousins, but my mom couldn't convince them to go. Sigh. I really wanted to talk with them. I'm glad I can keep in contact through e-mail but it is defantly not as good. My family is really bad about seeing people during vacations. We haven't seen anyone for Christmas in ages, and no one wants to visit us out in the middle of nowhere. A trip that should take 3 hours (starting at my grandparents house) takes 6 because the roads are so windy. Ugggggg. It was a pain when we first moved here and had been in the car for 2 days. Its too bad we don't live closer to family. I don't care about the weather of an area as much as who we are by. Everyone lives too far away for a casual visit. And the people who are closer don't have any kids my age. All my cousins that are my age live around 15 hours drive time away. The nearest airport is around 2 hours away, and thats not a fun drive. *sigh* We definatly live in the middle of nowhere.

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