Thursday, May 14, 2009

Only (about) 12 days of school left!!!

I am so ready for summer. I'm still working hard in school, but I'm very tired and ready to be done. This week was spirit week. All week the days themes have been kinda dumb except for todays and tomorows. Today was tacky clothes day. A friend and I wore ties and shorts and leggings. My leggings were orange my tie purple with orange flowers and my shirt bright pink. Very colorful. It was lots of fun!! Another friend wore a straw hat, saftey glasses, very colorful shorts, winter boots, a 70's style shirt with a vest and lots of neckalces. He looked hilarious!!! Tomorow is the color battle. Sophmores wear white (yuck) jrs. red and srs. black. Srs. always win cause black is easiest, but its still fun to see how creative some people get. This year most people won't really wear white, but next year with red.... it'll be fun. :)

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  1. Why yes, I do have a blog. I just started it, so you haven't been missing out on anything.