Saturday, May 2, 2009

Catching up

I had lots of fun at my friends house. We stayed up late thursday night talking. Friday we walked to the dollar store and bought a lot of junk food. We discovered that m&ms really are good on pizza!! Its in Princess Diaries. That night we tried to pull an all nighter. Its hard with just two people!! We made it to one in the morning and through the first two Spiderman movies. I think we both fell asleep a few times. Next time we'll have more people.... It was really nice of her mom to let me stay over and hang out. Thank you Hubers!!! Sister Huber is an amazing cook. :)
This weekend was a long weekend with two extra days off. A couple friends and I went and played mini golf. Its a good thing we weren't keeping score because I would have lost. I ended up pushing the ball into the hole most of the time. But its all good. Only one of my friends actually knew what he was doing. The rest of us were just fooling around and making fun of ourselfs. After that we went to the mall and fooled around untill we could go watch another friends softball game. I'd promised her I'd make it to at least one. I played last season but because of Driver's ed didn't have time this season. I couldn't stay for the whole game, but she played really well. It was really cold too. This weekend two of my friends made it to districts. One for track and one for tennis.
I have only two more driver's ed classes!!!!! On tuesday I get my permit. I'm more excited to be done with the class then get my permit truthfully. I took my driving final this week and passed with 87%. I take my final written test on monday. I'm nervous because of all the little facts and numbers I have to remember. Wish me luck!! The only thing is I don't have a car to drive. I wish I had my own car, but I'm not going to die without one. And I have enough friends with cars that can drive me around that I'm not worried. School is almost out and I can't wait!!!
I'm trying to get a job this summer so I can actually go do things. Its not working very well because the entire high school is doing the same thing, but I'll keep looking. This summer is going to be so much fun. I have made so many friends this year. And its my 16th bday in August. That is the end of the summer, but still I can't wait!!!!! Annica is going into 7th grade next year. Its wierd to think about.

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  1. Hey, pretty exciting to be almost finished with driver's ed!!!!! Put on a picture of you driving.