Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its Almost Christmas!!!

Wow, its been a long time since I've written. Sadly, not much has happened. I've adusted to my new town, and I am now learning street names! I know, sad. Its been like 6 months. Wow. It dosn't feel like its been that long.Tomorow night I'm going caroling with a bunch of friends then coming back to my house for mexican hot choloate! I'm way excited.

I can't wait till Christmas. Its my favorite holiday, right along side my birthday. I don't just love getting presents, but I love giving them. I'm making my brothers and sisters cool gifts. Actually, I'm buying one because we drew names from a hat and thats the person we buy for. I got my youngest brother. It was really easy to buy for him. He's three a few days after Christmas, I just got him some cars. I would tell you what I am making for my other sibs, but I don't want to risk them reading this and finding out.

I wonder what I'm getting for Christmas? My wish list isn't very long this year, so I might get everything on it! I wished for a new blow dryer (my old one broke), clothes and books. I know, I know. Books? But the libary here stinks and I need something to read. I think that if I didn't have books to read my life would feel empty. That or I'd be really bored all the time.

It has snowed alot since the last time I wrote! I thought we were going to get a snow day this week, but nope. Sigh. Oh well. Mabye next time!!

P.S. sorry if the different fonts bug you. I had way too much fun with it. :)

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