Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day!!!!!!!!!!

I have one day of school left! YES!!! And its not even a full day. We have two finals, but in one class I don't have to take the final. So only one for me. :) he he he ;)Tomorow a friend and I are planning to go see Up. I've heard its really cute from a few friends. I can't wait.
Mom is in Chicago with her sisters this week so we are struggling along without her. No, Dad is doing a great job. Its hard to keep the house running and work too. He is letting everyone pick a meal that they want and then making it. This morning he made pancakes and blueberry syrup for me, tacos for Jenna. Tomorow is cinnamon rolls for Annica. We are all trying to help out too, don't worry, he's not doing all the work... kinda. Lol.
The other kids have been playing at school all week. I have to say I'm jealous. Except if we were just playing at school I would so not come. I can play at home just as well. That probably why we dont....
I have to say, Katelyn is an amazing friend. She totally saved my butt. This last month or so I've been having... isues with a boy. She was always there for me to talk to, even when I'm sure I was getting repetive and probably annoying. I learned Katelyn is amazing and that boys are really really dumb through this experience. (I'm sure my parents are happy to hear that last part) Love you Katelyn!!!
The weather has been amazing!! Summer has decided to show up finally. The only downer is walking home gets a little toasty. I've started getting tan. Its nice to not be pasty anymore.
This summer is going to be so much fun! I'm going to really have fun hanging out with my friends this summer. And I have the Woolley family reunion this month too. And trek. I also have a painting to finish. And somethings I want to finish in my room. Its looks good now, but there are some last little details I still haven't finished. Annica has finally decided on a paint color, thanks to Julies help. She'll probably paint it this summer.

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