Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 More Days!!!!

I only have finals left! And then its play time!!! I can't wait. I'm not nearly as stressed about finals as I was last sememster. I think its because I wore myself out with all my projects. The last day of school is only a few hours, so afterwards me and a friend are going on adventures. That night is mutual and we are having a last day of school bbq and then the mia maids are planning on having a sleepover. Its going to be awesome!!! This summer I am going to be so tan. I haven't really been trying at all and I'm already way more tan than most of my friends. Its from going to all my friends tennis games and softball games. And the hikes.
Trek is coming up. I'm excited but at the same time don't feel ready. I have most of my stuff ready. I just need (want) to decorate my bucket and finsh up a few things. Hopefully it won't be too terribly hot.
Today Annie Lyon practiced taking pictures using us as models. At first I wasn't wanting to be there because it was during the morning and I hadn't wanted to get up that early. But then I started having lots of fun. Sister Lyon is so much fun! We went and took pictures in an alley and a few other places around town. We did some really cool poses. She's wanting to put them on her blog. I just need to get the name of her blog so I can show off... lol ;)

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  1. Cute blog Kelsey! Good luck with your finals and yes...that Mia Maid sleep over will be awesome. :)