Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family, projects and Memorial Day weekend

There are 7 days of school left including finals days that aren't full days. I'm very excited. I still have two big projects that are due in that short of time. One I haven't even started yet. I am making a childrens book for science and that is due on tuesday. Its called Larry the Lonely Scorpion. I have been drawing pictures and coloring for it all weekend. Then I have to make an anthology of all my work in english this year. It would be easy except I have to right two essays for it. Gah! Its a lot of work. Uncle Tom and Aunt Julie are at our house for the weekend. I feel bad not being able to spend lots of time hanging out, but I have to get my project done this weekend. They have spoiled us! They brought all us kids presents and a Cheesecake factory cheesecake. Mom's favorite even. We went on a hike today and that was really fun. There were lots of people there though. We are all very glad they could come.
The sooner school gets out the better! I'm so tired of working so hard. It always seems like there is twice as much work at the end of the year when I just want to start slowing down. :S Oh well, thats life for ya. At least I'm not the only one stressing out. Im very jealous of my Dad. School ended for him 2 weeks ago. I'm almost there!!!


  1. Hang in there, Kelsey! Soon it will be all over. How is Driver's Ed?

  2. Count Down!