Tuesday, December 18, 2007


ok, so I'm working on writing this song. The only problem is I have writers block. I've got the melody line and the left hand (written for piano by the way) that goes with it. But I can't come up with any cords or side melodies to go with it. Its very frustrating. I've listened to music and looked in my music for ideas. The only problem is I find sounds I like (chords, etc.) but they aren't in the right key. I think I need to change the key because it has a ton of sharps and flats in it. I'll just make most of the sharps accidentials (sharps/flats in the music by the note instead of in the key signature.) I think I'll try to make an accompaniment to go with it too. Probably in flute since thats the only other instrument I know how to play. But I've always wanted to play the Saxophone and Gutair. I guess I'll have to learn those another day. Maybe I should take private lessons in college. Hmmm...

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