Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day!!

To all the mom's in the world, hope you have a great Mom day!! Today we had lots of yummy food. Salmon baked with brown sugar lots and of side dishes for dinner. For dessert we had yellow cupcakes with coolwhip and strawberries. Very yummy!!
School is coming to and end and I am starting to get very busy. I have two large projects plus all my other homework. I'm still on the hunt for a job (its not going very well :( ) and finals are coming up soon. Not to mention I have a piano recital soon. I've memorised a Sonitina. Its lots of fun to play. Im also working on a Phantom of the Opera peice and my first Jazz song. Its very different style and kinda hard to get used to. At first I wasn't a huge fan but now I think its fun to play. I don't ever want to play a ton of it, but its a nice change.
The weather has finally turned for the better and seems like it plans to stay that way. Its not cold any more and when it rains its not freezing. I'm so ready for summer. I made lots of friends this school year and can't wait to hang out with them this summer!!


  1. Good luck with your piano recital and all your projects. I'm sure you'll go awesome.

  2. I hope you'll play for me some time. Have you played for your ward yet? I always love to hear special musical numbers that are performed by anyone but me. :) Your cartoon was cute and funny. :) We too are enjoying the summer weather. I hope you find the perfect job soon! :)