Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Sunday

As the title of this post implies, today was my last Sunday before heading off to college. It was a little strange going to church when all of my senior friends were already in the student ward. My sunday school teacher, who's son is also going to college this year, gave me a white board that has a picture as a background. Its very cool and the field will remind me of home.
Earlier this week we had the all night senior graduation party. It was fun, but extremely exhausting. And I decided I don't like hypnotists. I think its humiliating. But everything else was really fun. There was a blow up obstacle course that my friends and I raced through. And there was a place where you hooked up to a bungee cord and then ran as far forward as you can to place a marker. You and another person were racing to see who could go the furthest. This was probably my favorite thing at the party. It was a ton of fun. And... the belt that went around my waist actually left a couple marks. Its funny, because since my lip I've gotten very beat up. My legs are covered in bruises from the senior sneak, my torso is bruised from the game I just told you and I have rug burns, probably from the obstacle course thing. All in like what, two months?

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